Wednesday, June 15, 2016

As We Knew It Would

We all knew it was bound to happen but it’s the speed with which it happened that has taken even those not easily shaken aback. I even warned in my last post that someone somewhere would find a way to blame Christians and Christianity for something a Muslim man and an adherent to Islam did, and lo and behold, within the span of hours, even before the bodies were cold, the narrative began to shift and Christians were in the cross-hairs once more.

How insidious a soul do you have to be, how corrupt of mind and heart, how utterly removed from any semblance of reality to blame Christians for the death of 50 individuals when the person pulling the trigger over and over and over again was a Muslim man just shy of thirty?

How deprived of common sense and devoid of reason must an individual become to repeatedly insist that it’s Christians’ fault that this tragedy occurred, and if blame need be laid at anyone’s doorstep it’s the Christian church, and of course, white males.

Let’s just make this as simple as possible for those who insist upon intellectual gymnastics and machinations. A Muslim man walked into a club and killed 50 people. The gun did not walk into the club by itself, the man was not a closet Christian, the man was not inspired by messages of loving one’s enemies and loving one’s neighbor as oneself.

It seems as though to many in the mainstream media the narrative is all there is, truth be damned. If it doesn’t fit the narrative of hateful Christian bigots and the need for gun control, well then they’re just going to have to make it fit even if they have to start telling out and out lies.

“Even if we get called out for telling the lies we tell, we’ll just keep telling them, because especially in this culled and intellectually stunted generation, if you tell a lie long enough with enough conviction eventually a majority will believe it.”

As I said in my previous post, try as they might to make this heinous act seem as something different than what it was, Christians just don’t go on killing sprees, nor do they target homosexuals, atheists, or Buddhists.

The reason for this is because Christianity is fundamentally different from Islam, and once more, shame on every two-bit preacher and evangelist who continues to insist that these two religions are different branches of the same tree, or that we serve the same God just by different names.

Unfortunately, some do not see any middle ground between not validating and embracing their lifestyle and actively seeking to murder them for their lifestyle. Some have been so indoctrinated for so long that they truly believe a Christian’s stance on the homosexual lifestyle and a Muslim’s stance are no different, even though Islam says without equivocation that homosexuals should be put to death.

At this juncture the worst thing we can do is allow the talking heads to redefine Christianity as a religion of hatred, pretty much projecting the beliefs of Islam onto Christianity without saying anything to the contrary. When you hear a lie spoken about your faith make sure you let them know it is a lie, and know the Word of God well enough to be able to point out the truth if you are called upon to do it.

It’s long past time we called out the crazy, we called out the liars, and we made it known that we will not sit idly by and be lumped in with the deranged and homicidal.

These insidious attacks on Christianity will neither lessen nor become more mild, and though in recent years almost every large profile act of senseless mass murder was perpetrated by individuals of Muslim leanings, somehow it’s still Christians that are left holding the bag and being made to apologize for something they neither encouraged, had a hand in, nor ever even contemplated.

Hate blinds men to truth. Hate blinds men to the reality that surrounds them. When this occurs all we can do is repetitively point out the baselessness of their hatred, and insist upon the notion that facts do matter, facts are relevant, and facts are what we should base our ultimate conclusions upon. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

What a Hate Crime Looks Like

For the longest time we have been redefining what words mean. We have been watering down and nullifying words that anger, challenge, or irritate us, and we have been twisting others to make them suit our preconceived notions or ideas.

It’s gotten so bad that if anyone, perchance a baker refused to make a cake depicting two men holding hands while a astride phallic shaped rocket, it was labeled a hate crime; something heretofore unseen and unheard of.

Unfortunately, less than a day ago we saw the true definition of a hate crime, and it had nothing to do with refusing to validate a certain lifestyle, or insisting that certain practices are sinful in the sight of God.

Fifty people are dead. They will never see another sunrise, they will never watch another sunset, and every hope and dream they had died along with them. A man of Muslim persuasion walked into a place where these individuals congregated and simply opened fire. It wasn’t a Methodist, it wasn’t a Southern Baptist, it wasn’t even one of those intolerant Pentecostals that did this heinous thing. It was a twenty-nine-year-old Muslim man.

I need to point this out because once the spinners get to spinning one is apt to believe that he was influenced by Christian intolerance, and if not for Christianity this nice Muslim boy would never have thought of doing such a thing.

Let’s be honest here. Cards on the table, nothing up our sleeve sort of honest. Christians simply don’t do this, and even the world knows it. The worst you can expect of any Christian, a true Christian regardless of their denomination, is telling someone that their lifestyle is sinful and that they need to repent. I cannot embrace, validate, or champion your lifestyle, but never once have I wished death upon anybody for it. Christians don’t want to see sinners dead. Christians want to see sinners saved. That is one of the marked differences between the Christian faith and Islam.

You can keep calling it a religion of peace if you like, you can keep insisting that all Muslims are peace loving peoples who embrace diversity and allow for differing viewpoints, but the bodies are starting to pile up, and eventually there will be so many that even the most ardent defender and proponent of the ‘religion of peace’ narrative will have to backpedal just a smidgen.

To those who thought that someone refusing to bake a cake, or cater a wedding amounted to a hate crime, may I humbly submit that this is what a hate crime really looks like, and it’s evil and insidious and cruel and final. Hurt feelings does not a hate crime make. Dead people does.

Loss of life is always a painful thing to witness, especially loss of life on such a grand scale. If I were to say this was an outlier, an exception to the rule and something that will not repeat, I would simply be paying you lip service when all evidence pointed to the contrary.

The evident truth is that such things will continue to occur, and chances are better than good that they will increase in frequency. Next time it may not be a club, but it will be something public, and populated, and frequented by a large swath of people, because in the minds of those who decide they will take as many lives as they possibly can on any given day a dead infidel is a dead infidel whether they are young or old, educated or simpleminded, an individual of means or the lowliest of paupers. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.