Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Making Martyrs!

 As per usual, the left is trying really, really, hard to do something really, really stupid as far as their cause is concerned. If you lend me your ear, no, I will not sing you a song, but I will try to explain my thought process and why this new round of impeachment and the attempted destruction of this president will backfire in such horrific fashion that I doubt the likes of those currently occupying the US Congress have enough mental wherewithal to grasp it fully.

A long, long time ago, I saw a movie called Braveheart. Yes, I know it is rated R, but that’s okay, I’m not Jehovah’s Witness, and I was talked into it by a pastor. If you’ve not seen the movie, it revolves around a man named William Wallace, who became a folk hero through an unfortunate chain of events and led a rebellion against the English. This movie was based on a true story. Yes, there was a William Wallace back in the 1300s who was hanged, disemboweled, beheaded, and quartered to send a message to anyone else considering fighting for their independence.

Up until his death, William Wallace was a hero to some, a warrior to others, and a trouble maker to others still. However, once the people saw what the English were capable of, he became a martyr around whose name the cause of liberation coalesced to the point that Scotland achieved its independence at the Battle of Bannockburn nine years later. I know, you thought I was kidding about that whole history wonk thing, but I digress.

Although there are always exceptions, most people have an ingrained sense of fairness. They see what is happening, and even if they didn’t like the guy, the one thought that rises to the surface is if they can do this to a sitting president who also happens to be a billionaire, what chance do I have?

That should be very concerning for those trying to bulldoze everyone’s freedoms and rights as though they were nothing more than a nuisance because, at some point, it will reach critical mass. You can get away with tyranny for a season, but tyranny always has an expiration date.

At least now, there no longer remains a need for pretense. Everyone has shown their true colors, and we know who stands for what. While they were the minority, they plaid the victim and howled at the moon over every slight, real or imagined. Now that they feel they have the upper hand, they’re going for the jugular with bloodlust and abandon. You already have people insisting that you should have your children taken from you and reeducated, that you should be put in a cage, and that there is no room for you in civil society if you did not vote for the sniffer in chief.

You must show remorse and do public penance for ever doubting that Joseph Robinette Biden was the most articulate, distinguished, intelligent, and intellectually superior individual ever to walk the earth or that elected officials wanted what’s best for you as a citizen. Bow before your overlords and repent! Keep your head down, and don’t you dare look them in the eye! Know your place, serf, and be content with the crumbs they choose to throw you from time to time, or else.

In their nearsighted attempt to ensure Donald Trump goes away, they will only make him a martyr, a folk hero the likes of Robin Hood or William Tell, and the harder they try, the more popular he will become.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr. 


TLG said...

Fantastic TRUTHS!Thank you for for sharing.

TLG said...

Fantastic TRUTHS!Thank you for for sharing.