Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I realize full well you can never have enough toilet paper and burning down an entire CVS Pharmacy is justifiable as long as you can get your hands on some, but the people setting Baltimore ablaze and looting like there’s no tomorrow aren’t starving, running out of water, or fighting over the last remaining vestiges of sustenance. They are doing this to get their hands on toilet paper!

Imagine if you will, a day wherein the gears of the great machine that is commerce grind to a halt. A day wherein the trucks stop delivering their foodstuffs, the trains no longer barrel down the tracks, and the shelves in every store are bare to the bone. Imagine that, and then imagine what some people would be willing to do in order to survive.

As a society we love beating our breast and trumpeting to one and all how civilized we are. We love to look down our noses on the rest of the world and insist upon how we are human beings of the highest caliber, how we would not resort to anything as unseemly as violence if indeed we were to go hungry, but all our bloviating is proven the fallacy it is by the very real fact that people are burning down their own city, and other than the primal joy of destroying something someone else worked hard and long to build, all they’re getting out of it is toilet paper.

One of the biggest lies perpetrated upon the world of men is that for the most part and by an overwhelming majority man is generally good and noble and kind.

Without God the heart of man is a savage thing, capable of atrocity and pointless violence at the drop of a hat. Without God the heart of man does not naturally lean towards kindness but brutality, it does not naturally lean towards friendliness but aggression; it does not naturally lean towards giving but taking.

What we are seeing, and what we will continue to see on a larger and larger scale is the byproduct of the decades old war on God, and the rabid like fervor some have shown in attempting to remove very last vestige of Him from this once God centered nation.

Make no mistake. This is the reality we’ve created, and we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg we’re about to crash into.

Godlessness begets contempt for human life. Tragically, it is not a static contempt but one that metastasizes and grows to the point that recently some a group of Oxford medical ethicists argued that newborn babies are morally irrelevant, and as such you should be able to kill them even after they are born. You think your newborn’s nose is too crooked? Just throw it out with the trash, and set about making another one. The medical ethicists are completely fine with that.

If this is progress, you can keep it. Thanks but no thanks.

Thinking ourselves wise we have become the fools that fools point to as a cautionary tale. Thinking ourselves wise we have discarded God as though He were nothing more than detritus and fashioned the world in our own image rather than His, only to discover that the world we’ve fashioned is one of savagery and slaughter, of brutality and mercilessness.

You can’t blame this on God anymore. You’ve taken your fate in your hands. You insisted, and even demanded that God remove Himself from the equation. Now all that’s left to do is to reap the whirlwind.

I don’t know, maybe preachers should start preaching on the consequence of action again, just so the drooling sheep still waiting on their mansions and private jets finally understand why the world is coming apart all around them.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What I've Been Up To

Something strange has been happening for the past few weeks. Every morning, without fail, as soon as I wake up I am drawn to a long forgotten project I’ve been tinkering with for the better part of a decade. It is a book about the persecuted church during the Communist dictatorship in Romania containing stories I’ve collected over the years.

As I said, I’ve been tinkering with it for a very long time, but it never seemed like the right time to finish it. Suddenly it’s all I can think about and focus on, and something is driving me to finish it sooner rather than later.

I think I’m close to finishing it, but I’ve been thinking I was close for at least the past five years.

I will keep you updated on the progress, and since much has been happening in the world, as soon as I can carve out a little time – something easier said than done – I will get back to a semi regular writing schedule.  

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Not So Harmless After All

So it’s settled. No further discussion need be had, no insistence upon scouring Biblical text to see the truth contained therein, just take it at face value and move along: Jesus died so Creflo Dollar could get his 65 million dollar jet. If you haven’t as yet mortgaged your home and sent him the proceeds thereof, you possess no faith, and as such you will never reach the heights of prosperity wherein you may one day hope to own a shack in the same zip code as Creflo.

Serving Jesus sure is profitable. How could you not have people lining up around the block for a chance at the brass ring when they are continually told that once they’ve signed the contract and become an ambassador of the Lord, riches the likes of which mere mortals can only dream of are theirs for the taking.

In case you thought the desire for a new private jet was for some trifling reason, Creflo made it abundantly clear it was so he could go and preach the gospel. So naysayers, be gone. This is not so much a want as it is a need, granted a 65 million dollar need, but a need nonetheless.

Ever since I started this blog, every time I would do a piece on one of the pimps in the pulpit, these dazzling examples of vapid theological emptiness whose only concern is getting more stuff and whose only message is that God wants you to have more stuff, there would be the inevitable handful of e-mails insisting that these men were harmless.

Some even went on to rebuke me for attacking the ‘men of God’, and not taking the time to understand the immense burden and responsibility they are carrying on their shoulders.

The older I get the less inclined I am to suffer fools, and unless someone is sincere and open about hearing the truth, I tend to let those comments just float on by.

By now, most of those whose heads are not firmly buried in the sand are realizing that such wolves within the household of faith are not harmless, and that their brand of theology has rendered the church impotent, powerless, and fearful. The smell of cowardice wafts from the halls of many a grand tabernacle, and when it comes to serious matters, Biblical matters, matters of righteousness and holiness and purity unto God, you can hear the crickets chirp, and not much else.

We are breeding cowards, and teaching the art of compromise to those who ought to be fearless warriors of the cross, and whose position ought to be crystal clear from the onset.

God has not wrought this upon us, the pulpit pimps have, and rather than call them out on it, believers still defend them and stand up for them.

The enemy marches, and there isn’t even a token opposition from the church. The devil’s not even breaking sweat, yet we’re still prancing about calling ourselves the apple of God’s eye, and demanding the sheep sheer themselves and send in as much as they can, because we deserve to travel in style given the cesspool of heresy we’ve encouraged them to wallow in all these years.

What floors me is that even now, with all that’s going on in the world, with all the signs pointing to some of the most turbulent times the world has ever seen, these people still have a following, and Christians are still willing to come to their defense even though they are not as willing to come to the defense of Christ.

In the age of idolatry, wherein men are deemed little gods and their word is law, it is safe to realize that they are anything but harmless.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.