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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Consequence of Everything

There are consequences to everything in life. There are consequences to action, as well as to inaction, to ignorance as well as to knowledge, to foolishness as well as to wisdom. Nothing we choose to do or not do, say or not say, embrace or shun, is absent consequence both in the instant we’ve made said choice, as well as from that point forward throughout your existence, and oftentimes far beyond.

I believe we’ve lost sight of this all important fact as a society, and it is one of a handful of reasons we are in the condition we are in, circling the drain ever so precipitously, clinging to anything whether it be a straw or a clump of earth just as long as we can keep alive the flicker of hope that we can return to former glory, and rediscover the righteous path we’ve long abandoned.

The problem as I see it is that all most of us do is hope. We don’t act, we don’t speak, we don’t exhibit righteous anger as the grossest of perversions befouls what ought to be the most sacred of places, we keep silent, keep our head down, go about our daily labors, and hope.

While we’re doing all the hoping, they’re doing all the acting, and in case you haven’t looked at the scorecard lately, we’re down by a lot more points than we’d like to admit.

Even our prayers are a cross between resignation and acquiescence, no longer praying for God’s will to be done, no longer praying for His justice to shine forth, no longer praying that He judge righteously, but rather just praying that the disease stops short of our doorstep though it may engulf the rest of our town.

We tell each other our tales of sorrow, and even then in hushed tones, because we fear reprisal, we fear the spotlight, we fear being singled out by the machine,  we fear being thoroughly chewed up, spat out, and left for dead, and this fear is what the darkness is betting on to keep us silent. The silence of the righteous is like catnip for the devil, and with each silenced voice he grows all the more emboldened.

Given what we’ve seen of late, this fear is completely justified, and the fact that Christians, and men of substance are being targeted is not just your jangly nerves working overtime, but a present reality. As children of God, however, we must move beyond the fear, and by faith override the inherent need for self-preservation, for only then will we have the wherewithal to stand boldly and declare sin for what it is, knowing that reprisal is a given.

We are seeing the consequences of silence and acquiescence all too vividly in our society, and the longer we remain silent, the worse it will become.

When the bell tolls, and the bill comes due, we will likely be in a mad rush to find someone to blame, someone to pass the buck to, but will ultimately realize that though the blame can likely be spread around a bit, by and large the brunt of it must be appropriated by those who chose silence over vocal opposition to the darkness, and who having done the math realized that going along to get along would ensure their comfort and ease far longer than standing up for the truth would have.

Every man values one thing above another. We either value truth more than we value our flesh, or we value our flesh more than we value truth. Our actions will speak the truth of it even if our lips might not.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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Briana said...

Thank you for your blog. I appreciate the time you take and the Christ-centered insights you have that are based in reality.

I was reading Brother Andrew The Ethics of Smuggling and really was filled with courage and convicted of my defensive and defeated attitude as opposed to a spiritually offensive attitude towards the devil's work. God is still looking for warriors like King David to face the giants!