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Monday, April 15, 2019


It used to be, in the not so distant past, that if you were good at your chosen profession, whatever that profession might be, it was good enough for you to succeed. If you were an outstanding runner, swimmer, basketball player, or even rugby player, if you were an impeccable surgeon, lawyer, mathematician, or economist, your work spoke for you, you stood on your own merit, and you succeeded in our field.

In the year of our Lord 2019, it is no longer the case. You can be great in your chosen field, you can even be the best at whatever sport you choose to practice, and if your worldview is contrary to the groupthink, if you refuse to assimilate, if you perchance continue to uphold principles and beliefs that have stood the test of time, then you will be summarily fired, let go, or otherwise demoted to the point that you will choose to walk away.

There are corporations, sports teams, networks, and other multi-national businesses that are ever willing to lose out on profit for the sake of toeing the line of political correctness. Not long ago Gillette shot themselves in the foot, then when that didn't hurt bad enough they shot themselves in the face, by essentially calling the bulk of their customer base knuckle draggers who exhibited toxic masculinity by merely being men. If you're still producing testosterone as a male, you are toxic, and you should know it. That was Gillette's message to its customers.

Never mind the fact that to have facial hair that requires the use of razors which Gillette produces, you need to produce testosterone. They didn't care! Why would they? They figure they'd get in good with the limp-wristed genderless waifs, and the knuckle draggers would be too dumb to notice that they were being scorned and belittled for being men.

The message is clear from those who see themselves as overlords of culture: assimilate, say as we do, or you’ll never work in this town again!

What frustrates me is that there is no pushback to any of this lunacy. No sane people are standing up and pointing out the fact that giving hormone blockers to a five-year-old is tantamount to child abuse. Or, that putting your nine-year-old son in a tutu, smearing some lipstick on him, and taking him to a gay pride parade for old perverts to ogle him because he said he was gay once, might be grounds to have you stripped of your parental rights.  

Recently one of the best rugby players in the world posted a Bible verse on his Twitter page, wherein he lists the sin of the flesh, homosexuality being one of them, then proceeds to say that those who do not repent of these things will end up in hell. Everything he said was within biblical bounds, there was nothing outlandish about his tweet, but it offended the protected class. It offended the pederasts and perverts, the homosexual and the sodomite, and because of this, he is set to have his contract terminated.

You are free to think what you want as long as you think what we tell you! That is the message to Christians, and what turns the stomach is that for the most part, the church is going along with it.

This particular incident is happening in Australia. Where pray tell is Brian Houston and his merry band of Hillsong fiddlers defending the biblical truth this rugby player stood up for? Why has every prominent Australian preacher distanced themselves from this young man as though he had rabies?

For fear of being targeted themselves, people who know they ought to be standing up for truth are biting their tongues and keeping silent. What they do not yet realize is that their turn in the meat grinder will come soon enough. It’s only a matter of time. There can be on dissent. Everyone must assimilate. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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