Thursday, December 27, 2018


My youngest daughter can play with an empty gallon jug of water for hours. She’ll push it across the floor pretending it’s a train, she’ll bang it on the floor pretending it’s a drum, she’ll take the top off and try to peek in to see if there’s any water left, she’ll try to throw it up in the air to see what sound it makes when it comes crashing back to earth, and every time she gets her hands on an empty jug, she’s in her own little world.

Yesterday, while her mother was running some errands, I brought her into my office and let her play on the floor. I watched her out of the corner of my eye as she played with such complete contentment plastered on her face, that I understood what true contentment really was.

True contentment is not simply saying that we are content when in point of fact we are wrestling with issues in our hearts. It is not plastering a smile and nodding along to positive affirmations while we are racking our brains endlessly trying to figure out the pieces to a puzzle so complex its very scope escapes our understanding.

The Word tells us that godliness with contentment is great gain. The two must be coupled, intertwined, and matured as one in order for optimal gain to occur. While many of us strive for godliness, the number of those who strive for contentment is frightfully small.

No matter how much we pursue godliness, many of us are still ill at ease, trying to figure out the mysteries that will not be revealed until seals are broken, and that which was kept in the shadows will be brought to the light.

Contentment is a priceless virtue, especially in times such as these wherein it’s easy to let one’s mind wander, and attempt to make connections that are tenuous at best.

Be content in godliness. Be singularly focused on godliness, and allow it to nourish your spiritual man to the point that you will not inquire as to what will be tomorrow, but rejoice in the fulfillment of contentment for all that God is to you today.

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of the next thing, the next message, the next warning, the next prophecy, and we become so addicted to what’s next that we lose our peace in the present. God is as in control over tomorrow as He was over yesterday and as He is over today. We pursue godliness because we want to deepen the bond of fellowship with Him, not because we may get some insider information on what will occur in the future.

Yes, I believe in the prophetic, I believe in dreams, in visions, in revelation and in God speaking through certain vessels regarding what is to come, but what I do not believe in is chasing after revelation rather than after Christ.

It is not prophecy with contentment that is great gain, nor is it visions with contentment, or dreams with contentment for that matter. It is godliness with contentment that is great gain, and it is the principle thing we must focus on.

Build up contentment in your heart to the point that it is not a forced mimicking of it for the sake of those watching, but something pure, and true and honest, something sincere that is as evident in you, as is my daughter’s contentment each time she gets her hand son an empty gallon jug.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Forest, The Trees, & The Baby Jesus!

I woke up with a message in my inbox this morning informing me that just because I’d mentioned Christmas in some interview or another, I was now on a one way, non-refundable trip to the bowels of Hades itself, wherein I would be the enemy’s footstool for millennia on end.

That was it! My fate was sealed, I was doomed, and I would evermore suffer the torments of hell itself because I dared to utter the word Christmas, and even intimated that people should have a merry one. How dare I? How dare I wish people a Merry Christmas?

Just for the sake of context, I said nothing about Santa, Christmas trees, presents, egg nog, reindeer, yule logs, stockings, or other such accoutrement usually associated with Christmas by those who fail to grasp that it’s about the birth of Christ, and nothing else.

I actually went back and listened to what I said, and all I said was that it was a good time of year to be more introspective, and meditate upon what the birth of Christ meant for mankind, as well as it being a good opportunity to share Christ with those who as yet to do not know Him.

I was going to let this go, as is the case with most of the negative correspondence I get from individuals who have taken to being one-man outrage armies, but this caught me on a bad day, so here we go:

If you’re myopic enough not to see that sentencing people to hell for celebrating the birth of Christ, even if He wasn’t really born on December 25th, is a bit rash if not outright nutty, then you are likely doing more harm to the body of Christ than any atheist who mocks and insists that there is no God.

If you’re myopic enough not to see the forest for the trees and refuse to acknowledge that you are attempting to dishearten the hearts of the righteous by your insistence that if they don’t get in line behind you and say as you say they are somehow disqualified from the Kingdom, then there is evil in your heart that needs to be repented of.

If you’re myopic enough not to see that self-sensor regarding speaking the name of Christ, and sparking a conversation regarding His sovereignty no matter the context is counterproductive to the mandate of sharing Jesus with one and all, then you are helping in the decline of Christianity in the western world.

Churches are closing down by the thousands, atheists, witches, warlocks and all manner of evil are seeing a swelling of their ranks, but yes, the hill we should all be willing to die on is sending anyone who would utter the words ‘Merry Christmas’ to hell. Good job! Well done! No wonder the church is in the shape it’s in.

Oh, and by the way, Merry Christmas!

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Underneath It All

Those who are even halfway awake are aware of the battle that is raging. It is a war that is being waged on multiple fronts, but unsurprisingly, for the same common goal and purpose. What’s worse, is that even many so-called Christians, who would betray Christ Himself in order to be liked by the world, are lending their voices in support of the minions of darkness, not understanding the reason behind the reason certain things are being shoved down the throats of an unsuspecting and oftentimes unwelcoming public.

Whether it’s this seemingly out of nowhere push to embrace transgenderism even in children as young as five, to the rejection of gender being a binary absolute, to the dismantling of the family, to the forced abdication of authority by men as the heads of their homes, one common purpose binds them all, and that purpose is the undermining of God’s sovereignty, authority, and omnipotence.

If you believe that the reason sixty-seven genders are being pushed as the new normal simply because we want to be inclusive of every mentally deranged person out there, I’ve got some stunning beachfront to sell you in Arizona that is woefully under-priced.

When people are losing their jobs, their livelihood, their reputations, and their ability to support their families because they object to the idea of watching a girl take a shower in the boy’s locker room simply because she feels like a boy, it’s no longer about being tolerant and inclusionary, it’s about submitting to the new normal, or being crushed underfoot. Their desire is not to coexist as a minority, but to lord over the majority, employing fear and intimidation as the ever present sword of Damocles, ready to swing at the merest whisper of dissent.

And underneath it all, when you peel back the layers of this rotten onion, it’s not about tolerance, it’s not about acceptance, it’s not about embracing people who are different, it’s about spitting in God’s eye, and insisting that by sheer force of human will alone we can make God out to be a liar.

“God created man and woman? Really? What about the 65 other genders? Where did they come from?”

“Man is fearfully and wonderfully made? Really? What about those who are born with male parts but feel like women?”

“Family is optimal for civilization? Are you saying that all those single mothers are less than optimal?”

“Fathers need to be the head of their household? What are you, some closet supporter of the patriarchy?”

And so it goes, straw man after straw man, all intended to chip away at the God of the Bible, and His sovereignty. Make no mistake, this is the endgame. This is the reason behind the reason we are seeing this descent into insanity in our culture, and if the church does not begin to do what it has been tasked with doing all along, which is be an anchor firmly planted in sanity, this madness will only grow, escalate, and metastasize.

You have an eleven-year-old boy, dressed in drag, dancing on stage in a gay bar, and rather than condemn the parents, rather than condemn all those pedophilic perverts who threw money at a boy dressed as a girl who wasn’t even a teenager yet, it is being praised as trailblazing, progressive, the height of tolerance and virtue.

And where’s the church? Silent as always!

Oh, I’m sure we’ll find some so-called pastor wearing skinny jeans and horn rimmed glasses encouraging us to be tolerant and embracing of such madness, or defending the child’s right to self-expression even though he is far too young to understand the context of what he participated in, or that he had been sexualized by perverted hedonists.

The voices of sanity, however, seem to have gone away, busy doing other things, or voluntarily grown quiet for fear of being targeted by the outrage mob, and being called a hater or some sort of phobe. Understand that this is their go to when they have no rational argument supporting the insanity they’ve embraced. They lash out mercilessly, trying to make an example of anyone who would stand against the tide, hoping that the vast majority of decent, rational folks will learn their lesson and keep their mouths shut.

If the progression of what we are seeing is not troubling to you, then you should check your pulse; You may just be dead!

The rubber band keeps getting stretched, and increasingly vile and aberrant practices are being championed and embraced. We are literally flirting with the idea of normalizing and mainstreaming pedophilia, and still the church says nothing.

How will we stand before a sovereign God with any reasonable expectation of hearing well done thou good and faithful servant? That is the question many churches ought to be wrestling with today.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Monday, December 17, 2018

The Disruptive Constant

Throughout history there has always been something or someone that came seemingly out of nowhere, to disrupt the status quo. When it was an individual it was like a starburst in pitch black night, blinding, otherworldly, unavoidable. When it was a movement, an invention, or a new technology, those who are first to see them for what they are get on board, and those who do not are left scratching their heads and bemoaning their decisions as they watch what they thought was stable, secure, and indestructible turn to rubble before their very eyes.

Either way, those who do not live with the expectation of the disruptive constant always seem to get blindsided, and those who do, always seem to be nimble enough to see it coming, and react early enough wherein they are not negatively affected.

A wise man lives with the expectation of change, and hedges against it. A fool goes along with the ebb and flow of the tide, never finding himself on sure footing, never truly being at peace, because he is always living in an environment of uncertainty.

It used to be that disruptive change occurred once every century or so. Buggy whip makers had a hard go of it when Henry Ford unveiled his assembly line for automobiles, but there was nothing that came along five years later that upended the automobile industry.

Nowadays, it seems disruptive change is occurring at the speed of sound, and everywhere you turn, something is being upended and turned inside out. Whether it’s politics, the way people shop, the way people travel, the way people date, or the way people interact, it has all been upended, and just when you think you’ve found your footing, it gets put through the blender once more, and is revamped anew.

Because of the ever present disruption, change, uncertainty and volatility, more and more people are looking for something stable, constant, and unchanging. They are looking to invest their time, their energy, their heart, and their life in something of permanence, that will not be turned on its ear in a matter of months, and be altogether worthless within a few years’ time.

There is permanence in Christ. By His own word He is unchanging, and in Him there is no shadow of turning. There is no disruptive force, nor individual that can cause God to alter His plans against His will, and knowing this, we know that He will always be stable, a constant, the true north for the human soul.
And yet, somehow, rather than optimize our message to showcase the permanence of our God, we are trying to follow in the world’s footsteps, attempting to find new ways to rebrand, repackage, and remake the eternal God of all that is. We have concluded, and erroneously so, that if everything in the world is in a disruptive pattern, God must be as well if we hope to reconnect Him with mankind.

God will not be remade in man’s image, no matter how much the soothsayers might want it so. God will not acquiesce to calling sin something other than what it is because political correctness demands it. God will not be manipulated, cajoled, worn down, or otherwise deterred from keeping His promises, and judging righteously among all nations.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Fake News and True Facts

It was bound to happen. It was only a matter of time and everyone knew it. Some were holding their breaths waiting for the inevitable, while others steeled themselves, hoping they wouldn’t be the ones on the receiving end. It’s not selfish. It’s just pragmatic. I would rather something happen somewhere else, far from my family and loved ones, than to my family and loved ones, and I think that’s a shared sentiment the world over no matter how selfless one might consider themselves to be.

Those who thought the last time was the last time were proven wrong, and those who hoped against hope that it wouldn’t happen again, had their hopes shattered by the sharp edges of reality. As I said, we all knew it. We all knew that a white Christian male was, at some point, going to walk into another public place where there were sure to be innocent women and children, and yelling “Merry Christmas” at the top of his lungs mercilessly open fire on unsuspecting shoppers.

Oh wait! That has happened a total of never! Never once has a Christian, white male or otherwise, walked into a crowded market and opened fire on people who wanted to do nothing more than buy some overpriced trinkets, and perhaps take a picture with a giant turkey leg. The absurdity of it all is that the only unknown factors were the where and the when, never whether or not another of these tragedies would once more play out on the world stage, or what the general profile of the individual who would carry it out would likely end up being. Spoiler alert: It was not a white Christian male!

In case you haven’t heard, the latest place to witness firsthand the viciousness of the acolytes of the world’s most peaceful religion was Strasbourg France. It was at a Christmas market, and a couple dozen thunderclaps later, three people will never see another sunrise, and a dozen or so will never forget that particular day for as long as they live.

We are told by propagandists masquerading as journalists that the most dangerous demographic currently inhabiting planet earth is white Christian men, but for the life of me I can’t find the data to back up this assertion no matter how hard I try.

Don’t get me wrong. Data exists as to the demographic responsible for the overwhelming percentage of terrorist attacks in our modern era, but it’s not white Christian men. Numbers don’t lie, and facts are stubborn things no matter how many talking heads want to pretend otherwise.

This particular ambassador of the religion of peace was radicalized in prison, something he was accustomed to even at the relatively young age of 29. He walked into a Christmas market intent on taking lives in the name of Allah, yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ before opening fire. This is the reality of this tragedy, no matter how much some might try to whitewash, obfuscate, or otherwise ignore certain key facts.

Personally, I’m waiting for the first shark jumper in the media to insinuate that these men who are shooting up Christmas markets and running over people with their cars are actually Christians pretending to be Muslims in order to give Islam a bad name. Think that’s a little far fetched? Just you wait! Nobody believed people would get ostracized for insisting that gender is binary either, but here we are, and fully grown adults with what appears to be fully formed and functioning brains, are trying to convince other fully grown adults with fully formed and functioning brains that rather than two genders there are now 63.

This is what godlessness has wrought. Young men radicalized into taking the lives of people they’ve never even met for no other reason than to glorify a dead god, men stripped of reason regurgitating absurdity until they start to believe it as truth, disillusionment with everything, and an inability to relish and appreciate the simple things in life. Throw in an ever increasing suicide rate among every age demographic, and this supposed utopia we’re all racing toward seems like nothing less than hell itself.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Broken Backs and Stale Baguettes

If ever there was a nation of people more docile and all-embracing of the idea of globalism than the French, I have yet to come across it. It mattered not what the latest lunacy that came frothing from the mouths of self-titled experts was, the French lapped it up and begged for seconds.

Outlaw plastic, carbon, cars, planes, and toilet paper? Sure, of course, makes sense. Sign us up. We’ll even throw in cow flatulence and outdoor grills for good measure. And so the globalist agenda proceeded unchecked, unopposed, and largely praised by a populace that has been propagandized and culled to the point of perfectly mimicking a lobotomized individual who can do little more than drool on themselves and wait for their next government check to come in the mail.

Then something happened. It was unexpected, and caught the entire global elite by surprise. It was not something they foresaw, it is not something they planned for, and it is not something they ever imagined would occur in France of all places.

So great was the strain on the backs of the lobotomized masses, that something snapped. It was the proverbial straw added to the back of the proverbial camel, and all the pent up rage, anxiety, anger, disappointment and fear poured forth like a rush of water breaking a dam.

The straw could have been anything, but it just so happened to be a gas tax. This was it! The last insult, the last governmental leech to bleed the host just a little, because there is a fine balance between taxing the masses just enough to keep them clocking in to work and being good little automatons, and taking one cent more than they are willing to fork over because they’ve realized there’s more of their hard earned money going to government than to their own families.

And so the lowly masses raged, and their wrath would not be satiated by the scrapping of the new tax, nor by the call for holiday bonuses by employers who could afford it.

Unfortunately, because they had for so long allowed incompetent, mentally deficient individuals to pass laws and dictate policies, when it came time to take to the streets, rage, stale baguettes, and body odor is all the French had to stand against a tyrannical government.

We must come to terms with the undeniable reality that any time there is a push for new legislation, or for a new limitation on the individual’s rights in this country, the reason put forth isn’t really The Reason. There is always a secondary objective, a secondary motivation as to why certain things are pushed and encouraged, that is far more sinister than the one being presented.

Rage as they might, the most the French people can do at this juncture is throw a few brick and burn down their own neighborhoods. They’ve abdicated both self-governance and the ability to defend themselves and their loved ones, and now they must suffer at the whims of tyrants and miscreants, because though they are told they have a voice and are being heard, the truth of the matter is that once control is had, those in control will still do what they want when they want it.

This is why America vexes them so. They cannot accomplish their agenda as long as the average citizen still has the ability to defend himself. This is why they rage so, this is why they are frothing at the mouth, this is why an actual member of the United States House of Representatives warned gun owners that if they plan to resist, the government has nukes, so it would be a short lived fight.

The French can’t undo what they have done. Their fate is sealed, as is the fate of every nation that has surrendered their rights to the globalist cabal. While this nation still has its sovereignty, while this nation still has its rights, we can either acknowledge that the fight is real, or brew a nice cup of sleepy time tea and go back to sleep until we, like the French, get our backs broken and start manifesting our impotent rage in the streets to no avail.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Dusting Off The Ole' Blog!

I don’t believe in multi-tasking. Allow me to rephrase: I don’t believe that multi-tasking works. I’ve met people, my wife included, who insist that they can do two things simultaneously and equally well, but no matter how insistent such individuals are, my skepticism is not abated.

I have tried to multi task and I have utterly failed at it. What ends up happening is rather than two tasks being done equally well, two tasks get done shoddily, almost embarrassingly so, to the point that it takes me twice as long to go back and fix the jobs I attempted to multi-task, as it would have taken me to focus on a single task until it was completed.

I have been busy. That is the good news. The bad news, as is readily discernible, is that certain things I used to do regularly have been placed on the back burner. This blog is one of those things, and it has been a long time since I’ve sat down to write something exclusively for the blog.

While I was away I’ve nearly completed the next book that I will be releasing entitled The Battle Tested Believer, but with this project nearing its end I thought it a good time to dust off the ole’ blog, and get back into the regular rhythm of posting on here.

Much is happening in this world of ours, and not much of it is good or positive. Prophetic events are flying by faster than we can catalog them, and it seems the church has once more taken its default position of comfortable numbness, and blissful sleep.

To be perfectly frank, I also need a place to vent since I can tell by her facial expressions that bending my wife’s ear on a regular basis has become less than fun for her. She suffers me, as all wives likely do, but I can tell that the well of her patience is by no means bottomless, and I’m nearing the bottom. Yes, I say these things in jest, so no marriage advice needed.

My youngest daughter turned 1 last week. She is shuffling around, determined to keep her balance, discovering a world that was heretofore closed off to her. I watch her explore her surroundings, the awe of it all intoxicating, and I can’t help but feel that I can do more, perhaps even should do more to make sure that if the Lord tarries, the world she and her sister grow up in is not dark, and godless, and absent hope.

Whether we like to admit it to ourselves or not, it seems the darkness is getting a bit darker, and the light is getting a bit dimmer. I don’t want to be counted among those who by doing nothing allowed evil to triumph. I don’t think I could look my girls in the eyes if that’s what I concluded about myself.

And so, here we are again, staring down the darkness and the minions thereof, wielding the truth like the flaming sword that it is, and hopefully reassuring some of you that you are not alone, and that yes, God still has His remnant, unsullied and pure.

I don’t know what taking the blog off the back burner will mean as far as frequency, but it will be a priority once more, and if I have anything to share, it will be done posthaste.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.