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Saturday, February 2, 2019

No Leg To Stand On!

The devil has no shame and neither do his minions. It is a truth that the church seems to have forgotten, and because of its forgetfulness it truly believes that when Satan’s handmaiden’s give them unsolicited advice, spiritual or otherwise, it is coming from a good place, a noble place, a place of concern and magnanimity.

As such, we now have open homosexuals, convicted rapists, alleged pedophiles, serial fornicators, and all manner of shadow dwellers pontificating and attempting to shame the household of faith for clinging to pillars of civilization such as God, family, patriotism, and a right to life for the unborn.

You have individuals who would not dare walk into any house of worship for fear of spontaneously combusting, waxing on and on as to what Jesus would do, and what Jesus would say, and how He would react to the current political climate.

It’s enough to make you upchuck!

The reason they are doing this is obvious to anyone who is willing to take a second and think it through. It’s the same play their father the devil tried on Jesus as He was taken to the pinnacle of the temple and encouraged to throw Himself off because it was written that the angels would bear Him up. Jesus was smart enough to see through the ruse. Most of the church isn’t.

We choose to take the criticisms of human pustules so debased that they applaud and cheer the murder of babies in their 40th week of gestation, and run with it as though our hair was on fire.

“Well, you know, they’re right. He’s no angel.”

No, he’s no angel, but he sure is a far cry from the devil that would have been the alternative, now isn’t he?

At some point during their ministry the apostles came to Christ breathless and proud, informing Him that they had come across someone driving out demons in His name, and they had set him straight. They told him to stop, yea, even forbade him from doing it, because he wasn’t part of the clique.

Jesus could have said, “well done! He didn’t pay for the workshop, he didn’t attend the conference, and he doesn’t have an authentic emblazoned diploma signifying that he can cast out demons”, but instead Jesus said something that the church should take to heart, and understand the ramifications of.

Jesus said, “Do not stop him, for whoever is not against you is for you.”

Simple words, simply put, but with a depth and substance that ought to leave us breathless.

Understand that every condescending talking head on television insisting that you are not Christian because you still support someone who is ‘no angel’, despises you to your core. They not only hate you, they have contempt for you, your beliefs, your God, and your way of life to the deepest recesses of their being. They believe that you are na├»ve, uncultured, unrefined, unread, believing in imaginary deities, and spaghetti monsters up in the sky. You are an impediment to their agenda. You are an impediment to their desired goal, and they know that if they can propagandize loud enough, long enough, there just might be some weaker souls out there that will become discouraged or disillusioned.

That’s their plan. That’s their scheme. To get the church to be silent, to get the church to tune out, to get to church to judge others with a scrutiny they themselves would never endure for more than a minute.

What these people are doing is no less egregious than the world’s most prolific prostitute looking down her nose and judging another woman because her dress isn’t long enough to cover her ankles.

There are those who have demonstrably proven time and again that they are not against you, that they stand for the same principles and values you, yourself stand for. Imperfect as they might be as humans, they are still doing the right thing. The forces of darkness know this, so their singular purpose at this juncture is to muddy the waters enough wherein it will cause you to doubt or hesitate. Do neither! They have no leg to stand on, and they know it. All they have is their bluster, and the limitless air time to pollute the airwaves with their partisan propaganda.

With love in Christ, 
Michael Boldea Jr. 

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