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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Project Love Covers

Today I decided to do something unprecedented, at least for this web log, namely post a few pictures. I will be writing an article for the next issue of the hand of help newsletter concerning project 'love covers' and its success, but since the newsletter is black and white, there are certain picture that will either have no impact or be irrelevant without a little color. And so, for all those of you who prayed for, or contributed to project 'love covers' here are a few snapshots of our lates ministry outing wherein we passed out some of the blankets you helped purchase. Thank you all for your prayers and support of hand of help ministries. It is in times of trouble and distress that the heart of Christ shines through all the more in His servants.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

1 comment:

carmeljamaica said...

This is an awesome idea!


I've been following your blog posts for several months now. I just didn't post any comments, but I've read your blog and I always look forward on reading new posts. I'm Carmel, 25 from the Philippines. I forgot where I got the link for your Blogspot, but I'm glad I did. I linked your blog to mine and I really love all these sermons you've shared based on the Gospel. A few of them I've shared in my Facebook wall so my friends can see them.

Have a good day and God bless.