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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

What Offends You?

We’ve been noticing the pattern for quite some time, and I’ve been talking about it on and off for the past couple of years. Free speech isn’t free anymore, and with each new rule, regulation, de-platforming, and silencing of individuals, the noose is getting ever tighter.

Recently a new idea has been floated, just to see how people will react to it, and that is Facebook blocking ‘offensive’ posts globally. The increasingly sensitive hysterical class would like nothing more than to hear no dissenting opinion, but there is one paramount question that no one seems to be answering: Who decides what is offensive?

You see, when it comes to offense, what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander. What offends you might not offend me, and what offends me, might not offend my neighbor down the street. Everyone is offended by something different, so who determines what is offensive?

Because I’ve lived it and seen its horrors, I find Socialism offensive. Because I have two children of my own, and understand how precious, beautiful, and awe-inspiring life is, I find abortion of any kind, be it midterm abortion, late-term abortion, or partial-birth abortion offensive.

I find it offensive that a twentysomething who looks like an extra from the bar scene in Star Wars started leaking onto my burger because her latest lip piercing hadn’t fully healed yet. I find it offensive that elected officials are more concerned with people trying to get into this country illegally, than their citizens and constituency.

I find the idea of having to hopscotch over human feces and used drug needles in a country like America offensive. I find the notion of childhood transgenderism offensive. I find the notion that perversion must be celebrated otherwise you’re a bigot offensive. I find smug, condescending, insufferable millennials who’ve never held a job in their lives telling me to pay my fair share offensive. I find outrage culture offensive. I find it offensive when a bimbette on television dares to assume what Jesus would do, then attempt to shame His followers for not participating in gay pride parades. I find the incessant mockery of morality, God, Christians, family, and decency offensive.

I find it offensive that pimple-faced nerds have taken it upon themselves to police the rest of humanity all the while insisting that it’s for humanity’s good. I find it offensive that more decent people aren’t offended by these constant offenses. I find it offensive that we’re so easily offended.

Somehow, I get a distinct impression that what I find offensive will not be the same thing that Facebook will find offensive. Color me a cynic, but I’m guessing what Facebook will find offensive is people like you and me who just want to love our families, serve our God, do our jobs, and pay our taxes. People who have no hate in their hearts, but by the same token don’t want to have to be treated to homosexuals simulating sex acts on floats down the main thoroughfares of their cities, or wonder if their kids are going to step on a hypodermic needle or be molested by a pedophile while playing in the park.

I can pretty much guarantee you that when the smoke clears, it is you and I who will be deemed offensive and removed from their platforms. The dregs, the miscreants, the perverse and the hedonistic will continue to be celebrated and promoted. Dark days ahead, my friends, dark days ahead. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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