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Monday, July 6, 2020

Divided Kingdoms

It’s one thing to have a readily identifiable enemy, an external force wanting to do you harm, or an army of marauders at the gates keeping you under siege. It’s quite another when the enemy is within, plotting and scheming, using anything they can as a pretext to achieve their ultimate goal.

An external enemy unites the people of the nation being attacked. The people mount up a resistance, they fortify the battlements, they defend the homeland, and they push back the enemy. It brings them together, having the singular purpose of protecting their families, their homes, their nation, and themselves. When the enemy is within, it creates chaos, uncertainty, division, and clearly highlighting one’s foe becomes far more difficult a task.

If a kingdom is divided against itself, it cannot stand. The clarity of this statement is undeniable, and the fact that Jesus is the one who made this proclamation gives it all the more gravitas. Christ’s assessment was definitive and declarative. He did not wax poetic as to how it would be difficult or problematic for a kingdom to stand if it was divided against itself. He said it was impossible. It simply cannot stand!

Try as one might to keep it together, it is a futile task because while a certain number are working toward maintaining the nation they love, others are working in diametrical opposition to this goal.

If you are trying to build a house and someone removes a brick for every brick you lay, that house will never be completed.

It’s easy to grow complacent in freedom. It’s easy to take liberty for granted, especially if they are all you’ve ever known, and you’ve never been without. If you’ve never missed a meal, then it’s likely that the value you place on having a full fridge and stocked cupboards is far less than someone who has.

Ask anyone who grew up in communism or a totalitarian regime, and it is guaranteed they will have a different perspective than someone who regurgitates the theory of redistribution of wealth, Marxism, or Communism. Ask anyone who has been deprived of freedom and liberty, and it is a guarantee that the value they place on these things is exponentially higher than those who have not.

Every nation that has had to endure the horrors of totalitarianism, every nation that has had to endure the blight of communism was once free. It is because the majority who could have excised the cancer while still in its infancy chose to sit on their hands and say nothing that fascists came into power, and once power was theirs, it was too late. Once they get control, it’s too late to do anything about it because they are ruthless when it comes to silencing opposition or contrarian voices.

The bones of those who would resist or dissent litter the countryside in unmarked mass graves throughout eastern Europe, China, Laos, Venezuela, and Cuba, to name a few because, by the time they woke up from their stupor, it was too late.

The alarms are going off, and we keep hitting the snooze button because we’re either too comfortable or unaware as to what this is all about. While others lost their livelihoods, their families, and their lives for freedom, we are waving the white flag of surrender in the face of malnourished malcontents with Vitamin D deficiencies. Most are not even willing to make their voices heard, never mind put up a fight.

We have everyone from news anchors, to Hollywood has-been actors, to elected officials advocating for a system that millions fled to get away from, never once wondering why if it’s such a great thing so many fled communism.

Yes, there have been warnings as to the future of these United States, but if we sit idly by, if we do nothing, if we say nothing, if we turn a blind eye to it all, then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If, after having done all to stand, these things still occur sooner rather than later, at least we would have done our part to stand. If for no other reason, because it was our duty to do so. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

If Only!

You know you’re in a cult when assimilation supersedes the natural, inborn sense of self-preservation. The people walking off the cliff like so many lemmings aren’t doing it for something noble like eternity, rebirth, or spirituality, but rather to virtue signal to their contemporaries that they have exceeded all others in embracing the fragmented, illogical diatribes of the mob.

If you were to attempt to understand the circular reasoning some elected officials are giving for going along with the self-destructive narrative that the only thing causing criminality is the existence of law enforcement, you’d likely get a bloody nose, if not have an outright seizure. You see, the key to unlocking a blissful utopia wherein all men can live like brothers, walking hand in hand through a field of daisies while unicorns defecated rainbow cotton candy and birds sang in chorus, was doing away with the police.

How could we not have seen it until now? You do away with the police, and you do away with criminals. Genius in its simplicity! If there were no law and no police, then criminals would never be counted as lawbreakers, nor would there be anyone to deter them.

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re wrong, by the way. The fact that you’re a tax-paying citizen and you feel you have a reasonable expectation not to get mugged inside your own home is just your privilege showing. How dare you instigate the robbing of your own goods by having them? If you lived in a tent and ate free-range rat more often than not, then no one would try to rob you, now would they?

It’s all your fault for working hard, and applying yourself, and building a family. It’s all your fault sacrificing, saving, scraping, doing odd jobs, and budgeting so you could put a down payment on a house. Those callouses on your hands and those blisters on your feet and that aching back and those creaking knees, that’s all privilege.

Why encourage people to apply themselves, go to a trade school, put in an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, when we can steer them toward majoring in the reproductive cycle of the Hmong people and graduate with a worthless degree and a quarter-million dollars in debt? Why insist that you have to earn your way through life when you can just bludgeon a retiree and take it?

In my humble opinion, Darwin was just a doddering nutter who married his cousin, but some mornings I find myself hoping he was right. If only survival of the fittest was the way of natural law, then chances are better than good that things would work themselves out eventually. Still, we have built so many crutches, and safety nets excused insanity so often, that if there was any truth to the mechanism of natural selection, we have nullified it. We turned a blind eye to destructive and counterproductive policy so consistently that the weakest and least capable are now driving the bus and steering it right into the parapet.

Once the bodies start piling up, once social workers with clipboards and No. 2 pencils realize that the only way to curb aggression is with aggression, once criminals begin to run amok, unchecked and absent fear of answering for their crimes, it will be too late. It will be near impossible to return to some semblance of law and order.

You don’t need a crystal ball or prophetic insight to see where we’re headed. You don’t need revelation to understand how this will all play out. But that’s okay; you were privileged anyway.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020


It used to be that they were subtle about their subversion. It used to be that they worked in the shadows, were fearful of being exposed, and when anyone noticed what they were doing, they pulled back. They knew it was a waiting game, and time was on their side. Just one more generation of cattle, of indoctrinated, propagandized useful idiots that could be used as cannon fodder, and the glorious revolution would be well on its way.

The people behind the people who are screaming inanities and blindly lashing out at strangers just because they can aren’t the kind that likes to get their hands dirty. They are not the ones sweating in the streets, contracting Coronavirus, and catching felony warrants. They are the ones planning to rule after the dust settles. They are the ones engineering an overthrow of the experiment that is a constitutional republic, because to them everyone save for themselves and a handful of limp wristed ivy leaguers, are cattle.

It’s not as though they have an affinity for those protesting on their behalf, even though they might not realize it, it’s that those protesting are useful, a means to an end, the vehicle that will drive their agenda forward—still cattle, just useful cattle.

If they were to succeed in their revolution, if they were to do away with the law, law enforcement, duly elected government, and every dissenting voice, their next target would be the useful cattle. The selfsame cattle that burned down their futures to make the Marxist dream a reality, because at some point they will have realized they’ve been had. Once the mob is no longer useful, you must destroy it lest it turns its sights on you.

No, this is not the outline of some dystopian novel I’m working on, it’s historical precedent. It’s what occurs every time there is an attempted insurrection, revolution, or revolt. Even though they promise one group that they’ll be the ones holding the cattle prods if they help overthrow the other, once they’ve succeeded, they’ll be reminded that they too are cattle.

In life, there are certain absolutes. Fire burns, water is wet, gender is binary, and the real enemy is always the one that stands to gain most from the chaos and anarchy they are championing. A nation of three hundred million plus people is being used, played, and pitted against itself by a cabal of power-hungry aspiring tyrants. Their promise of utopia will never materialize even if they manage to succeed in carrying out their plans.

As someone who has lived in a system identical to the one they are attempting to remake America into, allow me to state the obvious, it’s not anything anyone who has lived in the US their entire life ever wants to see. That’s putting it mildly, but any attempt at convincing Marxist zealots as to the horrors of their ideology falls on deaf ears anyway.

For all its faults, America is still the only country in the world that individuals from every continent continue to risk life and limb to try to get to. Thus far, I have yet to hear of anyone getting on an inner tube off the Florida coast to try to make it to Cuba, yet those attempting to flee it are a constant. Perhaps that’s something worth pondering before we torch everything and surrender our hard-won freedoms to the mob for the promise of peace.

We are witnessing a sadistic game of three-card monte being carried out against the American way of life. If we are not careful, by the time we wise up to what is happening, they will have walked away with our freedom, our dignity, our culture, and our children’s future.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.  

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Because Why Not?

For the most part, we’ve already proven the church is a mass of do-nothing pearl-clutchers more aghast at the thought of the President tweeting something snarky then seeing people getting their heads caved in on live television. We have seen that cowardice runs through our veins, and we are willing to prostrate ourselves and kneel at the feet of those who moments earlier burned down our businesses and violently accosted our neighbors. Fear of retribution has kept us silent, and none dare speaks the unspeakable truth that if this was ever about George Floyd and his untimely death, it no longer is.

If you can’t see what’s going on for what it is, then I can’t help you. If you think that those instigating the violence care a whit about disadvantaged blacks, or about righting the wrongs of history, I’ve got some magic beans to sell you. They’re great! I promise.

Just yesterday, one of the leaders of the movement which has been sweeping the globe, a white boy pretending to be otherwise, tweeted out, that “Yes, all murals and stained glass windows of Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends should also come down. They are a gross form of white supremacy, created as tools of white oppression, racist propaganda. They should all come down.”

When they start firebombing churches, will you still kneel and prostrate yourself? Will you still apologize for something you, your father, and your father’s father had no hand in, while they not only refuse to apologize for something they did just last night but feel fully entitled to do it?

I know, I know, we protestants don’t have stained glass or statuary in our churches, why should we care what they do to the others? Because once they’re done with them, they’ll come for you. The only thing you are doing by keeping silent is ensuring that you’re among the last to suffer at the hands of Communists pretending to be warriors of equality.

By then, even if you will want to say something, even if you will want to resist, they will have already amassed too much power to be stopped, because when you could have stood, you chose to kneel, and bow, and scrape, and act the fool for no other reason than to signal how virtuous you were.

Absence of pushback emboldens lunatics. Once emboldened, their dreams of future glory expand to such unhinged strata, that though they are still living in their parents’ basement quibbling with their moms over eating their steamed broccoli, they believe they are more than qualified to run a country.

As I’ve found myself repeating to one friend after another, if this doesn’t end soon, it will end badly. It’s already gotten out of hand in many areas, and the lack of consequences for everything from looting, burning down businesses, and violently assaulting random individuals is making high school dropouts and gender studies majors feel invincible.

As any student of history will tell you, among the first things to take place when Communism, Socialism, Marxism, or whatever other isms you want to label it began their push to transform the nation they’d infested, was the attempt to erase a nation’s past, thereby erasing her identity.

If you no longer know who you are or where you come from, it’s far easier for gender fluid white girls with septum piercings to tell you who you are, or at least who you ought to be, indeed who you must be if you want to take part in this brave new world.

Maybe we’ve had it too good for too long. Perhaps this is our penance for not appreciating what we had when we had it. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Premature Emancipation

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It’s one of those seemingly simplistic truisms that proves truer the older you get. This is doubly true when what you are aiming to accomplish is something as grandiose as starting your own nation. Maybe it’s the constant, monotonous affirmation they heard when they were children that they could be anything they wanted to be that made them overly confident. Still, the fledgling nation formerly known as CHAZ, now CHOP, is running into some headwinds.

Either their attention span was sparse, or their parents didn’t fully articulate the entirety of the thought, but you can be anything you want to be if you apply yourself, work at it, and sacrifice. Taking it from someone else by force is not an accomplishment; it is theft. Declaring yourself monarch, overseer, or ruler of any lands, whether an entire continent or six city blocks, only works insofar as the rest of humanity is going along with your delusions.

We are currently living an emperor who has no clothes existence, wherein the silence of the majority is misconstrued as validation, consent, and even affirmation, and this only serves to embolden the lunacy. If no one dares to point out certain undeniable truths, then the situation will continue to spiral, and the escalation to violence becomes inevitable.

In the absence of order, chaos reigns supreme. When chaos is the default position, the experiment becomes more about the survival of the fittest than it does about equanimity, levelheadedness, equality, or peaceful coexistence.

If the outcome were not so tragically obvious, one could see the humor in anarchists asking for care packages form their beleaguered parents, or demanding that the government from which they declared their independence come empty their porta-potties. Ironically, the same people attempting to carve out a brave new world have zero survival skills unless you count spray painting buildings and interpretive dance among them.

It’s easy to mock and laugh and ridicule the citizens of CHAZ or CHOP, or at least it would be if elected officials were not in league with them, not only allowing this circus to continue unabated but encouraging it. The paramount question at this juncture should be how these people got elected to public office in the first place, and what their underlying agenda is. Are they radical enough wherein they are willing to allow for mob rule at the expense of the safety of the majority of their constituency?

What we are witnessing of late is an amalgam of factions with differing agendas, but a common enemy. They are willing to lay aside their differences in order to conquer their common foe, leaving discussion for how they will proceed after every statue has been torn down and after everyone who doesn’t think Communism is the bees’ knees has been silenced, for another time.

While the nation formerly known as CHAZ continues to implode, the silence of the majority in regards to this clown show only emboldens those who would themselves be ruler supreme of a few city blocks to try their hand at tyranny.

If it’s any consolation, they can’t cancel everybody! The ones doing the canceling would literally starve to death in the middle of a grocery store, and the corporations giving credence to their lunacy will change course as soon as any sort of pushback occurs. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Moot Points

It used to be that we laughed off the loons. We properly identified them as crazy people, as unhinged, as an infinitesimal minority that was good for a chuckle. With each passing day, however, there’s less chuckling as the realization dawns on more and more of us that the madness has spread, it has metastasized, and is drawing more adherents daily.

It’s no surprise, really, even the most fringe of things like Scientology, or veganism gets its share of the collective to follow suit and live by the guidelines set forth by their proverbial luminaries who blazed the path, but their numbers were always contained.

There are only so many people you can talk into eating Brussel sprouts for the rest of their lives, or into believing that they are the byproduct of some alien life form’s ill-timed bowel movement. This was a given. It was something we could count on, and as such, didn’t concern ourselves with.

There were other things for us focus on, trivial, trifle, irrelevant things, things that occupied our time, and kept us from seeing what was going on in front of our faces because it’s far easier arguing semantics than taking a stand.

When those sent to warn of what we are currently seeing when something could have actually been done about it, they were met with derision and vitriol, not from those of the world, but those of the church. We had more important topics to dissect, such as whether the earth was flat or round, or if Jesus had auto-tuned his hearing aid not to hear any prayers or supplications unless preceded by His Hebrew name.

When those topics waned a bit, we rushed headlong into searching out things that weren’t there, while ignoring those staring us in the face. Meteors, portals, black holes, oh my! So many things to be on the lookout for!

Why focus on anything we could affect as individuals? It’s the meteors, man, that’s the real threat. Even if they were, what could you do about it? Nothing? Figured.

While the church was stargazing, and writing emotional ‘I told you so’ letters to all those left behind because they didn’t believe in a pre-tribulation rapture, the darkness continued to chip away at the foundations, the pillars, and the load-bearing walls, until the creaks were audible. That only emboldened them more, and with a renewed vigor, they set about getting bigger chisels, while the household of faith comforted itself with mantras like ‘that’s never going to happen here,’ or, ‘by the time that happens here we’ll be long gone.’

The same people who were amused to no end about the idea of Communism rearing its ugly head in America, are now sending me pictures of spray painted hammers and sickles throughout the country. The same people who rolled their eyes at the thought of civil unrest or a revolution are now panicky to the point of losing their composure because they are seeing what some have been warning about for the past three decades.

For the most part, at this juncture, it’s a moot point. We can’t unmake this omelet. The most we can hope for is to put off the ugly bits for a season. I know, not what you want to hear sipping your morning coffee on an ordinary Thursday, but I’ve always been upfront with you. Even if it’s to shield you from unpleasantness, if I were to lie to you, it would still be a lie.

One way or another, the descent into chaos will continue to intensify. Whether it’s cities defunding police, or police walking off the job because they’ll get charged with murder if they dare defend themselves, the end result is still the same.

The gullible and foolhardy will continue to be used to further the nefarious agenda of the string-pullers, and the noose around the neck of free speech and free expression of thought will continue to tighten. Eventually, they will come for the church, as they always do. For the most part, the church will either be staring at the heavens or staring at its navel. Either way, fish in a barrel.

I’ve bummed you out enough for one day, but if it’s any consolation, remember the words of Paul, the apostle who said, if in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men the most pitiable. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Sullied Words

I was going to title this post ‘Thanks Utah!’ but I decided to broaden it out a bit because it’s not just Pierre Delecto I have an issue with. It’s pretty much every manipulative power structure we’ve been told we need to listen to, respect, and inevitably obey. If you don’t comply, if you don’t do as they say, well, you just like to see people suffer needlessly.

Over the last few months, we have seen the redefining of words, words once noble and of import, having become sullied and grimy either due to individuals they were associated with, or the demonstrable untruths they attempted to convey.

Thankfully, lies have a way of catching up to you, and if you tell too many too often, eventually the house of cards will just implode. As Abraham Lincoln once said, you can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

1. Honorable – Bringing or worthy of honor.

This is a word that has been attached to Mitt Romney, also known as Pierre Delecto, more times than I can count. Because of its attachment to a man who cut his teeth on being a vulture capitalist, it has become sullied. I know it’s venture capitalist, but what he did was more akin to what a vulture does. Perhaps even more cruel, because he didn’t wait for the entity to expire before he began picking at the flesh. He started gorging himself on the organs and meaty bits long before the time of death could be announced. Under the guise of helping struggling businesses, this ‘honorable’ man would dismantle them pick them clean, and leave the bones to be bleached by the sun.

Since money without power means little to small, egomaniacal folks such as Pierre, he decided that politics was the way to bolster his lagging self-esteem by pretending to be a public servant. He realized it was the greatest grift in existence, far better than destroying businesses and lives, so he jumped in headfirst.

Just because he changed careers does not mean Mitt Delecto stopped being an opportunist. It’s his nature, and he will do anything if it means increasing his profile, power, and influence.

2. Expert – A person who has an authoritative and comprehensive knowledge of or skill in a particular area.

If you took 100 chimpanzees and let them fling poo at a blackboard, you’d likely get a better success rate than the experts. This is across the board, from the economy, to jobs, to the virus, to the steps necessary to mitigate said virus. We crippled the greatest economy in the world, caused panic to the point of people calling the cops on their neighbors for letting their kids play outside, all because the experts were infallible, and their words were akin to gospel.

Now the selfsame experts who shamed you into putting on a muzzle and living in your basement are insisting that as long as you’re out protesting, and not fishing, or taking your kids to the park, it’s all good. Everything they’ve said is demonstrably false! The next time someone tells me to trust the experts, I might just be the one flinging poo.

3. Science – The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

If the first commandment was to trust the experts, the second was to trust the science. As soon as science agrees that biology is binary, we can have a conversation. As long as they pander to and shill for mental disorders, allow me my skepticism as to anything science says regarding anything else.

The latest brain fart from science is that asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is very rare. This from the same folks who insisted that actual farts were akin to mustard gas, making all within a one-mile radius instantly terminal.

4. Justice – Just behavior or treatment.

Justice today is no longer about just behavior or treatment. It’s no longer about taking the individual who committed an infraction, charging them, seeing them go to trial, and getting convicted. Justice today is about taking what’s not yours, burning down what you didn’t take, killing anyone that stood in your way, and demanding that people bow before you and wash your feet for being a hooligan.

5. Prophetic – Accurately describing or predicting what will happen in the future.

Back to the poo-flinging chimpanzees we go. If you haven’t been keeping track, by now, we were supposed to have seen Donald Trump frog-marched out of the oval office for being a Russian spy, half the country dead from coronavirus, martial law, and a direct hit from a meteor. Even if you tried, you couldn’t get it wrong so often, but the ‘prophetic’ voices are still out in droves making predictions not based on any supernatural revelation, but rather a projection and fleshly perception.

I could go on, but I have to mow my lawn, and it’s supposed to rain. The point this morning, if there is one besides my having to rant a bit, is to be wise regarding not only what you believe but what you willfully disseminate to others. Many are come in His name, deceiving many. Take heed that no one deceives you!

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.