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Monday, January 23, 2017

The Daily Truth - Context


Randolph Cain said...

Michael, I've wondered why your books are not full of testimonies of the works that followed you as your grandfathers book Through the Fire without burning did. I expected that a powerful anointing could have or would have been transferred from your grandfather to you as it was in a double portion from Elijah to Elisha. I see no such testimonies though I could of missed them because I get so bored and feel so empty when I try and struggle through any of your books. When I saw one of you youtube videos a few years ago and you about broke down and cried at the possibility that you might have to suffer like your grandfather did. I wondered why you were so fearful. Did you perhaps not seek this anointing because you thought it would indeed bring great trials and torture like your grandfather withstood with integrity.Perhaps you don't believe you could handle it don't believe that no suffering is worthy to be compared to the glory that will be revealed in you. What ever the reason you don't seem to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit like you saw it operate from your youth. I don't know if Daniel showed you every email I sent but I suspect he did. When I told Daniel that you would meet the decedents of the Colonel who had tortured your grandfather after you lost 40 pounds were you motivated to lose weight as fast as possible so you could suffer for the name of Jesus? I said the meeting would be shocking. It still will be after you lose the 40 or 50 or 60 pounds you need to lose and will lose. It will be shocking in a different way than it was shocking for your grandfather, an electric chair. It will be shocking to you because those men will be scared to death of you and afraid to have even a angry thought toward you or Daniel or your families or any true follower of Jesus Christ. You will be given power, and you will have an anointing like none have had since Elijah and Elisha. You must subdue your flesh though like you have never wanted to subdue it before in your life. No more doing what is right in your own eyes but losing your life so you can save it. Long water only fasts and long walks during those fasts. hard workouts when you do eat and have more energy, and never candy or pastries or donuts or pancakes or desert. A kosher diet only, and as pure food as you can find. Weather you wanted a high calling of God in Christ Jesus or not, you've got it so you better become a Battle ready believer. You will get into the best shape of your life by your own effort or Jesus will cause you to have no choice but to do it under severe persecution, your choice. You don't think I have the authority to speak these words but you will know I do soon enough. I love you and want you ready but you have to get over your 30 year ministry that was just boring compared to your grandfathers. Interpreting his story for years was really not a hard walk but the one you must take now will be the hardest you could ever imagine, but just because you must learn to discipline your flesh once and for all time. This is The word of Jesus Christ and the Father to you this day.
Jesus is Lord, Jesus is come in the flesh
The same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in me.
Randolph Cain
How about a response, battle ready believer to be.
Gods favorite loaf of sour dough bread.

Randolph Cain said...

Sent to Daniel today
Dear Daniel,

Just wanted to let you know that as I faithfully send out the words to those who only want to keep the words of the Scripture that allow them to coddle their flesh, Jesus has done another miracle in my life. My digestive system is completely healed as of 4 or 5 days ago. I can again eat fruits and vegetables and eggs and butter and Salmon and everything except the unclean foods mentioned in the Word of God that will never pass away. At least I will never knowingly eat pork or shellfish or anything I know is an abomination to Gods temple, our bodies. I've been reading the books of the Bible that God allowed Satan to hide till this end time where Daniel said that knowledge would increase and they fill in many of the details that Jesus and he Apostle had access to in the books of Enoch and Jasher. Michael, your brothers dogmatic stance on the 66 books canonized by men that excludes the books that show the workings of the Sun Moon and stars like Enoch is pure foolishness. If you believe that it is the Holy Spirit that leads us into all truth then especially the books mentions in the 66 you read,( Enoch quoted in Jude, and Jasher referenced twice in the Old Testament) should be read as well. Many search the scriptures to the original languages and find translations have added confusion just as the events at the Tower of Babel did 1000's of years earlier. So many of the scriptures have been twisted to match the theology taught at theological cemeteries and people refuse to research these false doctrines to prove all things as Jesus said we must. Be sure that no man deceives you. For those who sit fat dumb and happy, while expecting to hear well done good and faithful servant will be sorely ashamed that they didn't heed every commandment instead of just those that make them feel self righteous. I'm glad that you felt the judgment I was led to put on you and your brother was pure Judgment, for it indeed was and is. Everything will be fulfilled as it is written and revealed to those who will fulfill it, not as those who make a business out of selling the oil interpret it so they can continue denying every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the father.

I pray Jesus Christ chastens you and your brother sufficiently so you know that there is no room for sinning so grace may abound. None.

I am for you and not against you, but I am against your flesh which wars against the spirit of God.
Christ has not given me a spirit of fear, but of love and power and a sound mind. If he has done the same for you, why not respond to my messages. Are you ready to experience a gas chamber for three days and nights as I did for the testimony of Jesus Christ? You might have to be.

M Coller-Ditta said...

I did not know that the funding of international abortions was ended by Trump. That is extremely good news and it fills my heart with exceeding joy. Whether Trump is a believer in Jesus or not, whether his overall intent is good or evil, it matters not. God sets up one and takes down another. God truly is in control! Thank you, Michael, for your ministry.

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