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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Not Really Santa

It’s easy to be magnanimous with other people’s resources. It’s easy to be openhanded with other people’s money. Imagine the largesse of the shopping sprees when every time you went shopping you could pick three, four, maybe five rubes to pay your tab at the end of it all. It wouldn’t matter that you didn’t earn the money you were spending so haphazardly, or that you would never be so wasteful if you’d had to reach in your wallet.

You’d get to pick the items, someone else would pay for them, and you’d come off smelling like a rose because you turned around and gave the stuff someone else paid for to others who chose television watching and playing video games as their career.

In turn, the recipients of your larges would fawn all over you, and every four years when you needed their vote, they’d be there, rested, smiling, no blisters of weathered faces from having put in an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.

As predicted, the Democrat contenders for their party’s nomination for the presidency of these United States are trying to stuff ten feet worth of insane into a five-foot casing. It is simultaneously comical and horrifying watching them try to promise everything under the sun at the taxpayer’s expense to people who made consistently horrible choices throughout their life. The reason it’s comical is that everything from reparations for homosexuals to the complete wiping out of all college debt has been floated as a viable policy. The reason it’s horrifying is that rather than get called out for their lunacy, these positions are met with raucous applause by those in attendance.

I’m assuming that for the most part, those in attendance realize that there’s no such thing as Santa, and Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren can’t magically expunge trillions of dollars’ worth of debt.

I’m assuming they realize the money has to come from somewhere, but they just don’t care.

As long as someone else will pay for the debt incurred for getting a worthless degree in feminism amongst the Chickasaw Indian Tribe in the late 1800s or the mating habits of the three-toed sloth, what do they care that someone who worked for their money will have to settle the tab?

Republics are destroyed from within. When self-interest and lust for power supersede the good of the nation, it’s only a matter of time before the cracks and fissures become evident.

How long before the sixty-odd million working folks who pay taxes decide they don’t want to finance the other 250 million any longer? How long before the citizen gets fed up with having fewer rights than the non-citizen? These are questions with which we must contend honestly, and in doing so, we will see what the future holds for this nation.

We no longer need prophetic utterance to show us a glimpse of this nation’s future. All we need is an objective analysis of where we are presently and the trajectory toward which we are headed. That we see what was foretold over thirty years ago is just confirmation for the children of God, another means by which our unshakeable faith in Him is strengthened and cemented. 

With love in Christ, 
Michael Boldea Jr.

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