Sunday, September 30, 2007


Too often, it seem we either forget, or choose to lose sight of the fact that this present life, this existence this flesh, and this earth are merely a rest stop on our way to eternity. When this occurs, when we forget that we are homeward bound, simply journeying through this world, we become encumbered with plans, wants and desires for today. We begin to fixate on tomorrow, and rather than live in the blissful intimacy that God offers all of His children, we are wracked with fears and worries, living perpetually disappointed and unfulfilled lives.
Although we should know better, it seems the church itself is more zealous in amassing, storing, and otherwise ensuring itself a comfortable lifestyle for the foreseeable future, than the world is.
We seem to be in a constant tug of war with God, mankind looking up to heaven screaming as far as their voices will carry 'come down', while God looks on, ever merciful, whispering to those who would have ears to hear, 'no, you come up'.
In most modern Christians' relationships with God, there exists a veritable conflict of interest, for while we demand an overabundance of earthly things from God, He continually tries to shift our focus back to the central idea, that He has prepared a place for us, that this is not home, that our hearts should not be tethered to this present life, and that He is waiting with open arms for us to join Him in eternity.
Life will always seem like a pointless exercise, meaningless in and of itself, to those who choose not to contextualize it in the light of eternity, and within God's absolute parameters. Hence the reason for men whom the world deems successful, both financially and in their chosen fields, ending their own lives, overcome with the bitterness and hopelessness of an empty existence.
The fact that this is not our home, should be at the forefront of our daily thoughts as children of God, and as one who longs to be home, we should look forward to that great day with joy and much anticipation.
Until that day however, our course is clear, and our path is sure, and though some may get distracted and sidetracked by the things of this earth, may our eyes always be on Christ, and the desire of our hearts, our heavenly Father's will.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

What The World Needs Now!

A man by the name of Horatius Bonar once wrote, that "it is not opinions that man needs, it is truth, it is not theology that man needs, it is God, and it is not religion that man needs, it is Christ."
More than ever the words ring true, not only for the world but even more so for the church. There is a constant and growing apathy within the house of God, an indifference that permeates everything else but the building fund, and the weekly offering. Shepherds and sheep alike are unconcerned with the spiritual condition of the congregation, as long as there is enough money to put the new addition on the old building, and as long as the sermons are not too controversial, or unconventional, it's fine that they are absent of substance or unscriptural.
The reckoning for this mindset, a mindset that has been nurtured within the house of God for some years now is already upon us, and men are fleeing what we commonly refer to as protestant or charismatic churches, seeking their spiritual nourishment in Orthodoxy or Catholicism.
You can only feed a soul cream puffs and Twinkies for so long, before it realizes that it has grown weak, and is close to death. If the church is unwilling to return to Christ, if it is unwilling to once more embrace substance, if we continue to be enamored and enthralled with the smile of a man, all the while unconcerned with the message he is speaking, this exodus will continue to grow and expand to truly frightening proportions.
Oh that we would once more embrace truth, that we would once more seek Christ, and serve God, that we would once more have the backbone and moral strength to call sin by its name, without taking into account how much the person in question is contributing to the church budget, that we would stop dumbing down the word of God, and preach the unrepentant truth, perhaps there may still be hope.
If we continue to be content with ignorance rather than seek wisdom, if we continue to be satisfied with a counterfeit experience rather than seek a true move of God, if we continue to put our own desires above the will of the almighty Father, then there will be no change, and those who are spiritually malnourished and starving, will seek to be satiated elsewhere.
There is no truth but in Christ, and there is no redemption but at the foot of the cross.
The truth is simply written, for simple people, and simply understood by the simplest among us. All we need to do is point the hungry to the spiritual nourishment that is the Word of God, and let them have their fill.

With love In Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Wisdom Of Others Volume 1

As I have much respect for those who came before me, and relish the wisdom and insight, which by the inspiration of the Holy Sprit they were able to relate, I will be publishing intermitent posts entitled 'the wisdom of others', consisting of short paragraphs, sentences, or entire thoughts, that I feel are spiritually nourishing and relevant.
Today's thoughts come from John Charles Ryle, the first Anglican bishop of Liverpool.

Although most of these thoughts were written between 1856-1859, their actuality is undeniable.

"The love of money is one of the greatest snares to a man's soul. The history of the Church abounds in illustrations of this truth. For money Joseph was sold by his brethren. For money Samson was betrayed to the Philistines. For money Gehazi deceived Naaman, and lied to Elisha. For money the Son of God was delivered into the hands of wicked men.
Let us all be on guard against the love of money. The world is full of it in our days. The plague is abroad.
Thousands who would abhor the idea of worshiping idols are not ashamed to make an idol of money. We are all liable to the infection from the least to the greatest.
We may love money without having it, just as we may have money without loving it.
It is an evil that works very deceitfully. It carries us captive before we are aware of our chains.
Once let it get the mastery, and it will harden, paralyze, scorch, freeze, blight, and wither our souls. It overthrew an apostle of Christ. Let us take heed that it does not overthrow us.
One leak may sink a ship, and one un-mortified sin may ruin a soul.
We ought frequently to call to mind the solemn words, 'What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and lose his own soul?' 'We brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.' Our daily prayer should be, 'Give me neither poverty nor riches. Feed me with the food that is needful for me.'
Our constant aim should be to be rich in grace.
Those who 'will be rich' in worldly possessions often find at last that they have made the worst of bargains. Like Esau, they have bartered an eternal portion for a little temporary gratification. Like Judas Iscariot, they have sold themselves to everlasting perdition!" - 1856

"From no quarter has Christianity received such damage as it has from the hands of its own teachers! On no point have its teachers erred so much, and so often, as in the matter of worldliness and luxury of life.
They have often destroyed, by their very lives, the whole work of their lips. They have given occasion to the enemies of religion to say, that they love ease, and money, and worldly things, far more than souls.
From such ministers may we pray daily that the Church may be delivered! They are a living stumbling block in the way to heaven. They are helpers to the cause of the devil, and not of God. The preacher whose affections are set on money, dress, feasting, and pleasure seeking, has clearly mistaken his vocation. He has forgotten his Master's instructions." -1858

"High offices in the church do not preserve the holders of them from great blindness and sin. The first step in putting Christ to death, was taken by the religious teaches of the Jewish nation. The very men who ought to have welcomed the Messiah, were the men who conspired to kill Him. The very pastors who ought to have rejoiced at the appearing of the Lamb of God, had the chief hand in slaying Him! These were the very men who crucified the Lord of glory! With all their boasted knowledge, they were far more ignorant than the few Galilean fishermen who followed Christ!
Let us beware of attaching an excessive importance to ministers of religion because of their office. Ordination and office confer no exemption from error.
The greatest heresies have been sown, and the greatest practical abuses introduced into the church, by ordained men!
We must test all teachers by the unerring rule of the Word of God. It matters little who says a thing in religion. But it matters greatly what it is that is said.
Is it Scriptural?
Is it true?
This is the only question.
The lengths to which men may go in religion, and yet be without grace, is far greater than we suppose." - 1858

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

Something For Nothing

My wife once told me I'm one of those people who can see a flood in raindrop, an avalanche in a snowflake, or a mudslide in a speck of dirt. I think what she meant, is that it doesn't take much to get my wheels spinning, and just seeing a flash of something in my peripheral vision gets me thinking.
I was in the local supermarket last night, doing some grocery shopping, and to the gentleman who joked about the bullet proof vest and bodyguards in his comment, no I do not have a personal shopper, and yes, I do buy my own groceries, I noticed a big display wherein you could win a brand new car if you wrote your name and address on a slip of paper, and put it in the box they provided for you. In passing, I noticed there was actually a line, and that got me thinking.
Most people in this world want something for nothing, or at the very least, a substantial return on a somewhat insignificant investment. Entire cities are built on the vain hope of easy money, entire industries thrive because of it, and now, many churches are flourishing because of the same ideals and worldly principles.
The math, simple as it may seem is eerily reminiscent of the pyramid schemes of old. Give God a dollar, and he'll give you ten, ten will get you a hundred, and if you have a spare thousand laying around, you get to go to the big show, the mega winner circle, and get a whopping two thousand percent return.
Some years ago an innovative wolf in sheep's clothing realized that greed sells better than righteousness, that preaching avarice and excess draws a bigger crowd than preaching humility and holiness, and a new industry was spawned. Yes, the cult of greed and easy money is drawing big crowds, but at what cost to spirituality? Mega churches are filled to capacity, but at what cost to the individual preparation of the soul for the years of famine that are about to descend?
Giving, whatever it may be, whether you time, or your money, is no longer a sweet smelling sacrifice on the altar of God, but an investment in your financial future, with the expectation of unrealistic returns.
Much of the church has become nothing more than a well run pyramid scheme, wherein the top tier is reaping the rewards, getting rich, and living like superstars, while the bottom tier is still waiting for the much lauded, and promised financial breakthrough.
I have nothing against giving, in fact I give until it hurts, because I realize there are millions of people worse off than myself in this world, who are literally starving and hoping for a crust of bread, but when I give, I give because it's the right thing to do, because I have been called to be my Master's hands in this world, not because I am excepting a thousand percent return on the ten dollar meal I just bought the homeless man begging on the street corner.
God knows the intent of the heart, and though one may give millions with the wrong intent, and his sacrifice will not be received, another may give a glass of water to a thirsty soul, his sacrifice will be received, and remembered for all eternity.
There are no tickets for sale to heaven, they are by special invitation only, and the sooner the sheep realize that only by surrendering their hearts will they be invited into their eternal rest, the sooner we will be able to put an end to the madness, and stop the wolves from taking advantage of their weakness, and abusing their trust.
God's money is to be used for God's work, not for one or two individuals to live lavish lifestyles, and if the reason you open your heart, and give to the ministry isn't to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, and to spread the gospel, but rather because the man in the shiny suit and pearly white teeth on the television set promised you a winning lotto ticket, it's all for naught.
The few, will always play on the greed and desires of the many, but as children of God, the only thing we should be greedy for is more of Christ, and the Word, and the only thing we should desire is eternity with Him.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What Price Salvation?

Salvation isn't free because it is cheap, on the contrary, it is free because it is priceless.
If you took the accumulated wealth of all the world's richest men, in fact if one took all the world's accumulated wealth, and if the world would unanimously pick one person for whom it would attempt to purchase salvation, the sum would be woefully insufficient.
It is because too often, men consider free salvation to be synonymous with cheap salvation that they deem raising a limp hand in a church service more than enough to ensure their eternal place with God. Without much thought as to the true worth of such a gift, many simply 'cover their bases', just in case all this talk about heaven and hell turns out to be true, and figuring that raising a hand in a stadium is easy enough, they merrily shuffle up to the podium and repeat a few words never realizing the depth of what is being offered them.
In order to obtain our pardon, in order for mankind to receive the salvation that so many take for granted and treat with such indifference, the only Son of the eternal God suffered, bled and died on a cross. Jesus suffered separation from the Father, so we wouldn't have to, took our sins upon Himself that we may be redeemed, and such a gift is priceless indeed.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The General Slumber

All were asleep in the Temple. The prophet who had come to chastise Eli, who had troubled his slumber and reminded him of the chaos his family had become, had departed. He had mildly chastened his offspring, eaten well, and now the great priest was asleep.
The Word was rare in those days, as was the truth, and men had not heard a substantive sermon in many years. The visions, the prophecies, the revelations were sporadic at best, and the lamp of God flickered weakly. Eli's eyes grew dim, there was no king in Israel, and everyone did as they pleased; there was no order, there was no law. The ark of the covenant was close to being taken captive, the people close to being conquered, but this would all happen tomorrow; today they slumbered.
If the great priest allowed himself such a deep and restful sleep, why then would young Samuel be awake and watchful? Yes, Samuel slept also, dreaming of the childhood he'd never had, because he had spent his entire life in the Temple. He had never kicked a ball with the enthusiasm of youth, didn't know what the movies were, never touched a computer keypad, or ridden shotgun in his father's car. The only path he knew was the one that led from the sacrifice to the altar. His younger years had not been regaled with stories of talking bears and princesses, but of a people who were enslaved, a Red Sea, a desert and a victory.
Still, all these were merely stories, were they not? Could we once more hope to feel His presence, to hear His voice, to know His will? Perhaps, but for now there was only sleep. All slumbered, the spirit, the soul, the flesh and reason itself. The whole of the Temple was nothing more than a hotel, filled to capacity with tired and vision less men.
Then he heard the voice! Young Samuel did not recognize the voice, because when one slumbers, the spiritual snoring is louder than the Voice. Confusion is birthed when reason slumbers, becoming a monster that troubles not only earth but the heavens. Young Samuel rushes to Eli's bed, and wiping the sleep from his eyes, Eli realizes a surprise inspection had just taken place, and the guards, the watchmen, and the sentinels had been found asleep.
We are reliving the drama of spiritual slumber, wherein there is no vision, but a waking nightmare, a season where no one goes forth with the Gospel, but rather with their own ideology, the services are stale, the methods stereotypical, the eyes dim, the music confusing, the sick returning to their homes just as they arrived, and those searching for truth unable to find it anywhere.
The few voices crying out 'repent' until their vocal chords give out are dismissed a fools, lunatics, products of a bygone era unwilling to conform to the new gospel, because the slumber is too comfortable, all consuming, and the reality that is quickly eroding the dreams of riches and prosperity, can be put off, if only for one more day.
If the guards, sentinels, and watchmen slumber, how can we expect the sheep to be vigilant? If those that have been entrusted with the upkeep, and care of the Temple only use it to fill their stomachs, and bank accounts, and see such a heavy responsibility only as a means of achieving financial independence, what can we ask of those who merely grace the steps of said Temple intermittently?
If salvation were collective, truly, all would be lost, but just as there was one who heard the voice of God, just as there was one, who was willing to stand in the gap, we are called as individuals to know the voice of our Father, to do His will, and obey His voice. Those who slumber will continue to do so, but this does not give us the right, or excuse us of the individual accountability we have toward God to be watchful, and ready.
Perhaps some of us need to be shocked into wakefulness, while others, energized to continue being vigilant, but the one commonality we all share, is that we need to listen for the Voice, that we not miss it in the tumult and chaos that is this present life, and that we recognize the true dangers of spiritual slumber.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

The Filter

As with all things in the universe, there must be a balance, an equilibrium between what we as children of God choose to believe, and what we choose to reject outright. There are those who call themselves Christians, that choose to believe everything they hear, from the mouth of any man or woman who introduces themselves as a minister of the gospel, then there are those who choose to believe nothing at all, so set in their ways and in their doctrines, that even though one tries to Biblically demonstrate the error they are believing they refuse to receive it.
I know it is difficult to know what to believe, especially when ten different preachers put out a DVD teaching series on the same topic, during the same week, differing wildly in their opinions and conclusions, but if we would take the time to filter said teachings through the Word of God, choosing good and wholesome spiritual nourishment would become much easier.
I am often asked, whether by telephone, e-mail, or letters I receive at the Hand of Help office, what my opinion is concerning a preacher or a ministry, a doctrine or a teaching, and the only answer I can give, is use the filter. Even when someone we trust vouches for a minister, or a ministry it isn't good enough.
In my opinion, we need to reignite the philosophy of personal accountability in the house of God once more, and be responsible as individuals for the teachings we receive and allow to guide our walk toward eternity.
One thing is certain, if we use the Word of God as our truth detector, as our filter, we will not be deceived. Men can get it wrong, and they often do, especially those who have hidden motives, and personal interests, but the Word of God has no such hidden motives, and its only agenda is that we as individual servants, know the fullness of our God, and establish a deeper and more intimate relationship with Him.
As a friend who is in the twilight of his years so plainly put it, there are many wolves out there, and the Word of God is our only defense we have against them. Wolves fear the truth. Just as in the wild, when a wolf perceives that you are a dangerous foe, that you are strong enough to withstand its attacks and even hurt it, it will simply seek out easier prey.
In retrospect, I think a better title for this post would have been 'don't be the prey', but there is time, and much more to say on this subject. The simple truth is that the children of God should never be prey for the wolves, but conquerors, emboldened by the knowledge that they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

Monday, September 24, 2007

A Few Grains Of Error

I woke up this morning, and started leafing through one of my old notebooks, reading a few excerpts here and there and meditating on the Word. Since early childhood I've been in the habit of writing down interesting ideas, snippets from books, short sentences, and other bits and pieces in notebooks, and I have amassed quite a collection of what I considered to be moving and introspective wisdom.
As I was leafing through one of the notebooks this morning, I happened upon a passage written by a man by the name of Joseph Charles Philpot, who died in 1869. As with most words of wisdom his words as pertaining to the following paragraphs are timeless, and since I could not have worded it better myself, I will quote the man outright.

"No one can take even a few grains of error with impunity - it will stupefy - if it does not kill; it will weaken the soul - if it does not at once destroy life. It will and must affect his head or his heart - his hands or his feet - his faith or his walk. No man can drink down error and the spirit of error without being injured - his spiritual strength weakened - and his spiritual limbs paralyzed.
We are to beware of error as we would of poison! There is something in error alluring, as well as sweet to the carnal mind. Many a child has been allured by poisonous berries - first to taste, and when tasted, their sweetness has drawn it on largely to eat. Let error once hang down its alluring berries from the pulpit - there are plenty in the congregation to pluck and eat. Therefore beware of error - and of erroneous men! I am jealous of error in proportion as I love and value the truth." Joseph Charles Philpot (1802-1868)

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thoughts Volume 2

In our attempt to reinvent God, we have stripped Him of every semblance of sovereignty, omnipotence and authority.

We have reshaped, remodeled, remade and reconstructed God in our image, and though the flesh may be pleased with this outcome, the spirit weeps bitter tears.

Why this constant need to mold God in our image rather than submit ourselves and allow Him to mold us in His own?

With growing dread we see that the days are upon us. We recognize the finite detail in which the prophets of old foresaw the future of humanity, yet indifference still plagues us.

The glory of God, and the glory of this word are two mutually exclusive ideas. One cannot embrace both ideals.

Outside of God, there is no truth. If truth then, is singular and transcendent in its essence, its home lies neither in science, philosophy, or art.

Theological thought is rare in a nation wrought with excess. We have no vocation, and we invoke God only inasmuch as we need Him to bless our business, our marriage, or our endeavors.

Jesus Christ is the eternity that defines history.

Faith is not about believing the plausible, but seeing the impossible.

We glory in ourselves for the smallest act of kindness we show to others, but fail to glory God for all that He does on a daily basis. Truly, the wretchedness of the human heart knows no limits.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cleaning House

I am not by any stretch of the imagination a clean freak. There are moments however, when the proverbial straw breaks the proverbial camel's back, and I begin to truly see just how much 'stuff' has acumulated over a given period of time. Although I don't much like it, and would prefer to sit on the couch with my Bible, or a good book, there are times when I bite the bullet and clean. This week, after having returned from Romania I noticed there wasn't any more space in my closet, and decided it was time to do a bit of cleaning.
I realize thus far this article seems mundane, but as I was pulling t-shirts, and neckties from underneath empty shoe boxes, I realized the spiritual implications of 'cleaning house'.
This could be a much longer article, but since I assume many of you value your time as much as I do, I will proceed with the highlight, the bare bones of the thoughts that were running through my head.
1. Just as a closet would, the human heart has a limited capacity, and we never realize just how much 'stuff' there is inside until we take the time and do an inventory, go through everything item by item and assess their worth and their necessity.
2. Only when we take a step back and see the full picture, are we awakened to the truth that some of the things in our closets, as well as our hearts, are truly worthless, and they only serve to clutter.
3. It's pointless to start cleaning house, whether literally or symbolically, if we've already decided we are unwilling to part with any of the things stored there.
4. Although our closets do not come with a cleaning service, every human heart does. It's a one man operation open year round, twenty four hours a day, and as an added bonus, it is free of charge. All we need to do is invite Him in, and let Him do what He does best, clean, purify, and prepare our vessel for the permanent resident that will shortly inhabit our hearts, namely the Holy Spirit.
5. Even though it may be hard at times, to part with the old stuff, the clutter of our hearts, the vices and habits that make us less than acceptable in His eyes, we must do so, knowing that the end result will be something pure, something clean, a place where the Son of God will feel welcome and at home.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

Friday, September 21, 2007

An Issue Of Trust

I woke up this morning thinking about trust, what it means to trust, and how often we fall short of trusting our heavenly Father even though we know He has the best of intentions toward us, His beloved children.
It seems, that too often we trust men rather than God more frequently and with greater fervor, even though time and time again men have failed us, betrayed us, fallen short of our expectations and disappointed us. These are all human traits, human faults and shortcomings, none of which are found in God. It is His solemn promise that He will never leave us, or forsake us, that He will always be there, and that His hand will guide us on the straight and narrow path of faith. Why then is it, that as human beings we have the tendency to dismiss the promises of God, and run back into the arms of men who only recently disappointed and abused said trust?
Th issue of trust is an all or nothing matter. Either we trust God in everything, or we trust him in nothing at all.
We cannot pick and choose the circumstances in which we choose to trust God, and rely our own ingenuity in others. Partial trust, is no trust at all, and God will accept nothing less than complete surrender in every area of our lives.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thoughts Volume 1

Love delights in truth.

May God never allow me to be temporarily, what I cannot be in perpetuity.

If every man who's had a momentary glimpse of goodness was truly good, then good men would not be so rare in the world.

It is not good deeds that make a man good and just, but rather a good and just man performs good deeds.

Christ must be visible in those He inhabits. He cannot remain hidden. How can the sun be hid in midday?

Selflessness is a virtue most necessary in today's day and age.

Faith is the foundation of spiritual wisdom.

Counterfeit spirituality is veiled sin. True spirituality can only be achieved in righteousness.

To those who possess true faith, God is sufficient.

Fellowship with God is birthed in humility. Often, we approach God in the flesh, considering ourselves to be wiser than He, demanding of god in our pride things that could only bring us harm.

There is nothing more criminal than to infuse the Word of God with our own opinions.

It is impossible to attain wisdom, without living wisely.

God does all things with purpose.

Men of faith honor God, and God in turn, honors men of faith.

Life and death hang in the balance of our teachings. If the teaching is pure, it will inevitably lead you on the path of righteousness, toward Christ Jesus. If the teaching is false, it will lead you on the path of deception, toward darkness and death. Cling to Christ, and know everlasting truth.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

Semantics Notwithstanding

Although they may sound similar there is a great chasm that separates contemplative spirituality, and spiritual contemplation. It seems more and more Christians today, choose not to meditate and contemplate the spiritual, they avoid seeking a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God, writing off what amounts to terminal laziness, as being cautious and guarded against the modern day wave of contemplative spirituality.
In a nutshell, contemplative spirituality is the teaching that spiritual growth and true spirituality occur by contemplation not of Christ, scripture or the cross, but rather on inward meditation and repetitive mantras. I wholeheartedly agree with the notion that it is a dangerous practice for anyone seeking greater intimacy with God, but too often we confuse spiritual contemplation, with contemplative spirituality.
It is a good thing to meditate on Christ, the cross, salvation, redemption, righteousness, holiness, and sanctification; It is a good thing to spend time in prayer, in reading the Word, in learning to hear the voice of the good Shepherd, for these are the things that lie at the foundation of our relationship with Him.
Although deception may abound, even within the house of God, although alternatives to true godliness can be found on nearly every street corner, although with each passing day it seems to get a bit easier to get into heaven, and less sacrifice is demanded of those who want to get there, the cross, the blood, and the promise remain a safe harbor for us to contemplate.
Every true believer must endeavor to grow, to mature, to ascend from glory to glory, and grace to grace, for this journey upon which we have embarked demands that we not be static, that we remain in a constant state of motion, pressing ever onward toward the great prize.
God will always point out the snares and pitfalls to the pure of heart, and to those who with humility and sincerity kneel at the foot of the cross, desiring nothing more than to worship and praise Him forevermore.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

New Frontiers

For some time now, I have been looking for a way to communicate with you, the readers of the Hand of Help website, on a more basic and intimate level. I have also been looking for a means by which I might post certain thoughts and insights not long enough to be articles on the website, but at the same time too important to let sit scrawled in notebooks gathering dust.
Some time ago, a friend suggested starting a weblog, and having stored the suggestion somewhere in the back of my mind, it only recently resurfaced.
I'll be the first to admit I am not one to embrace technology with glee as most my age have done, in fact it is with great resistance and turpitude that I have been dragged into the twenty first century. Nevertheless, here we are, embarking on a new voyage, one that will hopefully serve to feed those in search of spiritual nourishment, and allow me to get a better sense of the topics you would like to see discussed in greater detail on the Hand of Help website.
My schedule, and time permitting, I will endeavor to post something on a daily basis, even if it's only a random thought or a verse that stayed with me from my time of fellowship and intimacy with God, the night before.
Thank you for taking the time to visit, to peruse, and to comment, and may we grow in God together, as we journey home.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.