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Monday, July 29, 2019

Unspeakable Truths

If we censor the truths we speak based on who is before us, if we omit certain truths because they are difficult to stomach, if we sidestep controversial topics because we know telling the truth will likely spark outrage, then all we are is cowards.

It’s easy to be bold when you know everyone’s on your side. It’s easy to be vociferous and pound your chest when you know there will be no pushback to what you are saying when you know there aren’t gluts of angry people waiting in the wings ready to dissect your every word, and brand you the worst type of human being for the words you uttered.

There are many reasons our nation is in decline. There are many reasons the empire is crumbling both literally and figuratively, and among those reasons is a general aversion to speaking difficult truths.

It has become an open secret of sorts. Certain truths are unspeakable. Only if you’re a glutton for punishment, or want your life upturned in the worst possible way, will you wade into these topics. Those whose only mission in life is to bludgeon the ones bold enough to utter the unspeakable truths, are coiled and ready to spring into action, and even if what you say is factually incontestable, they will, nevertheless, attack you mercilessly.

They are ruthless because they know that if they don’t make an example of those who dare speak unspeakable truths if they don’t ruin their lives and tarnish their reputations, others will inevitably take up the call, and the truth will spread. There comes a tipping point wherein if enough people dare speak the truth, the established narrative falls apart, and with it, their plans for the social engineering of the masses.

It is an insidious thing to behold, made all the more so by the reprobate minds that lie unflinchingly about everything, and insist that your own eyes are deceiving you.

We have come to the point where we are free to think, only insofar as what we think is in sync with the established narrative.

There is a fundamental reason why the first amendment encapsulates the idea that there shall be no abridging of free speech. It’s not so everyone could say the same exact thing and walk in lockstep toward destruction. It is because, in a constitutional republic, there must always be room for voices of dissent. Dissenting voices must be allowed to speak their mind, and if their opinion is based upon fact, then they may just sway the minds of their fellow man.

When you have nothing but pipe dreams and rosy platitudes, free speech is your mortal enemy!

When you have no arguments or facts to back up your claims, all you have left is personal attacks and cries of racism, or homophobia, transphobia, or prejudice.

There is a concerted effort being put forth to silence those who dare speak the unspeakable truth. There is a concerted effort to destroy those who would dare to point to the root cause of a problem, and not just gloss over it with idiotic mantras like diversity is our strength.

We are edging ever closer to a time wherein even if you wanted to make your voice heard; it will be next to impossible. Speak now, or forever hold your peace. Act now, or forever live with the knowledge that your children and your children’s children will inherit a nation that will nowhere near resemble the nation you grew up in. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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