Monday, March 3, 2008


Whatever future plans one might have, there needs to be a certain level of advance preparation. If I am planning a trip somewhere, I need to purchase my plane ticket, pack a bag, make sure someone picks up my mail, long before the day of my departure is at hand.
When a couple decides to get married, long before the much anticipated day the bride goes out and finds the perfect dress, stresses about the floral arrangements and the dinner menu, the groom rents a tuxedo and polishes his shoes, all so that when the day finally arrives, there is nothing left to do but get through it.
A wise man learns to prepare for everything, and thus is not caught unaware no matter what the circumstances. I believe wholeheartedly that this is the season of preparation for true believers, for the children of God who are living in anticipation of fulfillment. No, I am not referring to the anticipation of fulfillment of prophecy, which can be debatable depending on which words one chooses to believe, but to the fulfillment of God's word which is, as we've stated before not up for debate. It may seem to some that I am over emphasising the point to death, that I am, as the vernacular of the day so aptly puts it beating a dead horse, but it is the topic upon which God has had me focusing for the past few months, and no matter how I try to get past it, no matter how I try to go onto something more exciting or less controversial, He will not allow it.
I have been rebuked by some of the brethren for not supporting the idea of physical preparation in regards to the times that will soon be upon us, but too few have had the patience to hear my reasoning on the subject. Yes, we are to make preparation, but by far the priority of our preparations should center on the spiritual aspect of our lives rather than the physical. The Bible does encourage us to prepare, but nowhere does it say to build bomb shelters, or store food, but rather it tells us to put on the armor, to learn the weapons of our warfare, to be built up in prayer and fasting that we might stand.
Ephesians 6:10-13, "Finally my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and have done all to stand."
This is the indisputable message of God to all who would hear it today. It is not to move to a far off land, it is not to hoard or store, it is to prepare ourselves spiritually for what is about to descent. The message of the hour for God's remnant is to make sure that their retain the whole armor of God, from truth, to righteousness, to the preparation of the gospel of peace, to faith, salvation and the word of God. All these parts make the whole, all are equally important, and all are necessary to our ability to overcome the darkness, and to stand in the evil day.
We cannot have the breastplate, without the sword or the helmet, or the helmet without having our waist girded, and our feet shod. All work in concert, to make up the true warrior of Christ, one who is not only willing to stand, but able to stand, who has done all in preparation for the battle that is to come.
We must be complete Christians, in complete armor, whole and unwavering in the face of the evil day that is upon us. That the evil days are approaching is no longer a debatable issue, for all one must do is turn on the morning news, or surf a few news sights to see where the world is headed. I speak not of a singular nation, but of a global crisis that will test the faith, endurance, and resilience of every man.
These are the days in which few will stand, and many will fall, wherein one will know in whom they have placed their trust and in whom they have relied.
We prepare not that we may boast of our foresight, we put on the armor not so others might see we are warriors, but simply that we might stand, and having done all to stand.
When all the messages of ease and comfort, of opulence and excess will be proven an illusion by the reality that will set in there will be chaos within what we now know as the church. Uncertain, unprepared, defenseless, many will run to and fro looking for truth, looking for an anchor in the storm, and it will be in these days that some will be called upon to point the way to the Bible, to the cross, to Christ. With wisdom as our guide, may we prepare now for the soon coming days, may our foundation be firmly planted upon the rock that is Christ and His word, that in our obedience and humility we might have peace, and the comfort of knowing that we are safe from harm in His eternal embrace.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


A Seed Sower said...

Amen Brother Michael...In the power of HIS MIGHT...that is where our strength comes from, that is where we find our safety..IN HIM, He is able to keep us, He is able to deliver us, He is able to make us overcomers, when we submit our all to Him..Surely our enemies are many, and they are seeking whom they may devour, but we are more than able IN HIM...we are more than conquers through HIM..Amen..never fail to remind us where our help comes from..

Anonymous said...

It’s good to be stubborn for the truth.
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Thank-you once again for words from the Father's heart! Words that speak His wisdom, rather than man's. How can we possibly prepare for supernatural times using natural methods? What good is a year's worth of stored food if we have not found the source of eternal nourishment for our spirits? If we are being nourished by Him, we will not be distracted with material solutions inspired by fear and paranoia. I often wondered during the Y2K debacle what believers would do with one or two or twenty years worth of stored food if there were 20,000 lost souls in the city around them who were starving to death. Would they let them die, never having come to Christ, while they kept themselves alive a little while longer? For what purpose? If we recognize WHY we are here at this intersection of time and eternity, WHY we have been chosen for these days, then we will recognize how we should be spending our time and resources. I am so often distracted by the cares of this life, whether real or imagined, I truly appreciate you refocusing me with wisdom from the Father's heart. The enemy would like nothing better than to distract God's chosen ones from the work He would have them to do. I pray I will be so focused on Him and His will, I will not fall prey to the wiles of the evil one. We are here in these glorious times for a specific purpose--let us each stay focused only on HIM, the One True God, and His son Jesus Christ, that we may truly be filled to over flowing with His Holy Spirit to accomplish the work He has set aside for each of us to do!! What spectacular times are close at hand--the culmination of all He has fought for down through the ages, all that He died for, all that He has been preparing us for! We are indeed blessed and privileged to stand at the end of our time and the beginning of His endless time! And why does He supply us with His armor? So that after all is said and done, we may be found still standing, rooted firmly in Him and in His truth, unmoved by all that the enemy tried to send our way! May He be praised forevermore, may He be given all the glory, all the honor that is His due!

Anonymous said...

Brother Michael,

You are correct. I know you are correct. I hope every reader of this blog knows you are correct.

As I have stated before, I was raised with survivalists. Some very hard core, some just "kinda" hard core, and I speak with experience when I say, It is incredibly hard to let God rule your life when all you think about is what "you" will do and how "you" will go about saving your family and friends.

It is imperitive in these coming days that we don't put God in a box, keeping Him to a size we are comfortable with. When He saves His children, (and He will) it might be through the natural, supernatural, or death. And all of these options are okay.

The single most important thing, dare I say the ONLY thing, that matters at this point in time is our direct, personal, spiritual, knowledgeable relationship with God. And that comes with reading His word and as you stated, donning His armor.

satan wants to distract us, in any way possible. Even if we think it is for the good.

God bless you and yours, keep up the good work.

Mrs. Pugh

Unknown said...

Thank you, Michael, for your insistence upon the members of the Body getting ready spiritually. It helps me to focus on what really is our priority. Thank you for listening to God.

Yours in Him,
Susan Lee

Anonymous said...

Brother Michael-Thank you for the words of wisdom and discernment. I know they are from the Father. I recently re-read some of your Grandfather's writings and I a awe struck at the trials, the reasons for them, and the provision of God for him and your family. The bucket of honey, the matress, the rent money; from people your grandfather did not know!

Your Grandfather knew God! It may very well be that we will not know the Father as deeply as your Grandfather did because we have not gone through the fire like he did.

Those who desire to know God in such a depth will also have to walk the same path. God is no respector of persons. I appreciate and revere your dedication to the furtherment of His Kingdom.


ryanfromDetroit said...

Amen, Michael.

And as you mentioned, this is what the Spirit of God has been speaking for months, years. Even the voice of the day of the Lord speaks.

People need to choose today to hear the voice of God and live their lives accordingly. If we have been warned, and we have been called to come out and be separate from religion and the traditions of men, and do not, we will be counted as those who obey not the gospel. We all know, and have heard, that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Many do not understand that it is by God's word alone, by His doctrine that He writes upon the hearts of those who allow Him to, that we can live. For faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, and without faith there is NO pleasing God.

Let us all have faith this day, go unto God and be changed for the days to come leave no room for the flesh. If we do not choose today to serve the Living God, in Spirit and in Truth, with all that we are, and cast down everything that exalts itself against Him, if we do not go and buy of Him oil as the five wise, surely we will be counted as the foolish virgins, saying Lord, Lord and hearing only, "depart from Me for I never knew you."

With love in Him,

Elm Street Chapel said...

There are four kinds of people who will enter into the tribulation period. One type are those who have ears to hear the Holy Spirit now, before it begins, the wise virgins. Second, the foolish virgins, who did all that they thought they should do, just not in Spirit or in truth. Third are those that are Jews after the flesh. Fourth is everyone else. A few of the wise, most of the foolish virgins, most of Israel and all evil people of the fourth type will die before Jesus sets His foot down on the Mount of Olives.

There are only two types of people who will be on earth after the tribulation. One, Jewish people after the flesh, that what accepted Jesus. Two, everyone else that will serve Israel, and God in truth.

No amount of physical preparation can help or matters in the slightest, apart from what God, by the Holy Spirit, would have us to do. Some people who are actually storing up now for themselves, are in reality doing it for others, the righteous.

If people cannot or will not seek God with their whole heart in spirit and in truth, by faith, they will not be filled with the Holy Spirit, through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit; the Anointing, the Oil of Gladness, the Virgin's Lamp Oil (there is no second way). There by relegating themselves by their pride or hardness of heart to deafness, subject to powers of darkness and will take part in the wrath being poured out. This is not what the Father wants; He wants us to be worthy to escape the wrath to come. But we by our choice of indifference seal our fate. Once the sound of the Bridegroom, the beginning of tribulation, is heard, it is too late to get lamp oil. (I would advise the oil less to stick close to those who have it; perchance God will have mercy on them. Those who go to seek it will be locked out.)

If being full of the Holy Spirit is the way, the truth and the life. And, it is the Fathers' will that some should be delivered in the flesh because they obeyed and pleased God more than others, receiving a highly desirable honor. Not that they loved this life more, they just were found worthy to escape. Why would some feel superior or look down on them now, or the method God uses for their deliverance? Prideful, foolish, unbelieving and hardhearted need not worry, it's not their portion.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again Michael, please pray for me to stand and finish the race set before me and lead many to the King. Glenn

Anonymous said...

I think you're missing it here a little bit. I understand that our priority needs to be on spiritual preparation, perhaps because of the unprecedented spiritual battles that will come upon the church and the world in the future.

On the other hand, God warned Joseph to prepare Egypt for future famine, which famine affected even Jacob and his family. Several proverbs also teach us the wisdom of being prepared, and use nature (or its creatures) as an example of doing so.

Recent history demonstrates the importance of being prepared for difficult times, whether it's Germany after World War I, America during the Great Depression, or countless other examples since that time (Zimbabwe being but one current example).

While it's true that, in the long run, only those whose faith in the Lord is unshakable will prove unshakable, there is certainly nothing wrong with advising His people in the meantime to get out of debt and have a bit set aside to weather at least the first few gales of the storm that is to come, if for no other reason than to aid those believers who may find without hearth and home because they did not see fit to prepare.

Just because some of us see wisdom in physical preparation does not necessarily mean we do not see even greater wisdom in spiritual preparation. But God may well use those of us who do thus prepare to support those of us who didn't in the days ahead. While we should not prepare in the lesser sense at the expense of the greater, neither should we ignore the lesser just because it is the "lesser." Many examples throughout the history of the church exist.

Anonymous said...

Hello Michael

The Scriptures say, "the hour of His judgment is come". Present tense.

Temporal provision for this "hour" is impossible. The judgment comes while the bunkers are being built, while the daily grind is consuming thoughts and hearts, while the stocking up is filling the soul with self-interest and earthly mindedness, while the heart is saying it is preparing for Christ's return but not doing.

Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. Present tense. His return is in those who love His appearing. There is no preparation possible for that event in a soul unless and until they have laid down their life and allowed Him to possess them fully.

While you were asleep, Professing Christianity, Christ was born. He came in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven...that is, He ascended up out of the earth of humanity, to live His divine Life in those who would receive Him King.

Yes, the hour of His judgment is come and that judgment is how one judges God for what He does and how His Son is received.


Anonymous said...

How very true, indeed...this is the same message the Holy Spirit keeps impressing on my heart. Even my young children have been keen to this of late. My oldest sons stating that it must not be long before Christ returns because of the mindset of this world...even my young daughter noticing last night that a bright star was "in the wrong place"...and asking if that was a "sign" that our Lord was coming soon? We are not a family that sits around discussing such detailed things as to prompt these kinds of questions, either. I sat in bed truly wondering about their comments, just last night. This is a much needed word for the body of Christ. Thank you for remaining obedient to the Holy Spirit and speaking His heart for His children. Our family longs for truth to be spoken and we desperately need to hear wisdom today.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Michael

What do you think of the belief that not all of the faithful saints will be caught by the beast and its followers but some will be led by God to some place in the wilderness to wait to see the Lord coming, alive? Do you think that is in God's agenda somewhere? Because, in Revelation, Philadelphia church was promised to be pardoned of the testing time which will be the Great Tribulation because they were already faithful with no faults, so presumably their faith doesn't need to be tested. I just wanted your opinion on this. Thanks Michael and bless you in your walk with Jesus.

Anonymous said...

"I have been rebuked by some of the brethren for not supporting the idea of physical preparation in regards to the times that will soon be upon us..."

I know that this is a time of preparation and I too don't mean of materials and food. It's a time of preparation of the heart, no matter if it's in relationship to the days ahead or not. Our fore-fathers had to prepare themsleves for their salvation and daily living. They didn't look to material things, but they lived on faith knowing that God would provide for them, but it's was preparation of the heart and soul through our Lord Jesus Christ.

I Will Save the Church-
I asked the Lord how would He save His people, in the day of trouble? That I knew that He had told Dumitru Duduman (read 2/4/04) that as He saved the 3 Hebrew children from the fire and Daniel from the den of lions, that's how He would save the church. But I asked Him again, how would He save His people in the day of trouble?

He answered, "I will save the church, as I save My people out of the land of Egypt. As I caused water to spring forth out of the rock, so will I cause water to spring up out of dry ground. As the children of Israel's clothes did not wear out and their feet did not swell, so shall it be for the church..."

"As the widow spared not from My servant and gave her all to him, so it was that she and her son hungered not and was saved in their day of trouble. So shall it be for My people in your day of trouble. My people and all theirs shall not lack, if they continue to abide in Me..." 4/7/04

The question should then be asked, have we given Him our all? Only we know and thus we need to prepare.

Blessings, your sister in Christ

Anonymous said...

"I have been rebuked by some of the brethren for not supporting the idea of physical preparation in regards to the times that will soon be upon us..."

Sorry, I had another thought too.

What about the poor, elderly and disabled who unable to prepare as some say we need to? Will God disreguard them as they can't prepare physically?

Your sister in Christ

Anonymous said...

I know this may seem an odd place to post this, but my family needs prayer.

My little boy, Joshua has been diagnosed with PDD NOS.
It is on the autistic spectrum.

Thank you all!!

Cathy P.

Anonymous said...

Man's carnal capacity to resist God's truth is infinite.

I once considered myself a patriot christian warrior, ready to kill in defense, prepared for any contingency. But, in reality, you can't prepare for everything and invariably something fatal will be missed. God wrecked my vain imaginations and made me realize that my faith could not be reconciled with what I had believed, if I believed in the word of God. Patriotism, self-sufficiency and all the like are things and affairs of this world. How can two walk together lest they agree. I had to be for the Kingdom of God totally or not at all. God will not share his throne with our idols.

Indeed recompense is coming and judgment first on the house of God. We need incredible faith and spiritual power, not guns and stores. Buy from the Lord gold refined in the fire. This will be your supernatural subsistence in the time to come. Sell your guns and give your stores to the poor. Have faith that God if need be will send manna from Heaven and water out of the rock.

He did it before and will do it again, for He will not leave nor forsake you. If God is for us, who can be against us? Trust in Him and overcome.

If not, then trust in the strength of your arm, the power of your flesh, and the force of your will. We know that these things did happen to them by way of example as an admonishment for those upon whom the ends of the age have come. And we know by this the history of those who apposed and did not believe.

Pray your eyes and ears be open to the truth as brother Michael has written.

Anonymous said...

Here's a point I failed to make in a previous comment. Most of us, if we are wise, carry homeowners (or rental) insurance, auto insurance, and medical insurance, and earthquake or power-outage preparedness kit. Why? Not because we lack faith, but in order to prepare for future mishaps. With respect, Michael, I see little difference in those forms of "preparedness" and the kind of preparedness that would suggest it's also wise to remain free from debt, have a savings account, and perhaps a bit of food set aside in order to offset (at least for a time), the possibility of future personal, national, or global catastrophe.

We're not necessarily talking about building a bomb shelter or having ten years of food on hand, Michael. But it does make both spiritual and physical sense to put at least a bit of thought into various "what-if" scenarios. Those who do might be better prepared to minister during the aftermath than those who don't. Regardless of how spiritual we are, we still need clean water to drink, and food to eat.

With respect,


Anonymous said...

As a child I remember elder Saints that had nothing of material wealth. They even had little substance to give to the church they attended. But the one thing they did have was the presence of God in their humble dwelling. That one thing has stuck in my psychic from my days of childhood.

In the forty or so years that have passed since those memories I have lived many places, had several careers, gone after my "peice of the american pie".

I have moved back to the area of West Virginia where I was born and often I ride by one or two of the little structures where these saints of the Most High used to reside while they were here on earth. They have long since passed to their reward. There is a pulling, a tug in my spirit and I almost begin to cry. Out of all that I have done, my business, my career, I cannot say that anyone can drive by any of my homes and say that "God dwells there".

As a child I my parents, who were ministers themselves, would go into the homes of these elder saints and ask for their prayers. I remember the feeling of peace, assuredness, power and stability in these humble dwellings as they would immediately begin praying. I felt as if I was entering the very presence of God as they offered prayer! As a child I felt this.

I feel that God is bringing back these feelings and asking me if in my fast approaching elder years if I will be willing to pay that price, as they did, to be a place "where God dwells", that the neighbors would know without a doubt that God dwells in that house, where those people live.

This may be the calling of Believers in the days that are upon our nation. Multitudes will soon be, and already are, in the valley of decision. A valley that will determine where many souls will spend all of eternity.

The enemy beats me over the head daily over missed opportunities at ministry and callings I may or may not have had. This issue is in God's hands, only He knows. But I have the golden opportunity to minister and pray from my own home. This may be the calling of thousands of Believers in the coming days as the system as we know it begins to shut down. Attending church may be impossible, but our friends and neighbors can walk up the street to our homes and be in the very presence of God for healing, strength, and miracles if we are willing to pay the price.


Anonymous said...

Cathy P., my grand-son has asperger's syndrome a type of autism. Will pray, your sister.

Amy said...

If our silver and gold will be worthless, for prince and pauper alike, I believe that is representative of anything we save and think we have to help ourselves with. I also think of the manna that got worms if people tried to save it. I'll tell you why. In 1999 I worked for a guy who was stocking up like crazy for Y2K, buying pallets of food and even huge tanks to hold gasoline for his generators (all of which it became my job to haggle about returning for full refunds) but he was really worried about me, making an issue out of it every day. I decided that to avoid lying to placate him, it couldn't hurt to have extra food, toilet paper, batteries, etc., because where I live is remote and even a coming blizzard leaves shelves empty at the stores here. I only bought things I would use anyway, and it turned out that I needed it later in 2000 when I quit working for that guy. I used it all up and it seemed like a good idea. So, a few years ago when I had a good job, I decided to buy a few extra items every time I shopped and slowly stock up like that again, in case. Well, this past summer, after quitting another job the Lord said was not His provision, He told me to get rid of all that stuff in the basement. As in throw it out. I argued that that was a waste, and I argued about at least I could give it away, but when I opened one of the Rubbermaid plastic bins I had pasta and rice stored in, through the little windows of all the sealed pasta boxes, I could see little dried up worms. It was most obvious all over the lasagna noodles. I am not kidding. Every single box had worms. I laughed so hard, I'm even laughing now to remember it, because I knew exactly what it meant. I didn't need to ask God about the rest of it, like the cans of chicken broth, I knew exactly where it belonged, worms or not.

The Lord is doing a great thing in my life, even though it's hard and lonely. As some of you may remember, I felt Him call me to step out of a job by faith and I have not had an income since July. I had never in 20 years gone more than a couple months without working before, so I know how kooky and super-spiritual that can sound. But our Father has paid every single bill to this day, and met every single need, albeit a few days late from my perspective sometimes. But really, that kind of provision is the least of what He's been doing in me and through me despite me. I share this as a testimony to Him, not to make anything of myself, because apparently I am so messed up He has needed this long to straighten me out before He can release me into whatever it is this is for, and no end is in sight. :) But if we seek first His kingdom, His rulership in and among us, all the things we need will be there.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the best thing we could do is get as close to God as to where we do not take a breathe without Him in our faces.
But, I also believe to be prepared in the natural. The Lord has lead me to believe our place will become a place of refuge for the saints. So yes I have been preparing for that time which I believe is not far off at all. Yes, we will help the widows, orphans and strangers in this time. (We should be doing it now) What I tell all is first prepare your heart. God told Noah to build an ark, what would have happened if he didn't. I just obey the Lord.
thank-you for the word Michael


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

Thank you so much for your mission God has given you in these days.

To preface what I am going to write I was someone who searched for the Lord for years wanting to hear from Him. About 15 years ago or so... I thought I did hear God tell me to prepare physically. I did so relying on my flesh and fear, I bought supplies and property in the mountains. My life was controlled in complete fear and so was my family. (1 John says there is no love in fear, and is not our Lord love?) Things happened in my life to lose all this and I was taught to rely on Jesus for everything in my life. I really have found out what it is like to have no fear and live in love.

Yes the message for these days is to keep our eyes on Jesus and He will take care of us. He has told me this past year to not worry about anything for He will take care of His remnant, just keep our eyes on Him. Every time I ask Him if I need to do anything else, He tells me to do nothing but to pray always, keep my eyes on Him, and keep listening to His voice. It is imperative in these days to hear His voice. If you haven't prepared in the physical now it is too late, you need to spend time with Jesus, develop a close relationship with Him, that is what He wants. If you are prepared physically that is fine, but do not take your eyes off Jesus, do not trust in your flesh and do not get into fear. In times in the past when God told people to prepare physically He had a plan for that preparation, these days are different, we need to listen to what He is saying for today. Even lately I have asked God should I buy gold, silver or supplies and I am told I can if I want, but I wont need it. More and more He tells me that there will be so much chaos on this earth that earthly things will not be able to save us, only by keeping close to Him, and to hear His voice, will we be able to survive. He has great plans for us but only if you put Him first, this requires some time and work but it is worth it. I commute in my car 4 to 5 hours a day to work, during this past year instead of being stressed and upset about having to commute, I took the time to pray, sing, praise the Lord, and to listen to His voice. I decided I wanted to know Him more and to have a close relationship with Him. This time spent was well worth it, some people spend their life looking for one word from God. What they do not know is we can hear His Spirit leading us and communing with us all day. You can not depend on your church, your pastor or a friend to save you when things get bad. You can not depend on stocking up supplies. when it comes down to the bottom line there is no one who can save you from destruction but the one who created you. Please search for Him with all your might and heart!!!
Please read Psalms 23 and 91 and Proverbs 1,2,3,4 and 8, as you read these Proverbs listen to what wisdom is saying.


Anonymous said...

I agree the most important preparation is to get closer to God through his son Jesus Christ. There is no need to prepare physically if one with the Lord provisions, is self-sufficent and not relying on the world (walmart, supermarket...etc)to provide food, chlothes, heat, shelter...etc The best preparation is to stop relying on this present world and start relying on God for all your needs.