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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Some Gave All

I have never served in the armed forces. I was never required to leave my family, my wife, and my children behind, fly off to some far off land and run the risk of bleeding out in the desert under a hot sun. I have never had to see good friends die in my arms, or tell someone who just had half their face blown off that it’s not so bad. I’ve never had to put pressure on a wound and tell a brother in arms to hang in there, even though I knew the wound was fatal. I have never been forced to take another human life to defend my own.

I have never been in the heat of battle with bullets buzzing by my head, I’ve never had to question if we were doing the right thing, nor have I ever had to write a letter to the family of a fallen soldier informing them that their loved one was coming home in a box.

I have never had to live with the nightmares of the hell I had to endure on the battlefield, I have never had to contend with being spat upon by the selfsame people for whose freedom I put on the uniform and waged war.

I will not be so vapid as to try and put myself in a soldier’s shoes, or in the shoes of a family who has lost a loved in one in combat.

I do not know what it’s like to be a soldier, but I respect those with the wherewithal and fortitude to do the hardest job known to man.

It’s easy to conflate the wars which politicians choose to entangle a nation in, and the soldier himself. If for some reason we deem a war unjust, then we tend to transfer the questionable morality to the soldier himself. The distinction must be made, and we must separate the nobility of the war from the nobility of the soldier. The soldier follows orders as a good soldier must. He defends the nation and the homeland at the risk of his own life because he took an oath to do so.

This is memorial day weekend. It is a weekend set aside not to debate the fundamental morality of the wars this nation has engaged in, or whether it was the right thing to do at the time, but to remember those who have fallen in defense of this nation. It is an opportunity to reflect, and once more acknowledge that this freedom we are so readily willing to cast aside came at a price, and throughout this nation’s short history noble and decent men laid down their lives to preserve it.

It has been said that if you can’t intelligently argue for both sides of an issue, then you don’t understand the issue well enough to argue for either. To an extent, I agree. I believe I can hold my own arguing both sides of entangling ourselves in foreign conflicts, both for or against, but this weekend is not about that.

This weekend is about those who gave their last full measure of devotion, those who sacrificed everything because their nation called on them to do so. Such men must be remembered. Such men must be admired, and the memory of them must live on. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Sometimes It Is!

Better late than never! I’ve heard this saying bandied about more often than ever before recently, and in reference to a wide variety of things. I will not deny that the saying is true sometimes, but then again, sometimes it’s not.

If we’re discussing going on a diet to shed a few pounds, or going to the gym to get in shape, I suppose it is better late than never. If it finally dawns on you that you might be in danger only after the wolves have boxed you into a corner and are showing their fangs, the saying may do very little for you at this juncture.

I wonder when it was that the average Roman citizen realized the empire had crumbled? I wonder when it was that the average Roman citizen realized that the empire was no more?  I wonder when it was that the average Roman citizen realized they would die at the hands of those they had taken into their bosom?

History tells us by the time the average citizen realized it the dye had been cast, and there was no turning the tide, but I still wonder how long before the deathblow did it dawn on them that their choices had brought them their inevitable demise.

As has been the case with the fall of every great empire, it is certain some saw the writing on the wall far in advance, tried to warn and sound the alarm, and were mocked and ridiculed for their efforts.

Self-destruct? Us? We are the great Roman Empire, and nothing will topple us. Yes, we have grown soft, but it is our right. Yes, we have opened our gates and welcomed in our midst those who would do us harm, but we cannot live in fear. Yes, our governing class plots and schemes towards its self-interest and is actively working against the will of the people, but we are too busy with circus and bread to concern ourselves with such things. We are the eternal city! We will never fall!

After the Constitutional Convention of 1787, a lady was quoted as having asked Benjamin Franklin, “what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?” To this, Benjamin Franklin simply replied, “a republic if you can keep it.”

It was the selfsame Benjamin Franklin who said that the moral and religious system which Jesus Christ transmitted to us is the best the world has ever seen, or can see.  

Undergirding it all is yet another Franklin quote which profoundly states that only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.

To understand the peril this nation finds itself in, and determine whether or not we are repeating the destructive ways of empires past, we must come to terms with three undeniable truths:

1. We are no longer a virtuous people.

2. We have abandoned the moral and religious system which Jesus Christ transmitted.

3. Too few are willing to stand for the republic in order to keep it.

I wish I had better news. I wish I could bring myself to sugarcoat the situation we currently find ourselves in, but I am a realist, and I respect those who read what I write far too much to attempt any sleight of hand or twisting of the truth. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Picking Battles

There’s a war on for everything nowadays. There’s a war on poverty, a war on drugs, a war on the patriarchy, the system, capitalism, babies, political correctness for and against, your mind, your wallet, your kids, your individuality, fur, meat, God, Christianity, reason, science, and the list goes on.

Everyone is fighting for or against something nowadays. Some things are noble and necessary like the war against abortion on demand, while others are less so, like the war on Christmas. It goes without saying that you can only fight so many battles at any given time. Hence the reason for picking and prioritizing which battles are worth fighting. Notice, I did not say picking which battles you are likely to win, I said picking battles that are worth the fight.

If the criterion upon which you pick your battles is whether you will win or not, every victory will be hollow. It’s like a heavyweight boxer picking a fight with a wheelchair-bound anorexic. Sure, technically he can put another notch in the win column, but does it really count?

If you never pick a fight with a giant, you will never slay a giant!

Not engaging in a battle because you are outnumbered or because you believe your odds of winning are less than optimal, is not pragmatism, it’s cowardice. This is why I have no respect for Christians who choose not to engage the enemy based on political expediency, or positioning. It is a fowl thing to sheath one’s sword and acquiesce to the enemy because you believe it will benefit you personally at some point in the future.

There are vivid examples throughout the history of mankind, wherein certain individuals chose to betray their principles, their nation, and their brothers in arms for personal gain, or to save their own skin. Whatever their reasoning, however iron clad their defense of their actions, such men were branded traitors, and their names live on in infamy.  

Timidity has no place on the battlefield. You stand, you fight, you do the hard thing because it’s the right thing to do, with no consideration of how others will perceive you, or what others will think of you.

Fear of man fuels cowardice, and once we give in to it, we will always find an excuse for why we didn’t stand, and why we didn’t make our voices heard. In our unending quest to please men, we have surrendered to impotence, and because the heart of man is exceedingly wicked, we grow to resent those who still dare to fight.

I have no qualms about burning bridges as long as I know I’m on the right side of the bridge. I have made my peace with the reality that I will be hated for His name’s sake, and it is a badge of honor I wear proudly. The mindset of the warrior isn’t whether his enemy will like him, or think he is a nice fellow. The mindset of the warrior is to vanquish his foe and survive the day.

Be prepared, be on guard, and be ready. Whether you pick your battle, or the battle comes to you, the battle is inevitable. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Devil Inside

It takes a lot to make me cringe. It takes, even more, to make me wince. I’m not what one might call easily rattled. I’ve seen a lot in my forty-four years of life, some good, some bad, and some grotesque, enough so that it takes something out of the ordinary to make me react.

Yesterday I had to change the oil on my wife’s car. It was long overdue, and the blinking service soon light had gotten to the point of being annoying, so much so that I finally relented and made the appointment.

There isn’t much to do in one of those waiting areas other than wait, so I started surfing news sites on my phone when a headline caught my eye. It had to do with counter protesters at a pro-life rally because nothing says Tuesday like protesting against people who want to keep babies from being murdered.

I clicked on the link, and thankfully, the volume on my phone was turned to low. The scene was of an elderly woman who in any other context would be deemed grandmotherly, screaming profanities at a young woman holding up a pro-life sign, with such force, ferocity, and determination, that I couldn’t help but wonder if the screaming harpy voice wasn’t dubbed over the gray-haired woman as she moved her lips.

It took me a full second to realize that no, it had not been dubbed, this was not some well put together scam, the devil was screaming through this elderly woman, and the things coming out of her face were vile enough to make a sailor blush. Her demeanor and the violence of her renunciations went beyond passion. They went beyond someone peacefully, coherently, reasonably trying to get their point across. 

The devil in this woman raged, and as sure as the sun sets in the west if this woman would have been given half the chance, she would have chocked the life out of the pro-life protester without batting an eye.

Evil is real. Evil exists. Evil is evident in our day and age, but it surprises you when it is made manifest through an octogenarian who would not be out of place bouncing grandchildren on her knee and baking chocolate chip cookies.

It is the closest to rabid I have seen a human being, and I’ve visited mental institutions and insane asylums. Only darkness can make someone manifest in such a manner. Only the devil can project such naked hate toward someone whose singular desire is to save a human life.

The battle before us is not one that is simply a difference in political ideology. If you believe this, then you are deceived. This is a battle between light and darkness, between a cult of death, and the defenders of life. It is not a battle we can afford to lose, nor is it a battle we can fight halfheartedly.

A cornered animal only gets more aggressive as it approaches its demise. For the first time in a generation, the godless are seeing their agenda collapsing, their certain victories becoming less certain, their momentum slipping through their fingers. They rage so because they know they are losing ground, and the more ground they lose, the more they will rage.

It’s not as though they won’t put up a good fight; they will. Their father, the devil, will speak through them, threatening, mocking, insulting, demeaning, but it is from a position of impotence and weakness, not one of confidence and strength.

They are backed into a corner, and they know it. Even if they never admit it, somewhere in their darkened hearts, they know they are advocating for the termination of a defenseless human being, the purest form of evil. They have made their bargain, they have sold their souls, they have capitulated human decency because only such a one can call a baby nothing more than a parasite. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

It's What He Says!

A baby faced devil is still a devil. It’s one of those things that seems to have escaped us, even though we have seen throughout history that the look of a man is irrelevant as far as potential for evil is concerned.

I am more interested in an individual’s character, in the words that he speaks, and the passion he speaks them with because it is those things, the nuances of them, that reveal the heart of a man far more readily than his appearance.

I’ve run across men in three-piece suits that were hard-pressed to put a coherent sentence together, and I’ve run across men in overalls with blistered hands, that spoke with an eloquence likened unto poetry. Appearance is meaningless. Content is everything.

I have children. Therefore I have a vested interest in the future of this country. I cannot bring myself to sit idly by, twiddling my thumbs, scoop out some navel lint, and wait for the rapture bus to come rolling by. Even if I believed that we would be caught up into glory before all the nasty bits of the Bible start coming to pass, it would not absolve me of my responsibility to be salt and light. It would not absolve me of my responsibility to sound the alarm when I saw danger on the horizon.

I’ve been watching the twenty some odd individuals vying for the Democrat party nomination intently. Most of them are certifiable, droning on about policies that would bankrupt the country if implemented, and making promises they have no intentions of keeping. It’s as if they’ve all come down with logorrhea, and they can’t help themselves.

As I said, most of them are too crazy to be dangerous, but there is one that has my warning bells going off, and not in a good way. To look at him, one would think he is harmless. To hear him speak, one immediately realizes there is a deep seeded hatred for the people of God, the ways of God, and the Word of God. The rage this individual feels towards Christians is almost uncontainable, and once in a while, it comes spilling out. What is worth noting, is that he, himself identifies as a Christian, all while openly glorying in a lifestyle the selfsame God he claims to serve, condemns.  

It’s beyond narcissism to call oneself a Christian, then proceed to systematically discount everything the Bible says because you think God was wrong. It’s beyond narcissism to call oneself a Christian, then equate Christianity to Islam and contend they are equally violent faiths.

Individuals who feel as though they are entitled to rewrite Scripture to suit their proclivities are inherently dangerous because once that horse has been let out of the barn, it’s next to impossible to corral it once more. Once you twist scripture to make one allowance, you’ll do it over and over again, and each time insist that you are doing God’s work, that you are noble and pure as the driven snow, when in fact you are living in rebellion, practicing that which God considers an abomination.

Listen to what such individuals say, the words they use, the hatred with which they address those who still insist on the truth of Scripture, and you just may get a glimpse of the future if ever such individuals gained power. 

With love in Christ, 
Michael Boldea Jr.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Vengeful Gnat

If Christians stood up against darkness half as much as they stab at each other, we just might get somewhere. Before I get flooded with e-mails, I must delineate a nuanced point that seems to escape some folks nowadays. There is a difference between standing up for truth and calling out individuals when they attempt to insert heretical teaching into otherwise Biblical doctrine, and running around screaming Ichabod because someone wears a wedding band and you chose not to. What is troublesome is that most Christians will do the latter rather than the former far more passionately, because for some unexplained reason we are more willing to defend personal preference to the utmost, than we are to defend the truth. 

It is something that has been happening with disturbing regularity of late. Someone has a personal conviction about something the Bible does not identify as sinful or harmful, yet they take it upon themselves not only to make general doctrine of their personal conviction, they insist anyone not willing to shave their heads and wear clothing made out of hemp exclusively, is a spawn of darkness itself.

They are the self-appointed bouncers to heaven’s gates, and they will deny you access for any trivial thing they deem inexcusable. If perchance you don’t fall in line right away, if you attempt to point out the fallacy of their argument, not only are you eternally banned from entering heaven, you are summarily sentenced to the outermost darkness.

We isolate ourselves from each other by the demands we place on each other, allowing not an ounce of grace to shine through. It’s our way or the highway, and if it’s the highway, then buddy, it’s the highway to hell.

Instead of happy warriors with one common enemy, we have become vengeful gnats that buzz around each other’s heads, more of an annoyance than anything substantive, but somehow pleased to no end with ourselves. We actively look for points of contention with other believers rather than attempt to find common ground. Something as trivial as worshipping on a particular day of the week is enough to cause a schism.

While we bicker and backbite, and feel spiritually superior to our fellow brethren because we do some arbitrary thing while they do not, the enemy is advancing, his armies are purposeful, and they are ready for battle.

I know, I know, Jesus wins in the end, so we have nothing to worry about. If it were that simple if it were that perfunctory, why are we repeatedly instructed to put on the armor, to stand, to fight, and to overcome?

Either God is an alarmist, and He just wanted to harsh your mellow by including all those verses in His Word, or there’s more to it than staring at our navels and wondering where the fuzz comes from.

It’s easy to think it’s easy until reality demonstrates that it’s not. Men who considered themselves on solid footing have been swept away because they were too self-assured, and did not guard their hearts. Men who seemed like the spiritual juggernauts of a generation were brought low because they did not anticipate the enemy's attack, and were blindsided.

Don't be one of those people who realize they can't take on an army by themselves only when they're surrounded, and the enemy is closing in. Lone wolves are great in movies but don't do so well in real life. We need each other, we need to be able to count on each other, we need to fight side by side, and together as one advance against the darkness. 

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr. 

Friday, May 17, 2019

What It Is!

Clumps of cells don't have beating hearts. Clumps of cells don't have hands, fingers, toes, and feet. Clumps of cells don't have chubby cheeks and crooked smiles. Clumps of cells have none of these things, but human babies do.

The debate regarding abortion is raging in this country. For the most part, the lines have been drawn, sides have been chosen, and flags have been planted. Granted, there are outliers like Pat Robertson, who is willing to let babies die presently for a possible, potential future repeal of Roe vs. Wade.

Thankfully, the vast majority of those embroiled in what is quite literally an existential battle as far as the babies in question are concerned, understand that you do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. You do the moral thing because it is the moral thing to do. You don't gamble with the lives of the unborn because you think the current bill is too extreme, and would never be upheld by the Supreme Court. You take the win, live to fight another day, and face the next foe when it appears.

Let's just say, for argument's sake, that Pat Robertson is right, and when it finally gets to the Supreme Court, the Alabama ruling will not be upheld because it is too extreme. How many dead babies would he have been comfortable with from this time to that? A hundred, a thousand, ten thousand? What’s the cutoff? When does it go one baby too far?

You don't indulge a lesser evil because you hope that at some point, you will do away with a greater evil. 

You fight every evil, great or small, with every breath that you have, and every ounce of energy you can muster. You win enough battles, and eventually, you will win the war. But if you give up ground consistently in the hope that you will one day find the perfect opportunity to strike a deathblow to your enemy, chances are you will eventually run out of ground to surrender, the opportunity will never come, and your enemy will defeat you without you ever having struck a blow.

How many lives is the off chance of potentially overturning Roe vs. Wade worth? That is the question we must grapple with. The question we must answer honestly. What I know is this: because of the bill that was signed into law by Alabama’s governor, lives are presently being saved. It is not hypothetically, it is not potentially, it is literally. It is an undeniable fact that murder of the unborn is currently, presently, at this very moment being prevented because of this new law.

Let's not be coy. Let's not beat around the bush and try to soften the blow. Abortion is murder. Alabama has made the killing of babies by abortion illegal, and punishable by time in prison. This is a good thing.

It appears Missouri is in the process of enacting the heartbeat bill, Louisiana is not far behind, then other states are soon to follow after that. Why would any rational human being put off saving a human life? Why would any Christian sit idly by in the hopes that nine people in black robes will do the right thing in some future time when we can stop the bloodshed now?

All one need do to understand how impacting this heartbeat bill is is watch the reaction of the godless and those for whom the slaughter of innocents is a religion unto itself. If it were meaningless, if it had no teeth, if it didn't have the very real potential of saving countless lives, they would not rage so. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Thursday, May 16, 2019


Two friends met for coffee one morning. It was something they did on occasion, but this particular morning one of the friends had a certain look about him that the other picked up on.

“Is everything alright?”, he asked with concern.

“Not really. I just saw a guy get mugged right in front of my apartment. It was scary to watch. I thought I lived in a safer neighborhood than that.”

“What color socks was he wearing?”, his friend asked.

The man's brows arched, and with an incredulous look on his face, he said, "I think you're missing the point. You're focusing on the wrong thing."

We are seeing a world in upheaval, a culture in decline, a generation lost, broken, disillusioned, and misguided, and still, with all the aggregate data available to us, we continue to focus on the wrong thing.

What we are seeing are symptoms of an overarching disease, one that began near the genesis of it all when the serpent whispered to Eve that if she partook of the fruit of the tree in the midst of the garden, not only would she not die, her eyes would be open, and she would be like God.

The serpent lied. In hindsight, I’m sure even Eve realized this, but the damage was done, the bell had been rung, the milk had been spilled, and there was no going back.

Nothing is about what everyone says it is about. I realize that sounds convoluted, but it was the best way I could phrase it. The big push for abortion, gender identity, homosexuality, and all the other issues that have bubbled up to the surface of our society of late is not about the issues themselves, it’s about defiance and rebellion. What we are seeing is creation’s impotent attempt at poking the Creator in the eye, telling Him He was wrong to His face and insisting that it can play god.

It’s about having the power of life and death, it’s about saying God made a mistake, it’s about taking creation and defacing it, disfiguring it to the point that it is no longer recognizable as what it once was.

In the end, it's always about defiance. In the end, it's still about rebellion, schism, and disobedience.

Why is it that women long past the point of being able to bear children are frothing at the mouth mad about new legislation that is aimed at protecting the sanctity of life? Why is it that openly homosexual men are screaming at the top of their lungs about reproductive rights, and a woman’s inherent right to choose to murder her baby even after it has left her womb? They will never be affected by these laws, yet they rage, and fume, and curse, and spew, because it wasn’t about the abortion, it was about the rebellion.

It is as it has always been about defiance. It is about the ability to thumb one’s nose at God and say, you gave it life, and I will snuff it out! You created it in your image, but it will never see the light of day, or breathe a lung full of air.

Some say the devil is getting bolder, while others say the devil is getting desperate. I tend to think it's a bit of both. In one respect, the devil is getting bolder because for the longest time there has been no pushback from the church, in another, he is getting desperate because he knows his time is short. 

The reason the godless rage so is because finally, after what seems like an eternity, some in the church are starting to shake off the dust, and realize the devil has no limits, and he doesn’t hold to gentlemen’s agreements.

We hopscotched from safe and rare only when the life of the mother is threatened, to late-term abortion, to partial birth abortion, to outright infanticide, and if there had been no pushback someone would have inevitably floated the idea of being able to dispose of one’s child if their SAT scores weren’t high enough.

The same can be said about homosexuality, where we went from tolerance to acceptance, to validation, to celebration, to the point wherein practitioners of a perversion are now a protected class unto themselves, and if perchance you voice the belief that it is sin, they will come down on you like a ton of bricks.

We are beginning to witness that battles can be won, but they must be fought. Spiritual problems require spiritual solutions. Spiritual battles require spiritual warriors. Light prevails over darkness at its very appearing, but the presence of the light must occur for darkness to be shattered. Let your light shine.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Once there was a man who started feeling ill. At first, he tried to ignore it, pretend as though the feeling wasn't there, but it just kept getting worse. Soon it began to show in his countenance, and as he glanced into the mirror one morning, he was horrified at what he saw. His face wasn't his own anymore. The man staring back was haggard and sallow, his eyes sunk into the back of his head, and his skin had taken on a sickly pallor.

The man realized he could not continue on this way, and he finally broke down and sought the help of a physician. It was not easy for him to seek help. He was a proud man. The physician was welcoming and open, he asked the man his symptoms, and without much ado told the man what ailed him.

The physician did not try to sugar coat the man's condition, nor did he attempt to minimize the severity of his sickness. The physician was forthright as he could be, informing the man that if his illness went untreated, it was terminal. The mortality rate was 100%, but the good news was that there was a treatment for it, and once administered, had a 100% success rate.

“That’s wonderful,” the man said, “is there a prescription?”

“Yes, the doctor said, and because it’s so outside of your ability to pay for it, I will cover the cost of the medicine. There are, however, certain lifestyle changes you will need to make, such as what you eat, and the kind of exercise you get, but as far as the medication itself, it is covered.”

Upon hearing this, the man's countenance changed, and he became visibly angry.

“But I like my lifestyle. I like what I eat. Isn’t there another way? Can’t I just take the medicine? Maybe I should get a second opinion. I think I read somewhere online that there are holistic remedies.”

"There is no other way," the physician replied calmly, but the man would hear none of it.

"We'll see about that!" the man barked as he stormed out.

We are living in a time wherein there are many self-titled, self-appointed, and self-anointed physicians who insist that all you have to do in order to pass from death to life is take the medicine. They insist that no repentance is required, that transformation is not essential, and that all one need do is raise a hand and say a prayer, then go on with their lives as though nothing happened.

Eventually, they'll bring up the issue of tithing, but as far as repentance is concerned, that is a topic that will turn off most people, and they know it. Never mind the fact that without holiness, no man will see God, or that once forgiven Jesus told the woman at the well to go and sin no more.

This is a new age, a new era, and we need to make it easier for people to get saved than what was prescribed in Scripture, or we run the risk of building colossal sanctuaries and no one showing up.

Unfortunately, there is no Hippocratic oath for pastors and evangelists. They gamble with men's souls for temporary gain and deceive countless individuals into believing they have been healed when all they've done is made them comfortable as they die. The church has become a gigantic hospice care facility that manages the pain of dying, while not addressing the dying itself.

Yes, you will run the risk of some walking away if you insist on repentance. Yes, you will run the risk of being hated by those you love enough to speak truth to if you stand on Scripture. Yes, you will be misunderstood and branded a zealot, a hater, an intolerant knuckle dragging fear monger, but at least you won't have blood on your hands when you stand before the Almighty.

Be brave enough to tell the lost that they don't have to die in their sin. Be brave enough to say to them that repentance brings about forgiveness and that the blood of Jesus can wash them clean. Most may reject you, but some will listen, be transformed, and live. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Wait For It!

Some ten or so years ago I got talked into a new diet that was supposed to do wonders for me. It was supposed to be magic, if you believe in such things, wherein you can eat anything you wanted, never exercise, and watch the fat melt off as though you were a slab of bacon in a furnace.

Every other diet heretofore was to be made obsolete, and the reason it hadn’t caught on like wildfire was because the health and wellness industry was attempting to stifle this new innovation. It would decimate the whole billion dollar industry,  and they just couldn't risk having it made public. Okay, a bit conspiratorial, but sure, let's go with that.

Like every other chunky person, when I heard I could eat whatever I wanted, not exercise and still lose weight, I was on board. All I had to do was drink a thimble of apple cider vinegar every morning before eating anything, then bring on the pies, the waffles, the pancakes, and the crapes. That's right, crapes!

It was a fantastic diet as far as restrictions were concerned. Nothing was off limits! Everything was permitted in whatever quantities you so chose. The only problem was that after about two weeks the scale started heading in the wrong direction. I was supposed to weigh less, not more. I had been taking my thimble full of apple cider vinegar religiously, every morning. Something wasn’t adding up.

I approached the person who sold me on the diet and asked why I was seeing the opposite results to those advertised, and he soothed my concerns by telling me my body was warring against the powerful forces of the vinegar and I was retaining water. In reality, I was losing body fat, but that was being offset by the water I was retaining.

I gave it a couple more weeks, then I realized the person was either insane or was trying to sell me a bill of goods because the vinegar did nothing as long as I kept eating the same things I always had. 

I fear the same disconnect is taking place among those who insist that national revival is just around the corner, while the whole of society, including the church itself, is headed in the opposite direction.

"Wait for it! Wait for it!", They cry like the man who bought the biggest firework he could find on the 4th of July only to see it smoke, fizzle, and sputter. Something has to happen! It has to. We’ve been fed the constant diet of imminent revival for so long, that even though we are seeing the diametrical opposite take place, we’re still sitting back waiting for it.

I woke up this morning to an article written by a Baptist pastor and published in USA Today, that insists the Bible can't be trusted, and for the church to survive, it must receive into its bosom open LGBTQP members, without reservation or call for repentance.

This was penned by a supposed pastor, not some gay activist, or some godless busybody who has no clue as to what the Bible says.

This is where we are presently. Indifference has become tolerance, tolerance has become acceptance, acceptance has become validation, and now, if perchance you still dare to quote the Bible, people who call themselves pastors and shepherds will be the first to eviscerate you and condemn you for your intolerance.

We are headed in the opposite direction from revival. We are headed in the opposite direction from repentance. We are embracing abomination, yet are being told it really isn’t so. We are getting further and further away from the light - and I’m not talking about the world - yet insistent voices keep screeching wait for it!

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Life's Journey

I have a tendency to speed. It is not intentional. It is not like I set out to break the speed limit. I have what some refer to as a lead foot, and it’s only when I realize that I’m passing everyone on the road that I look at my speedometer and take my foot off the accelerator.

I’ve tried to be more aware of my speed, I’ve even taken to using the cruise control, and I realized very quickly that I do not like the cruise control function on my car. It speeds up when I think it should slow down, it doesn’t accelerate as quickly as I would like, and it all makes for a very uncomfortable experience until a few minutes later when I tap the break and disengage the function.

Many Christians are in much the same predicament spiritually speaking. They have no issues with letting Jesus take the wheel, but they still want to control the speed at which they go through life. Having control of the pedals, having control of when you speed up or how abruptly you slow down, is oftentimes the most challenging thing to surrender because there is always the opportunity to play armchair quarterback.

It's been a while since I've driven with my dad. He is one of those people who not only tries to pump the breaks in the passenger seat, he reacts verbally and physically whenever he thinks I'm too close to another car, or that I'm doing something behind the wheel he disapproves of, like driving aggressively. It makes for some good comedy, especially if my brothers happen to be in the car as well, but he can’t help himself. It’s just his nature.

Most of the time we think Jesus is driving too slow. We chew our fingernails to nubs because in our mind we don't think he is going fast enough. Our mind starts roiling, believing that such and such ought to have happened by now, and eventually, we run out of patience and we try to punch the gas.

It's all about getting there, isn't it? It's about the destination, not the journey, and the sooner we get to where we're going, the sooner we can roll up our sleeves and get to work. Jesus is busy, he's got a lot on his plate, maybe he didn't notice the speed at which He was driving. Perhaps we should help. That’s usually when things go sideways, and when we run into the ditch and have to claw our way out again.

It wasn’t God’s fault that you didn’t wait patiently for him to bring you your life mate and decided that the one you knew in your heart wasn’t right for you would make do after all. It wasn’t God’s fault that you didn’t wait prayerfully for Him to send you out, and you went on your own, only to return bleeding and naked like the seven sons of Sceva.

We miss out on so much in this life because we are so focused on the pit stops along the way, rather than take the entire journey in. You are not alone while you're traveling from here to there. It is not a waste of time, it is an opportunity to grow in intimacy with God and establish a relationship.

If you've decided to let God take the wheel, then you must also let Him control the pedals. He knows when you need to speed up or slow down. He knows when you must be sent out, how you must be sent out so that it's all for His glory and purpose. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Playing Dirty

If you can't win fair, play dirty! By all accounts, this seems to be the new motto of the left, and they are taking to it like a fish to water, or a pig to….truffles. Their dogged tenacity is admirable, but there comes the point wherein that dogged tenacity turns into something more akin to a childish tantrum.

It’s when elected officials start stomping their feet and holding their breath just because they didn’t get their way that their actions are no longer admirable, laudable, or commendable, but instead turn into something grating and loathsome.

If this keeps up, they'll be investigating whether or not Donald Trump ate his vegetables when he was a toddler, and if not, then contemplate whether or not to consider impeachment because of it. If it were not for the very real possibility that a handful of buffoons with an ax to grind will spark a civil war all while on the public dole, this would be laughable.

It is troublesome when elected officials have no regard for the wellbeing of the nation. It is disturbing when power is the only thing they understand, and the only thing they are concerned with. If they’re not playing for power, then they don’t want to play, the little people be damned.

I have come to believe that the reason most of the political class loathe this current president so goes deeper than the fact that he was not supposed to win, or that he threw a monkey wrench into their plans for globalism.

I believe the reason the political class on both sides of the aisle, both Republican and Democrat hate this president with a white-hot hatred is because he exposes and highlights their true nature. For all his faults, Donald Trump loves America and the American people. Most politicians consider their constituencies beneath them, mindless drones to be manipulated every four years to vote them in for another term.

It is also why I believe this president is so loved by those who support him, even when he sticks his foot in his mouth, or says things in a less congenial way than the pearl-clutching folk would have it. It reminded me of vitriol and hatred protestant Christians endured at the hands of Orthodox priests when they first ventured into Eastern Europe after the end of Communism.

The reason the priests detested us is because the people saw that while they built mansions we built orphanages, while they bought Bentleys we bought cows for the poor, while they shopped designer, we gave clothing to the naked, and the list goes on.

Our actions peeled back the mask and exposed the greed, selfishness, and self-serving tendencies they exhibited. I believe the same sort of unmasking has taken place in regards to the political class, and vast swaths of people are seeing that for most of the monosyllabic politicians who would have no marketable skill in the real world, public service is not an end unto itself, it is the means to a self-serving end. If you think these people will voluntarily walk away from their gravy train now that they’ve firmly planted themselves at the taxpayer trough, you’ve got another thing coming.

The political class does not despise Donald Trump because of his politics. The political class hates Donald Trump because he exposed them for the leeches they are, and they just can't have that. To protect their Ponzi scheme not only will they play dirty, if allowed they will bend the law, break the law, see good men's reputations shredded and torn to tatters, and what's worse, they won't lose a minute's worth of sleep over it. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Generational Hate

The first time my eldest daughter went to children’s church during Sunday service, she learned a song declaring that Jesus loved the little ones like her. The week after, she learned Jesus loves the little children, then it was He’s got the whole world in His hands, and a few weeks later it was the B.I.B.L.E. that is the book for me.

To this day she still breaks out in spontaneous song, something she learned along with other children in a house of worship. Sometimes I join in, but most of the time I just listen to her singing with all the devotion and exuberance an almost five-year-old can muster.

Her enthusiasm makes up for the questionable pitch, and her smile is so broad as she belts out the latest song she learned, it’s contagious.

Never once, throughout the many children’s churches she attended did my daughter come home singing about cutting off people’s heads for Jesus, or subjecting the infidel to eternal torture. If she had, it would have been our last visit to that particular church, and I'd have something to say to the Sunday school teacher that would not involve a friendly tone.

In case you haven't seen it yet, a quick Google search will remedy the situation, and for the sake of context, it is worth seeing. A video has surfaced of children at an Islamic center in Philadelphia singing in concert, and if the subtitled translation of what they were singing weren't made available, your first thought might be, oh, how sweet.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, what they were singing in Arabic was subtitled in English, and that’s when you can’t help but feel the chill running down your spine, as you come to terms with the fact that these children are being taught generational hatred.

These children weren’t singing about love, or the birds, the bees and the apple trees, they weren’t singing about rainbows and lollipops, puppies and raindrops, they were singing about sacrificing themselves and killing for the Army of Allah, and cutting off the heads of Jews.

This wasn't some old VHS tape someone uncovered of some backward village in the foothills of Afghanistan. This was filmed recently in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA!

What is exceedingly gruesome about this entire thing is that not one parent stood up, grabbed their child, and walked out of the presentation. There was not one protest, not one outraged, incensed mother or father who objected to their child being taught to hate.

Love, affection, empathy, are all naturally occurring in man from the time they are born. A child will reach out and nuzzle your nose, or hug you, or press their cheek against yours, naturally. Hate, however, must be taught. Hate, pure hate, the kind of hate that can bring you to the place of trying to hack off someone's head with a rusty blade, must be taught, fostered, nurtured, and encouraged.

You must dehumanize the object of your hatred to the point that you do not see them as living, breathing, animated human beings, but something else. Something inferior. Something undeserving of breathing the same air as you.

This sort of blind hatred is being passed down from father to son, from mother to daughter, not only in third world countries in the Middle East, but even in places like Philadelphia, Dearborn, New York, Los Angeles, and the list goes on and on. There are even sitting members of the US Congress exhibiting the same sort of unbridled hatred.

Generational hatred is the worst kind of hate because it seeps deep into the marrow and is wholly irrational. You cannot reason with someone who has surrendered to irrationality. You can't tease out what is at the root cause of their blind hatred, because to them, it's like breathing. It is necessary, and it's just the way it is. Everyone I know, everyone I love, everyone I respect feels this way! How dare you insinuate it's wrong, or that I should feel any different?

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Quintessential Politicians

Have you ever been in conversation with someone when they say something that you are sure doesn't mean what they thought it meant? You don't know how to react, you don't know if you should point it out, so for the moment you bite your lip and wait to see where they go with their argument. Maybe they will elaborate, perhaps they will rectify because in your mind no one could be that obtuse. 

I understand everything is relative nowadays, at least that’s what most people think. Words, however, still mean things, and you cannot redefine a word, or pretend it means something it clearly doesn’t because your polling data suggests it will have mass appeal.

Recently the narrative from the left has been, oddly enough, about morality and decency. The hair sniffing king himself has insisted that we must make America moral again, while others keep going on about decency, dignity, virtue, and having a moral compass. 

I don’t know what you think the words moral and decent mean, but as long as you’re all in for killing babies after they’re born just because you feel like it, allow me to be highly skeptical of you knowing their meaning. And yet, they are simple words. It's not as though old uncle Joe was throwing around words like diaphanous, or evanescent. They are words that most English speaking folks know the meaning of, and what's more, can connect actions to.

It may be cognitive dissonance, the pathology of psychopaths, or just politicians being quintessential politicians, but when you can speak on morality and decency with a straight face given all the policy positions you’re championing, creating legislation is the last thing I want you doing, never mind presiding over the largest economy in the world.

I don’t want people who can’t seem to grasp that killing babies while in the womb is immoral in charge of deciding anything that would impact me, my family, or my community. There are many other policy positions we can point to and scratch our heads over because you can't bridge the gap between them and the word morality, but the baby murder has to be number one with a bullet.

If you’re claiming to be a moral and upright person yet somehow can’t bring yourself to see that murdering a defenseless baby is immoral, then there’s nowhere for us to go from there. There’s no bridging that particular gap, there’s no coming to some sort of compromised understanding.

As long as the motto of the new left regarding babies "is kill them now or kill them later," the words moral or decent should never spill from their lips, and if perchance they do their hypocrisy and inconsistency should be highlighted and pointed out.

The reason that they keep talking out of both sides of their mouths is because they can get with it. Maybe that shouldn't be the case anymore. Perhaps we should apply the same standard to everyone vying to be the leader of the free world, peel back the masks, and judge them on the content of their character, and their ability to string two words together that are their own, rather than something the test group said would connect with the audience. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Why Now?

The nerd kings of Silicon Valley have finally shown their hand. They have initiated a purge of conservative voices, they have begun to feverishly deplatform anyone with dissenting opinions, and the most important question has yet to be asked. The question isn’t why, we already know why, the question that must be asked, the most relevant question of all is why now?

The simple answer is because they had no choice. The complicated answer is a bit more drawn out, but the payoff is so illuminating it may just be worth the read.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, yesterday Facebook and its subordinate company Instagram began a purge of conservative voices off of their platforms. This happened within a matter of hours of Attorney General William Barr not showing up for the congressional hearings on the Mueller report, and if you believe this was coincidental in any way, you don’t as yet understand the game that is being played.

Understand that the nerd kings of Silicon Valley wanted to put off showing their naked bias for as long as possible. They wanted you to continue hoping that they were fair handed, willing to hear opinions from both sides or at least allow views from both sides on their platforms. They hoped Mueller would uncover something heinous, grievous, worthy of impeachment, so they wouldn't have to step in and show their hand.

Then all their dreams came crashing to the ground, tattered and in flames, a Hindenburg sized disappointment. There was no collusion, there was no obstruction, the bad orange man would not be forced to go away, and they realized they'd have to unmask themselves. They'd have to reveal their real intent and step in if there was any hope of regaining the white house in eighteen short months. 

Whether someone picked up a phone and called up the nerd kings to explain the dire straits their side was on, or they figured it out themselves, I do not know. What is clear, is that for the past three years they’ve been pushing a narrative that turned out to be a lie, and here we are, two and a half years later, and the only thing they’ve been hanging their hopes on has evaporated.

They have no message, they have no plan for the country, and the contenders vying for the nomination on the Democrat ticket are less than impressive. You have a creepy old guy who likes to sniff hair, another creepy old guy who watches pornography with his mother, a fake Indian, the mayor of a tiny town in Indiana whose only claim to fame is that he does presently what Kamala Harris used to do to get ahead career-wise, and those are the frontrunners. Unimpressive is kind, and someone, somewhere realized that they were in serious trouble, and needed help.

In step the nerd kings of Silicon Valley, trying to put their collective thumbs on the scale, and I believe that if the silent majority does not stand up to the inequity we have just witnessed, the deplatforming of a handful of conservative minded individuals is only the beginning.

Truth must be silenced at all cost for the lie to win. They know this, and for the next eighteen months, we will see an ongoing, systematic, silencing of those bold enough to speak the truth, because the truth always has a ring to it that is undeniable.

Some individuals will choose to self-censor because they don't want to lose ad revenue, or because they've put too much time into these platforms just to see everything disappear with the click of a mouse. This is what they're counting on, and making examples of a handful of people as a shot across the bow will send the crystal clear message, that you have the freedom to say whatever you want, as long as what you say falls in line with what we believe.

There is an incestuous triangle taking shape between mass media, the nerd kings, and the Democrat party, that should be a concern to any free thinking individual in this country. Winning is everything to these people, and they don’t care how many of your liberties they have to trod underfoot in order to achieve their objective. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.