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Monday, June 3, 2019


Imagine putting twenty-four people in a room, giving them each a switchblade, and letting them have at each other until only one remains standing. When the victor is crowned, his or her prize is to go up against the proven world champion of verbal fisticuffs and witty comebacks.

This is pretty much what is happening in the Democrat party currently, and even though we are still almost a year and a half out, the battle is already heating up.

Twenty-four souls are vying to be the representatives of either the party of death or the party of hate depending on which day you happen to glance at their remarks, and although a lot can change between now and the Democrat primaries, the current frontrunner is a man who’s been in government in one way or another since 1972. That said, it is only now, after almost fifty years as an elected official in some capacity that he has decided he will be the one to change things in Washington.

The grovelers and lickspittles with an agenda as clear as day seem to ignore these and other facts about the frontrunner, as well as a myriad of shortcomings and unpopular positions the rest of the clown posse have held, and still hold.

There is no race to the middle. There is not one in the whole field who would even dare put forth that perhaps murdering a baby after it’s born is vile and unacceptable, or that a nation without borders is no nation at all, or that blind hatred for the man in office is not a position you can run on successfully.

The dogs have started biting at each other, the knives have come out, and it’s bound to be quite the spectacle as they begin to cannibalize one another in the hope of getting ahead.

Even if I wasn’t an ardent defender of life, even if I didn’t believe in national sovereignty, even if I bought into the poisoned apple that is socialism, democratic or otherwise, the entire field is utterly unimpressive, with not one bright spot in the lot.

Does this mean we can rest on our laurels, twiddle our thumbs, and catch up on binging some new Netflix series? No, our duty is still to pray, to speak, to warn, to debate, to convince, and to point out the suicidal policies these individuals are putting forth with greater and greater fervor.

Make no mistake; this will be a dogfight because everyone from the media to the nerd kings of Silicon Valley, to foreign powers, and anarchy minded citizens of this country, are dead set against another administration such as the one currently in office. They have shown their hand, even at the risk of destroying their businesses, reputations, and careers. There is no going back for these individuals. It’s all or nothing, it’s now or never, and the fight will get brutal.

Not having the stomach for it is no longer an option for the average citizen. If you want to have a shot at preserving the things that remain, if you want your children or your children’s children to know what it is to live free, then you have no other choice but to roll up your sleeves, take a breath, steady yourself, and do the hard thing.

Forces have converged, the battle lines have been drawn, and their intent is undeniably clear. We cannot count on someone else to do our part, nor can we conscript others to go to battle on our behalf.

They may have the money, the influence, the star power, and the connections, but we have the truth, and that is enough. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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