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Monday, January 16, 2017

The Daily Truth - Is Battle Ever Easy?


Anonymous said...

Thank You for saying what most of us fear to say. We don't want anyone to become discouraged by saying what you have said, but how it is so true. I would like you to comment on the wearing of purple by the Clinton crew on the day when she spoke after her defeat by Trump. She believes she has hidden knowledge making her almost smug.

I AM that I AM said...

I was instructed by the Spirit to send $1,000 to a young follower of Jesus in distress with his younger brother. That was this past Sunday. Monday morning I was fired from my job. So Tuesday when the banks and post office opened I went and got a $1000 money order and sent it Xpress mail next day. It wasn't easy in the flesh, but since I've been tortured / persecuted for the testimony of Jesus Christ for living Godly in Christ Jesus, as few who claim to be devoted to him have in this day, it was an easy thing in Christ to follow through on what the spirit had led me to do before what appeared to be a negative result manifested. Today I'm sending a cell phone to the same young man as the Lord Jesus instructed me to do yesterday evening as I prayed and praised in the holy Ghost for about 40 minutes. I will pay the bill every month also because that is what I heard him who I follow, Jesus Christ commanded. He doesn't know how much I was sending because I told him I'd let the Lord show me what him and his younger brother Seth needed. He hesitantly agreed to let me send the money and gladly agreed to receive the cell phone. I made sure to tell him to thank Jesus because he is the source of every good blessing that comes into our lives and worthy of all praise and honor and glory and thanksgiving forever and ever Amen. When children of God are living in perfect obedience, that is God has not shown them that thing in which they are not perfect yet because it's not time to set aside that weight, they receive the blessings with thanksgiving. Often though, some how in the back of their mind they know they have some things that are not right but since they were still being blessed maybe they will make it all the way to Jesus return without setting aside every weight and the sin that so easily besets them. When they get to that point Jesus will attempt to Chasten them with what ever and who ever he deems necessary to get them on that strait and narrow for the next season of battle. Blessings are rarely denied but the correction is not so easy to received with thanksgiving. How many Christians have never fasted? How few have ever done an Esther fast? Three days and three nights without water. I was led to do 7 days without food or water in 2009 and at the end the Lord said he had given me supernatural kidneys. I had to walk 15 miles near the end to get to where I needed to be. I said thank you Lord and wondered why I would need those kidneys. People told me later you can't go 7 days without food and water. I made a liar out of them. not my intention but when I found myself in a gas chamber 4 days later for three days and nights being gassed by Russian gases used on our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and my arms and legs were going numb up above my elbows and knees I think I knew why he had to give them to me. The only way I could survive was to breathe the gases as deeply as I could and get the oxygen along with it and then my lymph system filtered out the poison and it come out of my body as mucus from one end and gas from the other. Thank God I was found worthy to suffer for the testimony of Jesus Christ. Not till I had set aside every sin and followed the spirit to do and say what ever I heard as long as it didn't conflict with the word of God and sometimes even that was questionable to me and others but when we step out in faith in the flesh, then we find ourselves walking in the spirit with Jesus. All things work together for good, to those who love God, to those who are the called according to his purpose. Bless you Michael. I love you and Daniel but I was surprised to hear that the clean water that would be available to the orphanage is some how not a priority for you two. I would have shipped it directly there if I thought you didn't understand Jesus words about giving a cold drink of pure water to those who need it most. Just Saying. It's in the book. Shalom