Wednesday, November 17, 2021



It is because they’ve never been deprived of it that some people don’t value their freedom. They’ve always had it. It’s been a constant. They didn’t have to fight for it, sacrifice for it, or defend it. They were born free in the land of the free. Rather than possess the awareness to understand just how much of a blessing that is, they long for the bondage others risked their lives to escape.

It doesn’t compute. It’s like trying to tell someone who’s never missed a meal how horrible a thing starving to death is. Sure, they’ve had the tummy rumbles once or twice, but there was always a Taco Bell nearby to scratch that itch. Nothing beats a quick meal that doubles as the world’s most potent laxative. If the name in-n-out wouldn’t have already been taken, perhaps it would have been an excellent rebranding idea.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, freedom. The problem with those telling you that your freedom isn’t that important, or that you won’t really miss it once it’s gone, is that they have no plans to live without theirs. Whether it’s because they suffer from a terminal case of self-importance, or they’re just that insulated, and well off, the people insisting you ought to diminish the importance of freedom are not including themselves in the conversation.

As has been the case since a smelly, lazy German bum came up with the blueprint for Marxism, their machinations, plans, and desires have everything to do with subjugating you and elevating themselves. These people already know how incompetent they are; you don’t have to tell them. Because they know that if all things were equal, they would fail and you would succeed at life time and again that they are attempting to hobble the driven, motivated, intelligent, and innovative.

Because someone like Bernie Sanders would seem like an escaped mental patient ranting about taxing the rich if he were standing on a street corner by himself, they had to become a magnet for the disenfranchised and the lazy. They had to appeal to those who take away from rather than contribute to society. Get those people on your side, and punish those who wake up every morning to go to work, and pretty soon, you’ll have a majority.

Even then, you can’t just come out and tell people you want to enslave them, make them wards of the state, and have some bureaucrat decide everything from where they live, to what they eat, to where they work. It would make too many people question whether they wanted to go down that dark road after all. And so, you camouflage your intent. You tell people it’s about equity and fairness, about inclusion and diversity, because these things sound good on the surface.

You embrace the dumbing down of society; you encourage apathy; you reward the unproductive until you have absolute power. Then, and only then do you show your hand, and the mouth breathers who followed you realize that not only have they been robbed of their freedom, but the utopia they were promised is anything but.

The ice upon which we are tap dancing is thin, and deep dark waters lie below.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea, Jr. 

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Momma Bears


The backlash was inevitable. In fact, it was a certainty. The only mystery that remained was how big it was going to be, and if, when the dust settled and the numbers were tallied, it would make a difference one way or the other. It has often been said that the most dangerous animal you can come across is a momma bear protecting her cubs. Even if you don’t pose a threat or mean to harm her babies, your very presence is often enough to make a momma bear irate to the point of attack.

What has been happening throughout this nation, and more poignantly in Virginia of late, is anything but harmless or unintentional. I’ve been watching with a keen eye because we were at a crossroads of sorts. Either all sense of morality and decency were dead and buried, and the majority had become like Lot in Sodom offering up their children just to spare themselves, or a silent majority would send a message that was undeniable in its intent.

For those unaware, Virginia elected its latest Governor yesterday, and the outcome was as much of a shock to some as the 2016 presidential elections. Although I’ve not as yet seen video of advisors and henchmen mumbling to themselves in a daze, I assure you they exist.

This election was supposed to be a walk. Show up to a few venues, shake a few hands, reassure people that we’re on the right track, and that would be that. Everything was going according to plan until two things happened almost simultaneously. First, a boy in a skirt sodomized a girl in a High School bathroom, and the school board tried to cover it up. Second, one of the candidates insisted that parents had no business deciding what their children were being taught.

If you read into the messaging, hardworking, tax-paying parents were basically told to shut up and take it. Pay your taxes, let us indoctrinate your children, and thank us for doing it. So what if your daughter is just as likely to be raped as she is to learn algebra on any given day? The way of progress is never a straight line, and if we can shove an agenda down the throat of an entire generation, what’s a rape here and there?

Evidently, the momma bears of Virginia didn’t take too kindly to being told that their children were going to be sodomized, indoctrinated, and abused and that they had no say so in the matter. They came out in droves and made their voices heard not with violence or supergluing themselves to the sidewalk but by exercising their constitutional right of voting.

No, this isn’t a turning of the tide. We’ve not restored America. I am, however, guardedly optimistic that there are more and more people waking up to the plans and machinations of arrogant elitists who see most folks in this country as cows to be milked or sheep to be fleeced.

As I said to a friend in conversation the other day, this was never about reversing judgment; it’s always been about putting it off for as long as possible. Yes, I know, that doesn’t sit well with some who just want to watch the world burn, and they’re anxious because they just made a fresh batch of popcorn, but I’m not one of those individuals.

If judgment is delayed, it is a good thing. If the church gets its act together and uses the time wisely, calling men to repentance, it’s even better.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea, Jr.