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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Prophetic Times

I am not one to pile on. If ten people have already said the same thing I would have, why add my voice to the chorus only to be drowned out? There are more productive ways for me to spend my time than to wag my finger, or start screaming “told you so” from the top of my lungs hoping that someone will listen. When we are called into ministry, especially the kind of ministry I’ve been called to, self-promotion, self-aggrandizement, and self-adulation are among the first to die painful deaths, followed by any notion that I as a person had anything to do with the substance of the revelatory words God chose to impart.

Those who were called to prophetic ministries ought to know that they are merely vessels, used by the Master in the capacity He sees fit, at least if they possess the requisite level of maturity.
That said, there are certain things taking place both in America, and in the world as a whole that echo certain prophetic utterances given through this ministry as far back as thirty years ago. 

There are events unfolding that are undeniably prophetic in nature, and what they will inevitably lead to has been foretold by many a vessel, within many a context, to many a deaf ear who scoffed at the messengers, and waved them off with a look of pity in their eyes.

What we must acknowledge –  and this is one thing that I haven’t heard anyone touch upon and so I feel I must – is that the recent uptick in violence against police is not a racial issue, it is not a black and white issue, it is an issue of men despising authority, just as it was foretold by Peter.

2 Peter 2:9-10, “The Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptations and to reserve the unjust under punishment for the day of judgment, and especially those who walk according to the flesh in the lust of uncleanness and despise authority. They are presumptuous, self-willed; they are not afraid to speak evil of dignitaries, whereas angels, who are greater in power and might, do not bring a reviling accusation against them before the Lord.”

The issue we are facing as a nation is a spiritual one. The longer it takes us to realize this the worse it’s going to get because sin is a progressive disease, one that metastasizes and continues in its corruption until it consumes the host in its entirety.

Trying to solve a spiritual problem in any other manner but spiritually is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline. When we tackle spiritual issues in the physical, when we tackle spiritual matters in the flesh, the problem always morphs into something far worse than the initial flashpoint.
We can see this playing out before our eyes, wherein protests have morphed into the murder of police officers, from there into certain individuals actually trying to validate and justify it, and it will morph again into something more hideous still.

As unpopular as the following might be even among believers, the only remedy for this nation is repentance. No man, no woman, no political party, no law, no amendment, no ban or lack thereof can replace national repentance, and absent said repentance, the writing is on the wall for anyone willing to see it.

Throughout all these machinations the children of God must never lose sight of the blessed assurance that He knows how to deliver the godly. Not only does the Lord know how to deliver the godly, He has promised that He would, no matter the circumstance or situation.

May our hope rest in Him, may our eyes be set upon Him, and may we strive to live godly amidst this ungodly generation.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.  

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

As We Knew It Would

We all knew it was bound to happen but it’s the speed with which it happened that has taken even those not easily shaken aback. I even warned in my last post that someone somewhere would find a way to blame Christians and Christianity for something a Muslim man and an adherent to Islam did, and lo and behold, within the span of hours, even before the bodies were cold, the narrative began to shift and Christians were in the cross-hairs once more.

How insidious a soul do you have to be, how corrupt of mind and heart, how utterly removed from any semblance of reality to blame Christians for the death of 50 individuals when the person pulling the trigger over and over and over again was a Muslim man just shy of thirty?

How deprived of common sense and devoid of reason must an individual become to repeatedly insist that it’s Christians’ fault that this tragedy occurred, and if blame need be laid at anyone’s doorstep it’s the Christian church, and of course, white males.

Let’s just make this as simple as possible for those who insist upon intellectual gymnastics and machinations. A Muslim man walked into a club and killed 50 people. The gun did not walk into the club by itself, the man was not a closet Christian, the man was not inspired by messages of loving one’s enemies and loving one’s neighbor as oneself.

It seems as though to many in the mainstream media the narrative is all there is, truth be damned. If it doesn’t fit the narrative of hateful Christian bigots and the need for gun control, well then they’re just going to have to make it fit even if they have to start telling out and out lies.

“Even if we get called out for telling the lies we tell, we’ll just keep telling them, because especially in this culled and intellectually stunted generation, if you tell a lie long enough with enough conviction eventually a majority will believe it.”

As I said in my previous post, try as they might to make this heinous act seem as something different than what it was, Christians just don’t go on killing sprees, nor do they target homosexuals, atheists, or Buddhists.

The reason for this is because Christianity is fundamentally different from Islam, and once more, shame on every two-bit preacher and evangelist who continues to insist that these two religions are different branches of the same tree, or that we serve the same God just by different names.

Unfortunately, some do not see any middle ground between not validating and embracing their lifestyle and actively seeking to murder them for their lifestyle. Some have been so indoctrinated for so long that they truly believe a Christian’s stance on the homosexual lifestyle and a Muslim’s stance are no different, even though Islam says without equivocation that homosexuals should be put to death.

At this juncture the worst thing we can do is allow the talking heads to redefine Christianity as a religion of hatred, pretty much projecting the beliefs of Islam onto Christianity without saying anything to the contrary. When you hear a lie spoken about your faith make sure you let them know it is a lie, and know the Word of God well enough to be able to point out the truth if you are called upon to do it.

It’s long past time we called out the crazy, we called out the liars, and we made it known that we will not sit idly by and be lumped in with the deranged and homicidal.

These insidious attacks on Christianity will neither lessen nor become more mild, and though in recent years almost every large profile act of senseless mass murder was perpetrated by individuals of Muslim leanings, somehow it’s still Christians that are left holding the bag and being made to apologize for something they neither encouraged, had a hand in, nor ever even contemplated.

Hate blinds men to truth. Hate blinds men to the reality that surrounds them. When this occurs all we can do is repetitively point out the baselessness of their hatred, and insist upon the notion that facts do matter, facts are relevant, and facts are what we should base our ultimate conclusions upon. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

What a Hate Crime Looks Like

For the longest time we have been redefining what words mean. We have been watering down and nullifying words that anger, challenge, or irritate us, and we have been twisting others to make them suit our preconceived notions or ideas.

It’s gotten so bad that if anyone, perchance a baker refused to make a cake depicting two men holding hands while a astride phallic shaped rocket, it was labeled a hate crime; something heretofore unseen and unheard of.

Unfortunately, less than a day ago we saw the true definition of a hate crime, and it had nothing to do with refusing to validate a certain lifestyle, or insisting that certain practices are sinful in the sight of God.

Fifty people are dead. They will never see another sunrise, they will never watch another sunset, and every hope and dream they had died along with them. A man of Muslim persuasion walked into a place where these individuals congregated and simply opened fire. It wasn’t a Methodist, it wasn’t a Southern Baptist, it wasn’t even one of those intolerant Pentecostals that did this heinous thing. It was a twenty-nine-year-old Muslim man.

I need to point this out because once the spinners get to spinning one is apt to believe that he was influenced by Christian intolerance, and if not for Christianity this nice Muslim boy would never have thought of doing such a thing.

Let’s be honest here. Cards on the table, nothing up our sleeve sort of honest. Christians simply don’t do this, and even the world knows it. The worst you can expect of any Christian, a true Christian regardless of their denomination, is telling someone that their lifestyle is sinful and that they need to repent. I cannot embrace, validate, or champion your lifestyle, but never once have I wished death upon anybody for it. Christians don’t want to see sinners dead. Christians want to see sinners saved. That is one of the marked differences between the Christian faith and Islam.

You can keep calling it a religion of peace if you like, you can keep insisting that all Muslims are peace loving peoples who embrace diversity and allow for differing viewpoints, but the bodies are starting to pile up, and eventually there will be so many that even the most ardent defender and proponent of the ‘religion of peace’ narrative will have to backpedal just a smidgen.

To those who thought that someone refusing to bake a cake, or cater a wedding amounted to a hate crime, may I humbly submit that this is what a hate crime really looks like, and it’s evil and insidious and cruel and final. Hurt feelings does not a hate crime make. Dead people does.

Loss of life is always a painful thing to witness, especially loss of life on such a grand scale. If I were to say this was an outlier, an exception to the rule and something that will not repeat, I would simply be paying you lip service when all evidence pointed to the contrary.

The evident truth is that such things will continue to occur, and chances are better than good that they will increase in frequency. Next time it may not be a club, but it will be something public, and populated, and frequented by a large swath of people, because in the minds of those who decide they will take as many lives as they possibly can on any given day a dead infidel is a dead infidel whether they are young or old, educated or simpleminded, an individual of means or the lowliest of paupers. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Messengers and Negotiators

For the most part things used to be simpler in the olden days. God would choose a man, equip that man for service, give him a message, and that man would faithfully deliver the message he was given even if it meant prison or death for having delivered it. More often than, not it did. Being called of God was neither a way to grow rich nor was it a way to grow famous. It was a calling, one that was to be carried out diligently by the individual who was chosen for the task at hand. Faithfulness, obedience, humility, and boldness were indispensable, and the men chosen to speak on behalf of the Almighty possessed these things to overflowing.

In some rare cases, individuals chose to attempt and skirt their duty. As I said it was rare, but it did happen. Even back then there were men who attempted to flee from their responsibility, but eventually, whether voluntary or compulsory, they carried out their mandate and delivered their messages dutifully.
It goes without saying that one does not try to run away from umbrella drinks and endless days in the sun. One does not attempt to flee prosperity and blessing, one does not attempt to bypass a life of ease and leisure. Whenever we see men within the Word of God attempting to skirt their duties, we must always keep in mind that their duty, whatever that duty might have entailed was always difficult, treacherous, and would likely cause personal distress of some kind or another.

All one need do is read the lives of the prophets and study what they went through to realize just how difficult a task and calling these men had on their lives. Rarely lauded, frequently derided, these men became the repository for the rebellious heart’s lashing out against the will of God, the physical manifestation of the cringing of the teeth and the shaking of the fist. If those rebuked and corrected by the mouthpieces of God could not lash out at God Himself, they would lash out at the next best thing; the messenger He had sent to speak on His behalf.

Nowadays men aspire to more than just being messengers. Nowadays the selfsame virtues that were indispensable to the servants of old are mocked, looked down upon, and wholly rejected as antiquated practices which can be interpreted as intolerant. Boldness is seen as aggression, faithfulness is seen as zealotry, obedience is seen as shortsightedness, and humility is seen as fear of success.

For many in the limelight today, being a simple messenger is construed as an offense. It is too lowly an office; it is too humble a calling. It is too insignificant as far as their egos are concerned.  As such, they take it upon themselves to become negotiators, assuming they know the mind of God, and feeling as though they are within their rights to negotiate on behalf of God. They give leeway where God gives no leeway, and they are overly gracious toward those whom God commands to repent and turn from their wicked ways. The messenger is still derided to this day. The negotiator is praised and embraced by the world, because given enough time they know they can whittle the negotiator down to agreeing to the proposition of men entering heaven laden down with sin.

What those praising the negotiators don’t seem to realize is that they are not negotiating on behalf of anyone other than themselves. They come neither in the authority or with the permission of God. Their promises are just as empty and hollow as their hearts, and though they promise heaven, they can do nothing in the way of making good on that promise.

Even so, many within the household of faith today prefer the career of the negotiator to the calling of the messenger.

A messenger is a lowly, thankless job, but a negotiator has the power to wheel and deal, to speak words that have profound impact on the lives of others, and those without understanding, those whose pride has blinded them to the need for humility, revel in the notion of possessing power, even if said power is an illusion.

It takes but a passing glance to realize that there are far more negotiators in the church today than there are messengers. Though some of them have not the temerity to outright say “Thus says the Lord”, they nevertheless insinuate it, and only backtrack when called out for their supposed message of open and unrepentant promiscuity being A-Okay with God.

Until the masses realize that the negotiators are negotiating without sanction or authority, they will gravitate to them, elevating them to prominence ever so joyfully because they offer them an easier path than that of the cross of Christ. Love for sin has compelled many to search for an alternative, while conveniently forgetting that no man can serve two masters. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Behold the Madness

Madness has taken root. It is has blossomed, and the fruit thereof is more madness. Men and women alike are abandoning reason and logic in droves, bowing at the altar of political correctness, and applauding decisions made by individuals who will never be subject to the selfsame decisions they’ve imposed on everyone else.

The latest in the battle against logic and reason is Target’s decision to allow men to use the women’s restrooms if in their convoluted minds they ‘identify’ as a woman.

What could possibly go wrong here?

It’s not enough that as a society we are attempting to justify and excuse the behaviors of the perverted, we’ve gone one step further and decided to put catnip out for them. When in order to placate and accommodate less than 1% of the population a government or a corporation willfully chooses to endanger the other 99% of the population it is nothing less than madness.

I’ve held my tongue these past few weeks. I’ve been busy with the new radio program and with watching my daughter grow, but this morning, as I drove to the office I had an epiphany of sorts. Though my voice is small and feeble, my silence can be misconstrued as consent, and I for one will not be silent. This is not so much for me as it is for my daughter, and however many children God chooses to bless us with in the future. I speak for them, because if the Lord tarries, I can’t even imagine the kind of cesspool they’ll be living in twenty years from now if we continue going down this slippery slope.

So what are we to do? The answer is neither simple nor easy. The answer demands that we give up certain comforts for the sake of our principles, and stop consenting to the madness by willingly giving our hard earned money to these monsters, as though their constant push for less of God and more of hedonism neither affects us nor matters to us.

I realize not getting your morning Starbucks is tantamount to persecution, but this is a corporation that openly derides Christians, and thinks of you as a lesser citizen for not vociferously embracing, applauding, and celebrating two men playing tongue hockey while pretending to get married.

I realize to many not getting their weekly dose of worthless, cheaply made, Chinese baubles that clutter up their home and are of no practical use from Target is tantamount to being fed to the lions like the Christians of old, but this is a corporation that just told you to your face that the safety of your children, the safety your wife and your daughter is of less concern to them than the feeling of being accepted is by perverts and pederasts.

Would every rock star, corporate CEO, or governor who have become the spokespeople and champions of the perverted consent to a legally binding contract that they will spend ten minutes in a locked room with the father of the first little boy or little girl who gets touched, fondled, or worse in a public bathroom because of their decisions?

I thought not. If you’re unwilling to put some skin in the game, you overpaid, idiotic, buffoonish boot lickers of the perverted don’t you dare call me bigoted or accuse me of having some sort of phobia or another for wanting my wife and daughter to be safe.

The reality we are living is this: most Christians today are unwilling to sacrifice their comforts for the sake of their principles, yet they still delude themselves into believing they will suffer persecution unto death if it ever came down to it.

We keep soothing our consciences with the notion that these are just little things, passable things, things that will never affect us, but here we are, these things are directly affecting us, and the household of faith has been so marginalized and brow beaten into silence, that rather than roar like lions we cower in the corner hoping the godless don’t notice us and pick on us.  

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Thoughts, Impressions, and A Teachable Moment

It’s been a whirlwind sort of week. From flying out to Dallas on Thursday, to spending the next three days at the conference while simultaneously trying to spend a few minutes here and there with my wife and daughter, I had no time to check e-mails, respond to correspondence, or even answer phone calls.

After arriving back home last night I started going through the e-mails that had amassed, some one thousand or so, first weeding out the offers for section 8 housing, meals in a box, cheap airfare, carpet cleaning, hair plugs, and countless other things that just clutter my inbox to the point of coming real close to mass deleting everything, then going through what remained to see which e-mails I needed to answer, and how soon.

As I was scrolling through them, the title of one particular e-mail caught my eye ‘You Should Have Listened’, said the title, and when I checked the date, it had been sent the morning we flew out to Dallas.

Since the title of the e-mail intrigued me, I clicked the icon and opened it to find the following message, “In your pride and arrogance you ignored the prophets. Not only that, you endanger your family by bringing them with you since there will be a biological attack at the meeting this weekend.”

Since I am typing this at 4:25 in the AM on Tuesday morning, you might have surmised there was no biological attack at the conference. The closest we came to a biological attack was someone pooping in the pool, but thankfully there was no need for hazmat, nor did anyone get quarantined. All it took was an aging gentleman named Ramon and a pair of latex gloves to solve the problem.

Now I don’t know who started spreading the rumor about a biological attack at this meeting, nor do I particularly care, but this entire situation serves as a teachable moment on a couple of fronts.

First, prophecy does not trump the Word of God, and the word of God commands us not to fear. If we run and hide every time there is the potential for danger, then soon enough no one will be preaching anywhere anymore, because persecution is on the horizon, and the attempt to silence the church is in full swing.

Even if there had been an issue, I know that God would have kept both me and my family safe. It was neither pride nor arrogance that convinced me to attend this conference, it was obedience.

Second, could we please stop throwing the title of prophet around as though it were some common thing? Could we exercise just an ounce of discernment once in a blue moon and not glob on to every feeling, emotion, or impression and spiritualize it to the point that we call it revelation? Projecting one’s feelings or desires does not prophecy make!

The difference between a sentry, a sentinel, or yes, even a watchman and a dog is that the sentinel uses discernment and discretion as to when to sound the alarm, while the dog barks at everything.

Though we may take these things lightly, God does not. It is a fearful thing to speak in the name of God when He has not spoken, and assign to Him things He never said.

As far as the conference itself is concerned, although I cannot speak for anyone else, this is what I saw there:

I saw people who sacrificed both their time and resources to come together in fellowship. I saw men, and women, young and old, some who drove for forty hours just to hear the truth. I saw hunger, I saw tears, I saw repentance, I saw restoration, I saw the name of Jesus glorified, and I saw hearts pierced by the Word of God.

(If the sister with the brain tumors happens to be reading this, or someone reading this knows of whom I speak, please know that I looked for you but did not find you the next morning. Know that you have been in my prayers. Contact me, and if at all possible I will come to meet you and pray with you wherever you are.)

The presence of God was undeniable, and even I was moved to tears on more than one occasion.

The world is quickly spinning out of control, and the household of faith seems to be distracted with vendettas, personal agendas. Just now as I was brewing my first pot of coffee, I glanced at a newsfeed that said Bruxelles was hit by a terrorist attack. The storm is here, and we’re about to feel the full effect.

Can we please stop wasting time and playing these childish games, and get back to preaching Jesus? Can we actually start walking in the callings to which we were called and stop trying to poke each other in the eye?

Can we try, maybe just a little, to make it about Christ rather than about ourselves? Just try. It may turn out to be the most rewarding thing we’ve done in a long, long time.
With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Book Saga

I've been away for a few days just getting some warmth back into my bones and visiting friends, so I've been unable to update you on the book saga. All but two of you did not receive the books I sent, so the packages are lost somewhere, the post office will not be any more specific.
That said, new books have been ordered, and as soon as they arrive, I will ship them out since I have all your addresses on file. I am so sorry for this whole thing. On the other hand, you've got to smile when the enemy gets petty.
Please keep my family and I in your prayers, and I will do likewise.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.