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Monday, September 5, 2011

The Holy Spirit: Power Presence and Purpose Part 36

The Advent Part 28

Acts 1:20, “For it is written in the book of Psalms: ‘let his habitation be desolate and let no one live in it’, and ‘let another take his office.’

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit we are able to understand the Scripture of the Old Testament in the light of the New Testament. Some have labeled the Old Testament as irrelevant for our times, but I for one do not subscribe to this theory. All of Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and as such all scripture must be studied, and received that we might be complete men and women of God, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

2 Timothy 3:16, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

Inspired by the Holy Spirit of God, Peter now understands what up until that moment he had not understood from the Psalm of David, the fact that David was speaking about the enemies of God, and the traitor Judas in his writings and not about himself.

Yes, in and of itself the Bible covers all the spiritual truths we need to be complete believers. If we study it faithfully, with an open heart and a humble spirit and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will receive light unto our path throughout our journey here on earth.

As far as Judas is concerned, the Word of God held true, and his habitation has remained desolate. No one has been able to trace the family, lineage or ancestry of Judas from that point forward, having seemingly disappeared into history never to be revisited again.

Although Judas has gone, although sin has extinguished his flame, the work of God lives on to this day, overcoming obstacles of various kinds, and thriving under the most severe of persecutions. It is one of the things that the world will never be able to understand about the work of God, that the more they malign and persecute it, the more they attempt to destroy it and minimize it, the more God will grow it and cause it to flourish. God has always had, and will always have true servants; God has always done and will always do great and mighty works, because His word is true, and when we humbly follow our Master and obey His voice, and work out our salvation with fear and trembling He will do through us as He has done through those that came before us.

I have always been fascinated by ordinary people through whom God did, and does extraordinary things, and in the free time that I have I’ve started compiling a new series going through the word of God and discussing these ordinary people that seem extraordinary in our eyes. What they knew, and what we ought to know is that whatever capacity God chooses to use us in, whatever measure God chooses to manifest Himself through us in, it is all God, and not us. In and of ourselves we are but broken vessels, we are but lumps of clay, but with the light of God in us, with the Holy Spirit guiding us and instructing us and working through us, we become more than the sum of all we ever hoped to be.

Another thing this verse teaches me personally is that none of us is indispensable in the work of God. Judas was gone, but his position would not remain vacant, God would choose another from among the brethren to take his place and continue the work. I’ve met people throughout my life who lived with the ‘I’m too valuable to God’ mentality, who lived lives unworthy of the name Jesus, yet who justified their lifestyles because they did so much good, or their ministries had gotten so big that they thought God would be forced to overlook the inconsistencies.

‘Well, yes, I know I’m not where I’m supposed to be with the Lord, but my speaking schedule is so packed, and the responsibilities of ministry are so many, that I just don’t have time like I used to just to go into my prayer closet and fellowship with God.’

Nothing, absolutely nothing is more important than fellowship with God, and maintaining a relationship with Him. If ministry is keeping you from quiet time with God, then take a break from ministry, walk away, reconnect, return to that first love where it wasn’t about how many congregants showed up on Sunday morning, or how many radio shows called to book you for next week, or how many offers you got to ghostwrite a book, but rather it was just about spending time with Him, speaking to Him, and hearing Him speak back to you.

It is a sad and tragic thing when we lose the innocence of first love, when serving God becomes about something more than just serving God. Am I above these things? No, but I learned quickly and at a very young age to prioritize my time with God and make it the most important aspect of my life. I saw how strong men came to ruin because they got so focused on working for God that they stopped having a relationship with Him, and eventually after many tries one of the enemy’s fiery arrow finally hit its mark and that once great man of God became nothing more than a shameful reminder of how weak the flesh can be.

Whoever this is for, if you’re in ministry yet you stopped having a relationship with the Father, stop fooling yourself into thinking you are still doing good, and you are still building the Kingdom of God. Rekindle your first love, return with humility and brokenness to the foot of the cross, remember the simplicity, and glory of just being in the presence of God, of praying before Him of weeping before Him, of pouring your heart out to Him, and come back to that place because it is only when we are in that place that the glory of God can shine in us, and He can work through us.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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