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Monday, June 24, 2019

The Precious and The Sacrosanct

We often hear that there are two kinds of people in the world. The truth of the matter is that there far more than two kinds of people, but we like the little boxes we can check off. We cannot remove nuance, context, history, and outlook and still expect to come to a right and true conclusion about an individual, or a situation.

It would be simpler to broad brush everything and draw our conclusions based on generalization rather than specifics, but easy isn’t always right, and if we choose easy over right, most of the time we’ll find ourselves in a world of hurt that we helped create.

When it comes to the spiritual, the least number you can group the world’s population is into three: There are those who have chosen light, there are those who have chosen darkness, and there are the undecideds. Each of these three categories have subcategories of their own, but to drill down into everyone would require a book-sized tome, and you’d likely get bored of reading it halfway through.

The undecideds fall into two camps, and I’m only referencing them due to the overall point of this writing. In the undecided camp there are those who have never heard the truth, who have never heard the gospel, who have never been told that they must repent and be baptized, and those who have heard and are wrestling with their own flesh as far as humbling themselves and falling at the foot of the cross in repentance.

It is those who are undecided that we can reach with the truth of the gospel, and we must work with all due diligence because it is mandated in the Word.

There are, however, those who have heard, rejected, and decided to surrender themselves to the darkness, and those fall into the category of swine and dogs, for whom the precious things of the Word, the sacrosanct things of the Word serve no purpose than to be trampled and discarded.

A pig cannot value a pearl. It is not within its nature to realize the rarity of it, how precious it is, and how fortunate they are to have been presented with it. To the pig, the pearl is worthless because it serves no base purpose that it can see.

It is likewise with a dog being presented with something holy or sacrosanct. A dog’s reaction to being presented with something holy is to turn around and bite you because he views you as a disturbance, a nuisance, something to be gotten rid of.

Had I come up with these comparisons, I would likely be called unloving and unkind, but it wasn’t me, it was Jesus, and it was He who said “do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.”

There are those among us who have sold their soul to the devil, and whose singular purpose is to do his bidding. There are those among us whose conscience has been seared, who have rejected the truth and embraced the lie, for whom the only thing that remains is a certain fearful expectation of judgment and fiery indignation.

Learn to identify the pigs and the dogs, and avoid them. Your time will be far better spent reaching out to the undecided, and to those who have not as yet heard that there is redemption at the foot of the cross, and a reconciling with God the Father through repentance.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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