Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Evil is Evil!

 It comes as neither shock nor surprise when the godless call evil good and good evil. It’s their natural state, devoid of morality or a sense of virtue. Light is dark, up is down, bitter is sweet, and though the cognitive dissonance is off the charts, aided by pharmaceuticals and no small amount of stiff drink, they manage to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and live with themselves without projectile vomiting the previous night’s dinner.

It takes a special kind of twisted logic to want to save the whales, the pandas, and the planet but kill the babies, all in the same breath. We want to save everything around us but leave no future generations of humans to enjoy that which God has created. That beating heart inside you must cease to exist for no other reason than it would impede attending spin class every other day.

The zealotry of those who would end the life of a helpless baby as they are being born is akin to the Jonestown residents who slurped up cup fulls of Kool-Aid proceeding to their eternal torment without so much as an objection or realization that it would be impossible to undo it once it was done.

What is beyond my ability to reason, however, is people calling themselves Christians, pastors of churches, and clergy from various denominations, insisting that being pro-life is a demonic agenda and furthermore, that God Himself is pro-choice. In case you’ve yet to be brought up to speed, pro-choice is a term often used to denote baby murder, but without the emotional impact of calling it what it is. It would be like saying someone with third-degree burns across their entire body caught a little too much sun, or a head-on collision with a semi at 70 miles per hour was a fender bender.

All platitudes aside, abortion ends a human life, regardless of the trimester it’s performed in. This is a fact! It’s not opinion; it’s not just something the ladies in church bonnets say; it is a scientific fact!

That you would have individuals purporting to be ambassadors of Christ insist that it’s nothing more than a procedure, a choice, some nuisance to be done away with just because you feel like it that day is not just immoral; it is evil.

We have come full circle. Those who have crept into the household of faith are now insisting that God, the giver of life, revels in the ending thereof, and if you stand for the innocent, you are the monster, you are the ghoul, you are the heartless, hollowed-out skin suit in which there is no decency or goodness.

I’m sure the ‘love everyone’ choir is warming up in the background with the ‘it’s just a difference of opinion’ quartet as backup, but the Word is clear as to what becomes of those who strengthen the wicked and dishearten the righteous with lies. May their judgment be swift that all may gaze upon them with righteous fear.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea, Jr.  

Friday, July 8, 2022

More Than Words

 When one hears discussions about preferred pronouns or which of the myriad of genders one identifies with, the first and often uncontrollable reaction is to snicker, chortle, laugh, roll your eyes, wave your hands, and shake your head.

It’s absurd, ridiculous, worthy of endless mockery and disdain. It’s what pampered people do when they don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from or whether they’ll survive the night. I’ve often said that privation and scarcity will cure stupid for the most part, and though some might shrink away at the thought of bread lines, gas lines, ketchup soup, and mayonnaise sandwiches, the curative effects it will have on society at large makes it almost worth it.

My mind being what it is, as of late, I’ve been exploring a particular rabbit trail and wondering if there is something more sinister behind the push to do away with words like mother and father than just a hissy fit from a middle-aged obese woman with half a shaved head who smells like spoiled bologna. I know, I know, words like mom and dad are ancient, and so they must go. So is the wheel; want to do away with that too?

There has never been a generation in the history of humanity that has strived time and again to fix something that wasn’t broken, to begin with. The ideal of family, you know, mom, dad, daughter, son, grandma, grandpa, and aunt Judie who makes the fruit cake nobody eats on Christmas every year, has worked for millennia, but who cares about all that?

Proof of concept is so yesteryear; am I right? Let’s burn everything to the ground and have simpletons with no practical life skills build it back together again with nothing more than duct tape and rainbow flags.

So why the big push to get rid of mom and dad? The darker side of me tends to think that it has a lot to do with doing away with emotional attachment. It sets up what they envision as their utopia quite nicely if you don’t have to worry about pesky things like God, family, or patriotism.

Just think about it: it’s one thing to say I’m here to kill my mom because she’s becoming a burden. Quite another to say I’m here to schedule a procedure to euthanize my birthing person because she consumes more than she contributes to the collective.

I know, that’s a bridge too far, you’re thinking to yourself. Then again, the thought of being called homophobic because you refuse to let sexual deviants groom your children or let your toddler sit on the lap of a perverted man in a dress seemed like a bridge too far mere months ago too.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea, Jr.  

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Life's Realities

 If at all possible, every situation is best assessed with a cool head, detached from emotion, and with brutal objectivity. It is nigh to impossible sometimes, but to rightly assess any given issue, detachment is a must.

Some things are easier said than done, especially when it involves children and the apparent systematic failure of the adults sworn to protect said children from mentally disturbed individuals whose only wish in life is to watch the world burn.

Objectivity and detachment become all the more difficult to master when before having a chance to process one gruesome, inhumane, and blood-curdling event, another comes in its wake, as a wave calls upon a wave.

I’m not going to sit here and try to make sense of it. All I can do is point to the reality that this is the world the godless have envisioned lo these many years. Congratulations! Your dreams have been made manifest.

What did you think would happen when you raised an entire generation on a steady diet of hopelessness and despair? What did you think would happen when you made idols out of the perverted, the wicked, and the immoral? What did you think would happen when the value you placed on human life was the cost of a biohazard bag you put the shattered remnants of an unborn baby in?

Did you not consider that the further one gets from the light, the darker it becomes? Surely you must have; you are, after all our betters, the intellectual elite, the people who mock us common folk for believing in God and family and decency.

Don’t look away now, you pompous windbags. Don’t shy away from the world you helped create with your constant condescension of all that was wholesome. Take credit for your handy work; you are, after all, the architects of the downfall of this present society. Come, come into the light, take a bow, let the masses behold your true face, that they might know the evil that has been living among them.

You can’t start your house on fire and then blame all your neighbors for not stopping you from doing it. You cannot create a society where human life has no value, then be shocked that no one values human life.

We inhabit the world we create, a world our rebellion has despoiled and desecrated to the point that scenes of horror have become commonplace, and ghouls and monsters feel at ease walking about in the daylight.

When the dust settles, or we’ve become so numb to horrors that they don’t even make the news anymore, two things will be made crystal clear: Those responsible will deflect, obfuscate, and blame others for what they have created, and looking back, we will realize we hadn’t seen the worst of it, not by a country mile.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea, Jr.  

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Watching and Waiting

 It wasn’t that Jonah went out of Nineveh, found some shade, and waited to see what would happen to the city that was improper; it was getting angry at not seeing the destruction commence. Enough people are vying to be the next Marv Albert of end-time prophecy, so much so that my throwing my hat in the ring would seem pointless. Doubly so when I never wanted the job in the first place.

We have come to that point in the unfolding of end-time events where all we can do is wait, watch and pray. Those so inclined are still doing the play-by-play, announcing every war, rumor of war, plague, or pestilence breathlessly, and that’s their prerogative.

Rebellion comes with a price, and the bill’s coming due. That encapsulates what we are witnessing in real-time, but it’s not exciting or prophetic enough. It’s hard to monetize a one-liner like that, so you need filler; lots of it. When there’s nothing real or confirmed to pass along, there are always the often rinsed and repeated conspiracy theories of conspiracy theories to fill the time with, and when those are worn thin, we start playing the what-if game.

Some of you have reached out wondering what I have been up to, and I wish I could tell you it’s been something exciting and world-changing. I wish I could throw in pompous words like breaking the mold, or never before, but in truth, what I’ve been up to is unimpressively pedestrian.

In between watching and waiting, I’ve been cleaning out my basement and garage and hoping to see a ray of sunshine peeking through the clouds during what has been a gloomy spring.

Sure I could come up with a word salad every other morning while sipping my coffee, but life’s too short to say something just for the sake of saying something. We are a nation adrift. We are a people so thoroughly depraved that the thought of not being able to murder an unborn baby at will and just because is making almost half the country apoplectic.

Our morals and convictions are situational at best, and our cowardice is such that we would look upon Lot in Sodom as he offered up his daughter and call him brave.

You don’t need a prophecy to know that judgment is not only well deserved but a foregone conclusion. You don’t need me pointing out the festering boils and the rot, the maggots, and the decay; you see it, smell it, choke on the nausea it produces in your throat.

If we are being honest, many of you want assurance that I can’t give without becoming a liar. I can’t bring myself to say it will be all right because it’s not. You know it, and I know it, and me saying it would not alter the reality of where we are one iota.

So, rather than cause you undue stress and heart palpitations, like Jonah, I’ve been watching and waiting. Unlike Jonah, however, if God so chooses to relent, I will not be angry or petulant. However, before you start reaching for that particular olive branch, ask yourself if America will do what Nineveh did.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea, Jr.  

Saturday, March 26, 2022


 We are living in the age of the know-it-all. Everyone’s an expert on everything, and if you try to get a word in edgewise, you become mortal enemies unto the seventh generation. It’s not so much that everyone has to pretend to know everything; it’s that what they think they know cannot be challenged in any way lest you initiate jihad.

Funny thing, though, even with all the knowledge we boast of possessing, the Word tells us that God’s own people perish for lack of knowledge. How could this be? Was God wrong in His assessment, or could it be that we don’t know everything we think we do?

Even me opening that door was likely enough for some to get flush in the cheeks and start to chew on their fingernails. Why though? If you’re so sure about your position, what would it matter if some loveable goofball in the middle of nowheresville Wisconsin, asked for clarification regarding inconsistencies in the narrative you so violently cling to?

Between waking up every morning and being thankful that the view from my window is not of a mushroom cloud, and making sure my kids get fed and bathed from time to time, I’ve been going through some of the more elaborate theories floating about regarding the current escalation in Ukraine.

It’s downright impressive how people who were experts in respiratory viruses seem to also be experts in Eastern European geopolitics. Double majors in virology and world history are no mean feat; they must be really good at multi-tasking.

It’s easy to blather on about things you have little knowledge of because if you have little understanding of it, chances are, so does the other guy, and if you’re first out of the gate, then it makes you look smarter even though you aren’t.

It’s like two teenage burger flippers going on and on about why they think Warren Buffet’s stock portfolio is lacking. He’s got the billions; you’re flipping burgers, maybe, just maybe, he knows a bit more when it comes to that particular field.

So, to unburden myself, allow me to make a few points for posterity if nothing else.

1. Not everything you read on the internet is the God’s honest truth.

2. First-hand accounts are always more credible than fourth-hand accounts.

3. Not everything’s a conspiracy; sometimes an apple’s just an apple.

And since it still sticks in my craw, Vladimir Putin did not invade Ukraine to save the children. Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine because the diaper wearer in chief roaming the halls of the White House calling for Jill projected weakness, and for the predators of the world, weakness is an irresistible pheromone.

Even Pudgy Kim is getting in on the act, because why not? What’s a feeble old man retelling stories of yore and reliving memories of children playing with his leg hair going to do about it?

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea, Jr.  

Friday, February 25, 2022

Like No Other

 I don’t believe most people understand what we are about to see; I don’t believe they want to. For most, the bury your head in the sand and pretend nothing is happening model has worked surprisingly well, but eventually, curiosity will get the better of even the most ardent see no evil proponents, and they will have to sneak a peek. There are only so many screams you can hear, and so much burning flesh you can smell before you are forced to open your eyes and see the world for what it is, and not the utopia you pretended it was.

While people are dying and lives are being snuffed out by death from above, the bubble people are still insistent that the biggest crisis of our time is climate change. Even Lurch himself, the quintessential buffoon who married rich came out and said that even though Putin is killing innocent civilians, he hopes it doesn’t detract from him fighting climate change. As long as he can juggle both, well, you know, eggs and omelets. Who cares about the little people being slaughtered when you have ketchup money?

What the John Kerrys and Bette Midlers of the world fail to realize is that this will be a conflict like no other. What I am referring to is not so much the death and destruction that is the byproduct of any conflict, but rather the one thing no one seems to be talking about as yet.

Ask anyone who’s been to war and they will tell you that war is hell. Unless something’s wrong with their wiring, whether it was five years ago or fifty years ago if they were active in a warzone, every veteran will tell you that war is not something anyone should ever want to see.

The nightmares, post-traumatic stress, flashbacks, and panic attacks were reserved for them, exclusive to them, and the only ones who could truly understand what they were going through were others that had also lived through it.

Due to the advent of smartphones, high-definition cameras, and the internet, the horrors of war will be universally experienced by anyone with an internet connection. The nightmares will no longer be reserved for frontline soldiers, and with each passing day, as more vivid scenes of carnage emerge from Ukraine, the depth of imbecility, cruelty, callousness, and disconnect the likes of Bette Midler and John Kerry project will be evident to all.

No, these people should not be ignored, they should be mocked and ridiculed until they slink back into their mansions and never venture out into the sunlight again. Their reaction should make you angry, not indifferent because it is inhumane, absurd, and cruel.

The ugly truth is that most people won’t care until it’s at their doorstep, and when it is they will expect the rest of the world to care. They will continue to find distractions because facing reality is just too taxing on their psyche. You can’t virtue signal your way out of war, and every coddled, pampered, egocentric worthless person this society has created of late will soon find that out.

Just my musings for today. It was either this or punching something. I chose the path of least aggression.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea, Jr.  

Thursday, February 24, 2022


 Have you ever thought you had woken up from one nightmare only to find yourself in another? It’s an odd feeling, this notion of a dream within a dream, and although it might only take a fraction of a second for you to realize that you didn’t actually wake up and that you are still dreaming, it can be disorienting, to say the least.

This morning the world is feeling much the same way, wherein we haven’t fully awoken from one nightmare, only to be plunged into another. There was no time to breathe, to collect ourselves, to assess, take stock, or do the things people do once they’ve survived trauma. We’re back in the deep end with no floaties, and this time a few sharks were thrown in for good measure.

If a generation from now those still left have the necessary critical thinking skill and literacy to write our history, I believe one of the biggest questions with which they will have to contend is whether it was incompetence, hubris, or madness that kept the ruling class from seeing the writing on the wall.

I have always appreciated the specificity of words. They are like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night for me. I think this is why I take umbrage with the notion of redefining words to make them mean whatever you want them to mean. Cold is cold, hot is hot, boys are boys, and girls are girls. There is an undeniable rigidity to vocabulary that cannot be trifled with simply because we don’t like the conclusion it comes to.

I am also a literalist when it comes to Scripture, especially prophetic passages speaking of a then future time. When the Bible warns that everything that can be shaken will be shaken, I take it at face value and assume that everything will be shaken, not just some, a few, or even a majority.

When Jesus spoke of wars and rumors of war during the last days, I live with the expectation of seeing these things play out, but I also take His counsel to heart, and when I see these things I am not troubled, because He told me not to be.

It’s an either-or proposition; Either I believe the Word, take its warnings to heart, and stand firm knowing that we have been told of what is about to unfold beforehand, or we cower in fear and bathe in uncertainty second-guessing ourselves into madness.

Assume that everything will be shaken, and proceed from there. I know it’s not as pleasant as being reassured that you’re not going to be here for the things you’re here for, but then again, there will be no big letdown when everything unfolds before your eyes, and you’re still here.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea, Jr.  

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Full Circle

 Given a long enough time horizon, everything comes full circle. Other than God, who is eternal, all that came from the dust will return to it, no exceptions. We can try to prolong the inevitable, but oftentimes it’s like trying to gather the sand of the sea with a pair of tweezers; time-consuming and impossible.

I guess it makes us feel better, thinking we have control over anything more than the moment we’re currently in, or that we can make the cosmos bend to our wants by force of sheer will. This mindset has given birth to a plethora of cottage industries, from self-help gurus who moonlight as preachers to former fortune cookie insert creators that suddenly became mantra mills to aid cat moms in coping with their loneliness.

The one thing they all have in common is that they pander to whoever they think they can make a buck off of, even though they know they’re lying, and have the sneaking suspicion that you know they’re lying too. It seems as though by some unspoken mutual consent, those being lied to are fine with it as long as the lies they’re being told helps them cope with their current lot.

This goes doubly so for individuals who’ve bought into a specific narrative hook line and sinker.  Rather than face their failure to logically deduce the finer points of the deception they ate up, they’ll embrace anyone who validates their foolishness. Such individuals aren’t open-mindedly seeking the truth; they’re scouring the planet for confirmation bias.

“Tell me I was right even though all evidence points to the contrary. It’s all I’ve got to cling to, and no matter how much reality intrudes upon the narrative, we must hold fast and steer into the iceberg because to do otherwise would be to admit that we believed a lie.”

Certain whispers are floating about, that if proven true, would warrant life sentences in federal prison for many an individual currently reveling in the spotlight and enjoying large sums of money thrown at them for keeping people terrified of their own shadow.

As a spinoff of the old Soviet maxim ‘show me the man and I will find you the crime,’ big pharma seems to have invented the vaccine before creating the virus. Like I said, if proven true and a report put out by DARPA appears to validate the theory, we’re about to descent to yet another circle of Dante’s hell.

You’ve got to give it to them though, Viagra money was running out, and they saw their shot to create a product that wouldn’t be reserved for a specific gender or age bracket. From toddler to centennial, all would be loyal customers every four to six months, because, you know, the sniffles. The only problem with the plan is that it took more than one person to implement it, and keeping secrets is difficult even when only one person is trying, especially big secrets.

I mean, some people even went so far as to shoot themselves in the back of the head multiple times rather than spill the beans on certain political crime families, but that’s another story for another time.

The truth has a funny way of bubbling to the surface eventually. Perhaps this is the reason the powers that be have so vociferously and maniacally insisted that everyone roll up their sleeve sooner rather than later. Perhaps they knew it was only a matter of time before the extent of their criminality was dragged into the light, but by then, it would be too late.  

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea, Jr.