Thursday, July 16, 2015

Deeper Truths

In order to control a people you must first do away with hope, followed closely by doing away with its history and rewriting it to your own liking. If someone knows where they come from, the history of their ancestry, what their forefathers accomplished, where they failed, and how they persevered, there is a connection, and there is an identity in something other than the system and the powers that be.

Anyone who hopes to mold and reshape a people to their own nefarious ends cannot build upon the foundation of the past but rather tear it down, bulldoze it, pave over it, and start anew with a construct and design of their own choosing.

You can’t get someone to hate who they are by insisting their forefathers did some bad things but also a lot of good. You have to convince them they were vile, evil men and women whose only desire was the subjugation of their fellow man; individuals who walked around with bloodlust in their eyes looking for their next hapless victim.

If you can eradicate someone’s past, you can shape their present and dictate their future. Cast enough doubt on any one person’s history and ancestry, cast enough doubt on any one nation’s acts and actions, and eventually you can talk someone into doubting absolutely everything.

If a certain thing I held dear turned out not to be true, what else isn’t true about me, my family, my ancestry, or my nation?

What is currently happening in America is psychological warfare at its most brutal. The sheep have already been culled, and so it’s easy to brainwash them, bombard them with misinformation, and steer them toward a particular set of responses whenever and wherever you have need of a large group of useful idiots.

Thinking for oneself has become taboo practice in America, and God help you if you refuse to fall in line and bleat along with the rest of the sheep. You are free to speak your mind as long as your mind is the hive mind, as long as you parrot what they themselves have parroted on down the line, without ever taking a step back and seeing the idiocy you are regurgitating for what it is.

There is a deeper, more nefarious purpose to systematically dismantling this nation’s history and it has nothing to do with what is being trumpeted as the cause of the displeasure.

By now we should be used to smokescreens and sleight of hand but it would seem our predisposition to give the powers that be the benefit of the doubt still plays into whether or not we have our eyes open to the reality of all that is taking place around us.

With so many spinning plates, and so many eager to take a sledgehammer to our kneecaps while we’re attempting to spin said plates, it’s only a matter of time. It’s not as though we didn’t know these days were coming. Nevertheless, it is a strange feeling to be living them.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

You mean when the whites invaded, pillaged, terrorized, and whiped out the Natives of this land. Yep, left them with no hope and controlled with their own history and propaganda..

Jerry said...

Good stuff. Your "Thinking for oneself" comment you made is spot on. It is forbidden, and people just go right along with it. Their opinion is whatever CNN/FOX/MSNBC/etc tells them their opinion should be. Pathetic. If the sheep would just look at the 9/11 evidence of government complicity, their whole world view would begin to evolve into something real. But without a clear Biblical world-view, then everything else is for naught. We live in the "end time". The race for Armageddon is on and we will see absolute devastation across the globe very soon.

Anonymous said...

There is an old movie, some may remember from the 80's the fantasy movie "The Never Ending Story". At the end of the movie the Wolf is asked basically why? The wolf says "When the people have no hope they are easier to control" quote the Wolf...That always struck me as strange in a kids movie and I was a kid when I saw it, but it has stayed with me all these years. You are correct Sir.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Their Order out of Chaos agenda has gone fast forward.They have put the majority to sleepand destroyed the middle class while flooding the country with millions of illegal immigrants. The foundations are destroyed and Messiah Jesus is the only Rock of stability, the only shelter from the storm now upon us. God keeps His word, Psalm 9:17 has arrived.

Anonymous said... feels strange to be living them!

Anonymous said...

As he talks about the thinking for yourself idea you bring up JESUS, smh! You don't understand!

Anonymous said...

I have just got caught up on all of your most recent posts and want to say "AMEN" to all you have written! I am amazed that our Lord has been so restrained and so patient thus far, but surely the cup of iniquity is full to overflowing by now, building up to the dramatic grand climax of an all-holy God who triumphs gloriously over unrighteousness. Let's just make sure that we Bible believers are not part of the current problem in any area of our lifestyle.

Love in Christ Jesus,