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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What Price Freedom?

I woke up this morning with a thought I’ve not been able to shake, and since I consider you my brothers and friends I thought I’d bounce it off you, let it rattle around your heads for a while and see if my reasoning makes sense.

It’s strange to me that people who have never had freedom, men and women who grew up in oppressed environments and know what it is to live under the thumb of totalitarianism, will often risk their lives to attain it, while those who have had freedom for all of their lives neither treasure it, appreciate it, nor defend it.

Never mind the fact that those who’ve always had freedom do not treasure or defend it, many despise it, and desire to do away with it.

If you want to know how precious freedom is, if you want to know how priceless being free is, you need look no further than Christ’s own words who said that the truth was the only thing that could make us free.

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Odd choice of wording don’t you think? He could have said the truth would make us wealthy, he could have said the truth would make us popular, he could have said the truth would make us famous, he could have said the truth would make us successful, but Jesus said the truth would make us free.

To be free! There is nothing more precious in this world than to be free, to possess the truth which is Christ, and thereby be made free.

And yet, here we are, all but ready to sacrifice our freedom for healthcare or college tuition, or whatever else the politicians are promising the foolish and gullible nowadays.

Anything that men promise you, no matter how attractive, is not worth the price of your freedom. Don’t you see that? Doesn’t that register somewhere deep down? Does it not resonate on a very basic and fundamental level?

I’m watching what is transpiring in this nation as well as the world and I am in awe of man’s self-destructive tendencies and his willingness to voluntarily enslave himself. We have been so dumbed down, we have been so desensitized in our modern age that many consider that if they have their twitter, their Facebook and their YouTube, then they have all they’ll ever need.

Men of past generations sacrificed all they had up to and including their lives in order to taste freedom but for a breath before they died, and here we are throwing it all away as though it were some worthless thing, some inconvenience, something to be ashamed or embarrassed of.

Do we still deserve to be free given our lethargy? 

Do we still deserve to be free given our indifference? 

Do we still deserve to be free given our betrayal of all that is true and just and wholesome?

Does a nation that despises the principles which brought it to its place of prominence in the world deserve to retain its prominence while shunning the principles?

These are questions with which we must contend as sober individuals. These are questions with which we must contend as fathers and mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers because the issue isn’t so much about us, but rather what we leave behind for those who are yet to understand the beauty that is freedom, and the ability to earn one’s way through this present life with hard work and determination.

I don’t know, I’m just frustrated. All things considered I’ll likely be dead in thirty years if the Lord terries, but I have a daughter to think about, I have her future to consider, and this is why I do what I can just so I can say I didn’t sit on my hands, just so I could say I didn’t bury my head in the sand, just so other men’s blood will not be on my conscience when the end comes.

Freedom is a fickle thing. It is something very difficult to truly acquire, and something very easy to relinquish. I for one take no comfort in the ‘whatever will be will be’ attitude, because the Word of God confirms our long held beliefs that the prayer of the saints does sway the heart of God, that we are able to intercede and stand in the gap and be an instrument of change whether in our families, in our communities, and yes, even in our nation.

I will not surrender to the darkness because of the inevitability of its progress. I will resist it with every fiber of my being, I will fight against it, I will rage against it, because although we were called to be humble we were never called to be timid. We were called to do right, to defend righteousness, to stand for holiness, and to savor the gift of freedom while we still have it in abundance.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.   


Esther said...

Shalom Dear Friend in CHRIST:)

First of all, Thank you for returning to posting on Homeward Bound, you were
sorely missed by me. (My Home page)

Your comments this morning are very timely, i.e, I just received a book by Eric Metaxas, "If You Can Keep It", (quote by Ben Franklin) a critical analysis of our founding fathers original intentions for America. IMO, a
must read for all.

Love, Prayers without ceasing:)

Esther, Alabama

Anonymous said...

2Pt3 and Rom1 give a pretty good explanation of why many will throw away Freedom. If the Truth makes us free, then a rejection of the Truth rejects Freedom. Sin is the deceptive bondage that overtakes a soul. In thinking sin is freedom(hath God said), the soul has fallen into the devil's snare,that God has allowed;Rom 6:16;Gal5:1;2Ths2:9-12 are a few examples.Man wants to be God, so God lets man take the reins, drink the koolaid,and suffer the consequences of signing on with the ruler of this World, knowingly and unknowingly;Hos4:6.
One last example. Lucifer and the fallen angels started out being in the presence of Almighty God! They lived in absolute splendor.But as Is14 and Ez28 point out, pride was Satan's downfall and the others bought into it.
Why Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, the Pope, and what's happening in "the land of the free"? Rejection of God. Israel wanted a king and they got Saul and Goliath, the epitome of the flesh. But thanks be to God who has His Davids,Elijahs(1Kg18;Mal4)and The Body of Christ, declaring Is61:1!!

Kathleen Amanti said...

Our current President Obama, and our current Democratic nominee, Hillary, are corrupt liars, beyond comprehension. Hillary cannot be president because she will strip us of more freedoms. She is evil and those who support her are also evil. How can a christian vote for her? She is pro sexual perversion, pro abortion, she has had scandal after scandal. The news media, favors her, and will not tell the truth. Christians need to vote for Donald Trump, but because he has been divorced a few times, they say they cannot vote for him because of their "conscience"? They too are deceived! Donald Trump truly wants to help America, and get rid of the corruption. He is the only candidate, who even "mentions" the liars. Our government has gotten away with way too much for too long. Yes, our nation needs to turn to God, but it will not! Vote for Trump at least he tells the truth! And he is PRO Christian, NOT anti Christian, like Hillary. Mike Pence, also is a Christian. Please brothers and sisters, don't let Hillary win. Her vice President is also corrupt. Hillary may not even last long because of her health? Do you want that Vice President, corrupt, prohomo, pro baby killer to rule us and declare war against Russia? At least Trump will negotiate! I also believe, this is the most important election of my life time. By the way... Donald Trump is in the Bible. At the last Trump the dead in Christ shall rise first... Just kidding... But isn't it interesting? Maybe this is our last chance? Come quickly LORD Jesus. ♥

Anonymous said...

These quotes from our founding Fathers are very insightful.

Take your frustrations to the Lord,and let them become prayers of intercession. When your heart is troubled by what you see, let it draw you closer into His arms. He will give you rest and peace.

marshall warren said...

You ever thought of running for president? You've got my vote.

Marshall Warren