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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Subversives

Every nation, throughout the history of the world, has had subversives in its midst. The nations that were able to identify them and call them out for what they were managed to survive; Those who ignored them, or otherwise allowed them to go about establishing a foothold and pursuing their agenda saw what had taken generations to build, crumble within a single generation. By the time the subversives got done, all the nation had to show for it was regret and destruction.

When it comes to subversives, there are two types. There are those who have a plan, those whose singular desire is to upturn the existing power structure to gain power for themselves, then there are the useful idiots, those who have no purpose or goals in life, and just want to see the world burn to see what color the flames are.

The ones with a plan count on the ones without to be their foot soldiers, to be their mouthpieces, to make the noise, to crack the ribs, to bruise the skulls, and make people so fearful of retaliation that they will keep silent while they watch their children’s future go up in smoke.

Oddly enough, a subversive individual will never come out and tell you what their plans for you, your children, or your nation are. If they would, they would either be incarcerated indefinitely or exiled to some far off land from whence they can never again infect and pollute the minds of the easily swayed.

Instead of telling you the truth of what they envision, which is always the citizenry on a short leash which they are firmly gripping and can yank at the first signs of insurrection, the subversive will always attempt to convince you that your life is horrible. Even though it might not be, they will convince you it is, then paint such a utopian future as to make you daydream of what could be.

The way they succeed in conning people into hating their present existence is by convincing them to compare their current life with a utopian idea of what it would be like if everything was perfect, rather than to the average citizen of any other country in the whole wide world.

Because they understand the envious bend of man’s base nature, the subversives will always point to those who have more, to those who have succeeded, or to those who have amassed wealth, then convince the masses that save for those who are accomplished, they would be even more so.

It’s their fault you’re not rich; it’s their fault you’re not accomplished, it’s their fault you’re not driving a new car. The fact that you play video games 18 hours per day has nothing to do with it!

It’s far easier to blame someone else for your choices, your circumstances, and your current lot in life than to admit that you bear the responsibility for your actions, and the outcome thereof.

In layman’s terms, it’s like blaming McDonald's for my weight problem, and not myself for getting into my car, driving to the place, handing over legal tender, and getting my bakers’ dozen of two faux beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun.

Another telltale mark of the subversives is their propensity to play the victim until they acquire the power. They readily project weakness and fragility until power is theirs, after which, as if on a dime, they turn into the tyrants they warned everyone else about.

I share these things with you because I must. I will not face a future of guilt ridden vexation because I chose silence for fear of blowback. If this nation chooses to surrender to the subversives in her midst, it will be with open eyes, and full knowledge of what the future holds. I cannot choose for others. I can only choose for myself, and I choose to stand for as long as I can in opposition to tyranny masquerading itself as selfless magnanimity. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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