Thursday, April 21, 2016

Behold the Madness

Madness has taken root. It is has blossomed, and the fruit thereof is more madness. Men and women alike are abandoning reason and logic in droves, bowing at the altar of political correctness, and applauding decisions made by individuals who will never be subject to the selfsame decisions they’ve imposed on everyone else.

The latest in the battle against logic and reason is Target’s decision to allow men to use the women’s restrooms if in their convoluted minds they ‘identify’ as a woman.

What could possibly go wrong here?

It’s not enough that as a society we are attempting to justify and excuse the behaviors of the perverted, we’ve gone one step further and decided to put catnip out for them. When in order to placate and accommodate less than 1% of the population a government or a corporation willfully chooses to endanger the other 99% of the population it is nothing less than madness.

I’ve held my tongue these past few weeks. I’ve been busy with the new radio program and with watching my daughter grow, but this morning, as I drove to the office I had an epiphany of sorts. Though my voice is small and feeble, my silence can be misconstrued as consent, and I for one will not be silent. This is not so much for me as it is for my daughter, and however many children God chooses to bless us with in the future. I speak for them, because if the Lord tarries, I can’t even imagine the kind of cesspool they’ll be living in twenty years from now if we continue going down this slippery slope.

So what are we to do? The answer is neither simple nor easy. The answer demands that we give up certain comforts for the sake of our principles, and stop consenting to the madness by willingly giving our hard earned money to these monsters, as though their constant push for less of God and more of hedonism neither affects us nor matters to us.

I realize not getting your morning Starbucks is tantamount to persecution, but this is a corporation that openly derides Christians, and thinks of you as a lesser citizen for not vociferously embracing, applauding, and celebrating two men playing tongue hockey while pretending to get married.

I realize to many not getting their weekly dose of worthless, cheaply made, Chinese baubles that clutter up their home and are of no practical use from Target is tantamount to being fed to the lions like the Christians of old, but this is a corporation that just told you to your face that the safety of your children, the safety your wife and your daughter is of less concern to them than the feeling of being accepted is by perverts and pederasts.

Would every rock star, corporate CEO, or governor who have become the spokespeople and champions of the perverted consent to a legally binding contract that they will spend ten minutes in a locked room with the father of the first little boy or little girl who gets touched, fondled, or worse in a public bathroom because of their decisions?

I thought not. If you’re unwilling to put some skin in the game, you overpaid, idiotic, buffoonish boot lickers of the perverted don’t you dare call me bigoted or accuse me of having some sort of phobia or another for wanting my wife and daughter to be safe.

The reality we are living is this: most Christians today are unwilling to sacrifice their comforts for the sake of their principles, yet they still delude themselves into believing they will suffer persecution unto death if it ever came down to it.

We keep soothing our consciences with the notion that these are just little things, passable things, things that will never affect us, but here we are, these things are directly affecting us, and the household of faith has been so marginalized and brow beaten into silence, that rather than roar like lions we cower in the corner hoping the godless don’t notice us and pick on us.  

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.