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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Foolish Sheep and Wounded Shepherds!

Judgment is coming and deservedly so. Anyone who is halfway honest knows this to be a true and undeniable statement. Since God won’t judge the devil’s kids for something His own kids are doing, judgment always begins with His own first, because He is just.

Although the difference between being chastened and judged is worthy of a protracted thesis all its own, for the sake of this writing, let’s just say that one is used as a corrective measure, while one is used as punishment, or the carrying out of a sentence.

What is about to befall the Western church is not chastening. What is about to befall the western church is judgment. A judgment reserved for the rebellious and unrepentant, for those who have long been worshiping a god of their own making and design.

For the last few years we’ve been living in an upside down world, and it’s gotten so bad I wake up with vertigo most mornings. Recently I ran across a story that both enraged and disgusted me in equal measure.

There is a pastor in California who was forced to resign recently for posting something wholly factual and demonstrably true on his church’s sign. What he put on the church sign was the following: ‘Bruce Jenner is still a man. Homosexuality is still sin. The culture may change but the Bible does not.’

There was nothing false in any of these statements. All are demonstrably factual and true. Even if he puts on a wig and makeup, Bruce Jenner is still a man. Biology tells us as much, and I don’t see much of a spectrum between X chromosome, and Y chromosome. Binary. Two. Man and woman, as God created in the beginning when everything was new and unsullied. Even if the church has become permissive towards it, homosexuality is still a sin, and yes, though the culture has changed, the Bible does not.

The thing that made the bile rise in my throat wasn’t the fact that there was backlash from the godless in the community, it was the fact that all but one family in this pastor’s church gave the board an ultimatum that either he goes, or they go.

So here was a handful of families that had been spiritually fed by this man for years on end, a shepherd in whom they confided, a shepherd who gave them comfort and encouragement, and in order to appease the vile and wicked, they threw him under the bus without a second’s worth of hesitation.
It’s no longer feeding the sheep what they need, it’s no longer leading them to green pastures and pure waters, it’s about doing their bidding, dancing to their tune, and feeding them what they demand to be fed.

And you wonder why churches are closing their doors at a record pace in this country? And you wonder why less and less people are attending church?

Well, wonder no longer. Such movements always start to cannibalize themselves. The snake always starts to eat its own tail. First the sheep put pressure on the shepherd to speak the words they want to hear rather than the ones they need to hear, then the shepherd either acquiesces or is fired and another hireling is brought in who will submit, then the selfsame sheep who made the demands grow exceedingly disillusioned with their spiritual state because they realize they’re just treading water at best. These are like spoiled children who are never challenged, who are allowed to eat as much chocolate as they want, then blame the parents for throwing up and having stomach aches. They are spiritually immature souls, fooling themselves, and growing more despondent with each passing day because they are eroding spiritually.

Rather than take a step back and wonder why this is happening to them, they blame the shepherd who they forced into a position of teaching pabulum, and stop going to church altogether. Personal responsibility? God forbid! It’s always someone else’s fault, even though they are the ones who turned away from sound doctrine and sought out teachers to suit their own desires.

Yes, judgment is well deserved, and I for one can’t wait for these temples of vainglory to be hollowed out and turned into ruinous heaps. When supposed sheep make the heart of the righteous sad due to their ignorance, it’s time to cry aloud, “Lord, terry no longer! Bring Your judgment now!”

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

Monday, January 14, 2019

The Commies Are Here!

On a nondescript evening in 1775, the name Paul Revere became immortalized when he set about his famous ride to warn one and all that the redcoats were coming. A clear and present danger was evident, and Paul Revere took it upon himself to do his utmost to warn his countrymen, hoping that they would rally, mount a defense, and do something other than roll over and show the whites of their bellies.

It is far easier to point to a physical threat, warn people, and have them respond, than to warn of a theoretical threat that you see growing and metastasizing but which, as yet, poses no imminent threat.

Granted, it was much harder to warn people about a resurgence of Communism twenty years ago, especially when you insisted that the resurgence would take place in the Land of the Free, rather than some former Communist bloc country somewhere far away. Although still largely skeptical, the mockery and derision seems to have lessened because people can’t deny what they are seeing with their own eyes any longer.

What seemed like a far-fetched fairy tale less than a decade ago has become a disturbingly vivid reality. Communism has been re-branded, and is now the darling of the young, the intellectual class, and anyone who likes the idea of free stuff without once wondering where all this free stuff is coming from or who is paying for it.

Before having to answer a dozen e-mails about how it’s not Communism but rather Democratic Socialism, as someone who grew up in a Communist country, please understand that the difference between the two is whether or not absolute power has been attained. As has been the case time and again, they play nice until they no longer have to play nice.

Once a Democratic Socialist attains power, that’s when they pull off the mask to reveal the full-fledged Communist underneath. The notion of the newly branded Communism is so appealing to the unmotivated and lazy that save for the shenanigans of the Democratic National Committee, a man who didn’t hold a job until the age of 40 but who believes everything should be free, would have been the presidential nominee of said party.

Although I wish we still had enough time for me to say ‘the Commies are coming!’ the truth of it is that they’re already here, and with the aid of a whorish media more than happy to push their propaganda, and an entire generation ignorant of what Communism really is, open Socialists, Communists, and haters of freedom are being elected to office in the house of representatives, as well as in the senate of these United States.

If we continue to be indifferent to the ever growing embrace of this dangerous ideology, it is inevitable that the boot of raging impotence will be firmly planted upon our necks sooner rather than later. Everyone wakes up eventually. For most, it’s simply too late.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Tightening Screws & Silent Sheep

It’s not as if it’s unexpected. It’s not as though those who saw the telltale signs of what was to come didn’t speak out, warn, sound the alarm, or point to the fact that humanity was being corralled, free thought was free no more, and like so much cattle, soon we would all be driven through the funnel, then the chute, and either be marginalized, silenced, and eventually disposed of, or praised for our ‘tolerance’.

The power mad among us don’t simply want power for power’s sake. They want the power to gain the control, because power without control is just an illusion. It is a story the impotent tell themselves to make their lives a bit more palatable. It is in the control that power is made evident, and those who have made it their lives’ mission to amass power, now seek to wield control over one and all.

If ever you had lingering doubts as to the veracity of the Bible’s claims of what our era would look like, what has been happening of late ought to allay those doubts. There are both platforms and institutions who have taken it upon themselves to not only police thought, but do their utmost to bankrupt and ruin anyone with whom they disagree, or who doesn’t happen to share their worldview.

From internet platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, to credit card companies, to payment processing platforms, they have taken it upon themselves to do away with any dissenting voice, and punish to the utmost anyone who would dare buck their will.

The screws are tightening, and the sheep continue to be silent. Control is being exerted over free thought, but most are too busy worrying about the next season of some insipid show or another to acknowledge that their freedoms are being stripped away, and they are being steered, propagandized, and outright forced to comply and assimilate to the godlessness that has become the new normal.

Why should this matter to you? Quite simply because anyone who is dependent on these platforms for their income, anyone who is counting on earnings from or through these platforms to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads, is compromised. Sorry, that’s just the truth of it.

Even if they don’t set out to tweak their message, or hold back, or obfuscate, the subconscious reality that there is a sword of Damocles hanging over their heads, and one wrong word, one wrong utterance, one wrong reference to facts such as the biological reality that there are only two genders, is enough to cause the powers that be to deplatform them, demonetize them, and leave them out in the wilderness, has an impact on what they present and how they present it.

For the longest time, both my friends as well as my staff have questioned why I’m not a heavy Twitter user, or a heavy Facebook user, why I don’t start a Patreon account so that people who want to can support me directly, and when I tried to explain it, they scoffed and said that would never happen.

“Do you really think that they’ll start censoring what people say? Do you really think there’s a vast conspiracy to silence dissent and make people march in lockstep?”

Well, given what has been happening of late, don’t you?

How much longer do you think it will be before Christians and Christianity are the target? How much longer do you think it will be before it is determined that calling people to repentance, and calling out sin in their lives is hurtful to their feelings and must therefore be done away with?

Understand that everything ends up having a spiritual component, because the chief end of darkness is to eliminate the light. It may have started with others who dissented politically, but as sure as night follows day it will be used as a weapon against the household of faith.

The devil is unconcerned with politics. He does not roam about as a lion seeking to devour politicians. He prowls seeking to devour the children of God who have forgotten that they have an enemy, and that their enemy’s singular desire is their destruction. It is high time we took Peter’s advice to heart, and became both sober minded and alert. If we fail to do so, when we finally get around to it, the lion will have already lunged, and our fate will have already been sealed.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

Thursday, December 27, 2018


My youngest daughter can play with an empty gallon jug of water for hours. She’ll push it across the floor pretending it’s a train, she’ll bang it on the floor pretending it’s a drum, she’ll take the top off and try to peek in to see if there’s any water left, she’ll try to throw it up in the air to see what sound it makes when it comes crashing back to earth, and every time she gets her hands on an empty jug, she’s in her own little world.

Yesterday, while her mother was running some errands, I brought her into my office and let her play on the floor. I watched her out of the corner of my eye as she played with such complete contentment plastered on her face, that I understood what true contentment really was.

True contentment is not simply saying that we are content when in point of fact we are wrestling with issues in our hearts. It is not plastering a smile and nodding along to positive affirmations while we are racking our brains endlessly trying to figure out the pieces to a puzzle so complex its very scope escapes our understanding.

The Word tells us that godliness with contentment is great gain. The two must be coupled, intertwined, and matured as one in order for optimal gain to occur. While many of us strive for godliness, the number of those who strive for contentment is frightfully small.

No matter how much we pursue godliness, many of us are still ill at ease, trying to figure out the mysteries that will not be revealed until seals are broken, and that which was kept in the shadows will be brought to the light.

Contentment is a priceless virtue, especially in times such as these wherein it’s easy to let one’s mind wander, and attempt to make connections that are tenuous at best.

Be content in godliness. Be singularly focused on godliness, and allow it to nourish your spiritual man to the point that you will not inquire as to what will be tomorrow, but rejoice in the fulfillment of contentment for all that God is to you today.

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of the next thing, the next message, the next warning, the next prophecy, and we become so addicted to what’s next that we lose our peace in the present. God is as in control over tomorrow as He was over yesterday and as He is over today. We pursue godliness because we want to deepen the bond of fellowship with Him, not because we may get some insider information on what will occur in the future.

Yes, I believe in the prophetic, I believe in dreams, in visions, in revelation and in God speaking through certain vessels regarding what is to come, but what I do not believe in is chasing after revelation rather than after Christ.

It is not prophecy with contentment that is great gain, nor is it visions with contentment, or dreams with contentment for that matter. It is godliness with contentment that is great gain, and it is the principle thing we must focus on.

Build up contentment in your heart to the point that it is not a forced mimicking of it for the sake of those watching, but something pure, and true and honest, something sincere that is as evident in you, as is my daughter’s contentment each time she gets her hand son an empty gallon jug.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Forest, The Trees, & The Baby Jesus!

I woke up with a message in my inbox this morning informing me that just because I’d mentioned Christmas in some interview or another, I was now on a one way, non-refundable trip to the bowels of Hades itself, wherein I would be the enemy’s footstool for millennia on end.

That was it! My fate was sealed, I was doomed, and I would evermore suffer the torments of hell itself because I dared to utter the word Christmas, and even intimated that people should have a merry one. How dare I? How dare I wish people a Merry Christmas?

Just for the sake of context, I said nothing about Santa, Christmas trees, presents, egg nog, reindeer, yule logs, stockings, or other such accoutrement usually associated with Christmas by those who fail to grasp that it’s about the birth of Christ, and nothing else.

I actually went back and listened to what I said, and all I said was that it was a good time of year to be more introspective, and meditate upon what the birth of Christ meant for mankind, as well as it being a good opportunity to share Christ with those who as yet to do not know Him.

I was going to let this go, as is the case with most of the negative correspondence I get from individuals who have taken to being one-man outrage armies, but this caught me on a bad day, so here we go:

If you’re myopic enough not to see that sentencing people to hell for celebrating the birth of Christ, even if He wasn’t really born on December 25th, is a bit rash if not outright nutty, then you are likely doing more harm to the body of Christ than any atheist who mocks and insists that there is no God.

If you’re myopic enough not to see the forest for the trees and refuse to acknowledge that you are attempting to dishearten the hearts of the righteous by your insistence that if they don’t get in line behind you and say as you say they are somehow disqualified from the Kingdom, then there is evil in your heart that needs to be repented of.

If you’re myopic enough not to see that self-sensor regarding speaking the name of Christ, and sparking a conversation regarding His sovereignty no matter the context is counterproductive to the mandate of sharing Jesus with one and all, then you are helping in the decline of Christianity in the western world.

Churches are closing down by the thousands, atheists, witches, warlocks and all manner of evil are seeing a swelling of their ranks, but yes, the hill we should all be willing to die on is sending anyone who would utter the words ‘Merry Christmas’ to hell. Good job! Well done! No wonder the church is in the shape it’s in.

Oh, and by the way, Merry Christmas!

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Underneath It All

Those who are even halfway awake are aware of the battle that is raging. It is a war that is being waged on multiple fronts, but unsurprisingly, for the same common goal and purpose. What’s worse, is that even many so-called Christians, who would betray Christ Himself in order to be liked by the world, are lending their voices in support of the minions of darkness, not understanding the reason behind the reason certain things are being shoved down the throats of an unsuspecting and oftentimes unwelcoming public.

Whether it’s this seemingly out of nowhere push to embrace transgenderism even in children as young as five, to the rejection of gender being a binary absolute, to the dismantling of the family, to the forced abdication of authority by men as the heads of their homes, one common purpose binds them all, and that purpose is the undermining of God’s sovereignty, authority, and omnipotence.

If you believe that the reason sixty-seven genders are being pushed as the new normal simply because we want to be inclusive of every mentally deranged person out there, I’ve got some stunning beachfront to sell you in Arizona that is woefully under-priced.

When people are losing their jobs, their livelihood, their reputations, and their ability to support their families because they object to the idea of watching a girl take a shower in the boy’s locker room simply because she feels like a boy, it’s no longer about being tolerant and inclusionary, it’s about submitting to the new normal, or being crushed underfoot. Their desire is not to coexist as a minority, but to lord over the majority, employing fear and intimidation as the ever present sword of Damocles, ready to swing at the merest whisper of dissent.

And underneath it all, when you peel back the layers of this rotten onion, it’s not about tolerance, it’s not about acceptance, it’s not about embracing people who are different, it’s about spitting in God’s eye, and insisting that by sheer force of human will alone we can make God out to be a liar.

“God created man and woman? Really? What about the 65 other genders? Where did they come from?”

“Man is fearfully and wonderfully made? Really? What about those who are born with male parts but feel like women?”

“Family is optimal for civilization? Are you saying that all those single mothers are less than optimal?”

“Fathers need to be the head of their household? What are you, some closet supporter of the patriarchy?”

And so it goes, straw man after straw man, all intended to chip away at the God of the Bible, and His sovereignty. Make no mistake, this is the endgame. This is the reason behind the reason we are seeing this descent into insanity in our culture, and if the church does not begin to do what it has been tasked with doing all along, which is be an anchor firmly planted in sanity, this madness will only grow, escalate, and metastasize.

You have an eleven-year-old boy, dressed in drag, dancing on stage in a gay bar, and rather than condemn the parents, rather than condemn all those pedophilic perverts who threw money at a boy dressed as a girl who wasn’t even a teenager yet, it is being praised as trailblazing, progressive, the height of tolerance and virtue.

And where’s the church? Silent as always!

Oh, I’m sure we’ll find some so-called pastor wearing skinny jeans and horn rimmed glasses encouraging us to be tolerant and embracing of such madness, or defending the child’s right to self-expression even though he is far too young to understand the context of what he participated in, or that he had been sexualized by perverted hedonists.

The voices of sanity, however, seem to have gone away, busy doing other things, or voluntarily grown quiet for fear of being targeted by the outrage mob, and being called a hater or some sort of phobe. Understand that this is their go to when they have no rational argument supporting the insanity they’ve embraced. They lash out mercilessly, trying to make an example of anyone who would stand against the tide, hoping that the vast majority of decent, rational folks will learn their lesson and keep their mouths shut.

If the progression of what we are seeing is not troubling to you, then you should check your pulse; You may just be dead!

The rubber band keeps getting stretched, and increasingly vile and aberrant practices are being championed and embraced. We are literally flirting with the idea of normalizing and mainstreaming pedophilia, and still the church says nothing.

How will we stand before a sovereign God with any reasonable expectation of hearing well done thou good and faithful servant? That is the question many churches ought to be wrestling with today.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Monday, December 17, 2018

The Disruptive Constant

Throughout history there has always been something or someone that came seemingly out of nowhere, to disrupt the status quo. When it was an individual it was like a starburst in pitch black night, blinding, otherworldly, unavoidable. When it was a movement, an invention, or a new technology, those who are first to see them for what they are get on board, and those who do not are left scratching their heads and bemoaning their decisions as they watch what they thought was stable, secure, and indestructible turn to rubble before their very eyes.

Either way, those who do not live with the expectation of the disruptive constant always seem to get blindsided, and those who do, always seem to be nimble enough to see it coming, and react early enough wherein they are not negatively affected.

A wise man lives with the expectation of change, and hedges against it. A fool goes along with the ebb and flow of the tide, never finding himself on sure footing, never truly being at peace, because he is always living in an environment of uncertainty.

It used to be that disruptive change occurred once every century or so. Buggy whip makers had a hard go of it when Henry Ford unveiled his assembly line for automobiles, but there was nothing that came along five years later that upended the automobile industry.

Nowadays, it seems disruptive change is occurring at the speed of sound, and everywhere you turn, something is being upended and turned inside out. Whether it’s politics, the way people shop, the way people travel, the way people date, or the way people interact, it has all been upended, and just when you think you’ve found your footing, it gets put through the blender once more, and is revamped anew.

Because of the ever present disruption, change, uncertainty and volatility, more and more people are looking for something stable, constant, and unchanging. They are looking to invest their time, their energy, their heart, and their life in something of permanence, that will not be turned on its ear in a matter of months, and be altogether worthless within a few years’ time.

There is permanence in Christ. By His own word He is unchanging, and in Him there is no shadow of turning. There is no disruptive force, nor individual that can cause God to alter His plans against His will, and knowing this, we know that He will always be stable, a constant, the true north for the human soul.
And yet, somehow, rather than optimize our message to showcase the permanence of our God, we are trying to follow in the world’s footsteps, attempting to find new ways to rebrand, repackage, and remake the eternal God of all that is. We have concluded, and erroneously so, that if everything in the world is in a disruptive pattern, God must be as well if we hope to reconnect Him with mankind.

God will not be remade in man’s image, no matter how much the soothsayers might want it so. God will not acquiesce to calling sin something other than what it is because political correctness demands it. God will not be manipulated, cajoled, worn down, or otherwise deterred from keeping His promises, and judging righteously among all nations.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.