Friday, February 16, 2018

More Than Words!

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but according to Joyce Behar you are mentally ill. Now, don’t take offense. It’s not you in particular, it’s everyone who has ever heard the voice of God, or who has ever felt the presence of God in their lives.
Yes, if you are a Christian, if you speak to God and God speaks back, according to this juggernaut of intellectual prowess with the melodious voice of a chainsaw cutting through a barbed wire fence, you are mentally ill.
This entire hornet’s nest was kicked over within the context of a discussion of Vice President Mike Pence’s faith, and the fact that he said he spoke to God, and God spoke to him as well. That’s all it took for the shrew on the View and her insipid post-menopausal cohorts to snatch off their otherwise benign masks and show the world the depths of their bigotry and vitriol against the Christian faith, and against Christians in particular.
I realize a large segment of Christendom will likely shrug this off as they do everything else. They will either relegate the statement that anyone who hears the voice of God is by association mentally ill to mere words, or roll their eyes and say, “well the Bible does say that the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, doesn’t it?”
Sorry, but these were not mere words, nor was this someone saying that the message of the cross is foolishness. This was something far more sinister, far more fowl, and in a moment of naked honesty Joy Behar tipped her hand, and verbalized what most of the mass media and Hollywood believe about Christians and Christianity.
To these people it’s not the adult male who starts putting on a dress and eyeliner and starts calling himself Betty that is mentally ill, it is someone who has a relationship with Jesus, and who fellowships with God on a regular basis.
“Even so, what’s the harm?”
Well, perhaps as of now, very little, but it does lay the foundation for something wholly wicked and utterly destructive. In order to actively pursue the silencing and persecution of any segment of the population you must first isolate, dehumanize, and deem them inferior to the majority. It is only after you have marginalized and demonized a certain segment that you are able to criminalize them, which in turn leads to their incarceration, and eventual extermination.
You think that this can’t happen? The holocaust didn’t take place six centuries ago; it took place eight decades ago. That’s right, eighty years! There are people who were in concentration camps who are still alive today, so to anyone who would bloviate about how we are more enlightened a creature than our ancestors, save me your sanctimony.
We are eighty year separated from the systematic extermination of six million people, so don’t you dare tell me it can’t happen, or that it will never happen again.
How did one of the darkest periods of human history begin? Well, by isolating a segment of the population, at that time the Jews, and making them out to be something less than human.
Again, to those with no foresight, the statement Madame Behar belched out on national television may seem harmless, but take the statement to its rightful conclusion and see the sinister foundation it established.
‘Anyone who claims to hear the voice of God is mentally ill!’
That was the premise of her argument. Now, let’s look five, ten years down the road, wherein that statement has become the new normal, and everyone begins to agree with it because of its repetitive nature from movies, television, the news, radio, and every other media outlet.
Why would you hazard to allow mentally ill people to teach their own children about morals and godliness? It’s child endangerment, isn’t it? So every Christian is now mentally ill, therefore they are unsuited for the task of raising their own children.
In comes the nanny state and ‘for the wellness and safety of the child’ they take your children away and place them with a ‘normal’ lesbian couple who like to dress up like life sized dogs in the weekends just for fun and whatnot.
All the while, they pity you, because you are after all mentally ill, and you don’t know any better. By the same token, you are no longer allowed an opinion on anything, because we all know mentally ill people can’t be trusted to make rational decisions…Look at all the outcry over transgender bathrooms! You’d think these people actually thought they were within their rights when they insisted the government put the safety of their defenseless children over the need to feed into the irrational fantasies of mentally deranged adult individuals.
It’s stunning, is it not, that representatives of the bastion of perversion, pederasty, and pedophilia are calling people of faith mentally ill, while refusing to shine a light on the sewer they inhabit to get a glimpse of all the creepy crawly things slithering about.
One thing is certain: Joy Behar is a bigot, and she despises Christians and Christianity.
If you allow this narrative to become the norm you do so at your own peril, and the future peril of your children. I for one will not sit by and allow human detritus to call me mentally ill, no matter how screechy her voice might be.
As a final thought, please remember that meek does not mean helpless, and the two words are not interchangeable. My God give us the boldness we need in an hour such as this.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.