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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Worth The Wait!

There are certain truths we choose to gloss over because they dismantle our narrative. There are certain truths we choose to disregard because we either think we know better or because we're just not willing to accept them at face value and acknowledge that we were wrong.

It's hard for a man to admit he is wrong even when all the evidence points to it. Undeniable as the mountain of evidence might be, we still balk, we still kick against the goads, because rather than the truth, we have come to embrace our own individual truth. We give credence to inanities dreamt up by Oprah on a bad burrito trip, and have come to believe that your truth may differ from my truth because everything is relative and nothing is absolute.

It’s appealing, isn’t it? My truth tells me I can cut to the front of the line, while all the other mopes wait patiently. My truth tells me I don’t need to be aged, I don’t need to be seasoned, I don’t need to be matured, I can just go and do and preach and yell and never mind that I’m doing more harm than good, or bringing shame to the house of God.

Between his experience on the road to Damascus, wherein God blinded him, and the first sermon Paul ever preached there were fourteen years that no one wants to talk about. Everyone conveniently ignores the fact that Paul spent fourteen years in the desert, being seasoned, matured, emptied out and filled anew before he had the wherewithal to stand before men and declare the grace, goodness, and severity of God.

I know, I know, everything’s moving at the speed of sound nowadays. Who’s got fourteen days, never mind fourteen years?

The painful yet straightforward answer is that the obedient do. The obedient, the servants, those whose desire is to please their Master rather than build their own kingdoms have fourteen years to wait patiently for the Lord to sow into them that which they must speak forth, because to them, it is not a wasted season, it is a season of grown and fellowship with the one true God.

I can promise you this: if you wait on the Lord to mature you and go forth when He sends you, you will do more for the Kingdom in three days than those who go forth on their own will do in thirty years. 

How so? Because when you wait to be sent, you go out not in your own strength, not in your own authority, but in His power and His authority.

When you are sent, you walk in and possess the authority of the one who sent you. Power is vested in you by God, just as power is vested in an individual in the employ of a state or nation. You are not there merely on your own, but with the power with which you have been imbued by the one who sent you.

I don’t know who this is meant for, but I felt urged to write it, and to encourage you to wait on the Lord, and patiently so. The time will come, it always does, and it is then that He will send you where He needs you, to do what He commands you to do. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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