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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Big Plans

 Whenever anyone in government says they have big plans for you, it should terrify you to no end. It should give you the shivers, send chills down your spine, and make you physically nauseous all at once.

If anything, Ronald Regan was understating it when he said the English language's scariest words are I'm from the government, and I'm here to help. He was not exaggerating for effect, nor was he being hyperbolic. If it's any consolation, it's not just this government; it's all governments. Imagine if these bumbling buffoons who couldn't find their ears with both hands and a flashlight weren't just incompetent by their very existence but harbored ill will toward the average taxpayer who keeps them employed for doing nothing more than inhaling and exhaling.

To those who have big plans for everyone else, both in government and without, everyone falls into one of two categories: you are either a subservient, obedient subject, or you are an obstacle in the way of progress. Funny how the people who spent the last four years calling everyone else Nazis are acting like them all of a sudden.

There is this misconception that paper pushers, bureaucrats, and loosely defined public servants are the best this nation had to offer insofar as intelligence, ability, and competence are concerned. Likewise, there is an oft regurgitated fallacy that public servants are good, decent, honest, upstanding people. Granted, at least half are. I was at three quarters, but the number is decreasing rapidly. However, that leaves the other half, who are bitter, vindictive, and outright evil in some cases.

I'm getting to something because I'd rather you know it sooner rather than later so you don't live under the illusion that the public servant is your last line of defense. If that is what you were counting on, then you have no line of defense.

I watched a video this morning of a woman who did a happy dance after shutting down a brewery on super bowl Sunday. Of all the things I've seen public servants do to average citizens over the past year in the name of protecting them from themselves, it shouldn't have gotten to me the way it did, but for some reason, it seemed grotesque and cruel the way few things do. Perhaps it was the gratuitousness and needlessness of it all that struck a chord. Whatever it was, it stayed with me for the rest of the day.

Regardless of how you feel about beer, or microbreweries for that matter, the business in question was legally allowed to operate. Still, this busybody of a health inspector decided she would take it upon herself to make right the world's wrongs and shut down a business for whom that particular day was likely the biggest day of the year. She had the power; it was her's to wield, and by golly if she wouldn't do just that. If shutting down the business is all that would have happened, if the video had cut to black and we wouldn't have gotten a glimpse of her dancing the jig, perhaps we could excuse her actions as overly cautious or well-intentioned. Having seen her reaction to crippling individuals who are just trying to scrape by, this woman's pettiness and vindictiveness are beyond dispute.

So what's the point this morning? It's a simple one. By his nature, man is neither good nor noble, selfless nor magnanimous. It is God who imbues nobility and virtue in man. The less of God there is in any given society, the less goodness, mercy, nobility, or virtue you will see. Couple that with individuals who see you as nothing more than the egg that needs breaking in order to make the omelet, and you will begin to understand where we are headed.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Malicious Intent

 I almost got frostbite shoveling my driveway the other day from all the global warming. Yes, I shovel. I’m still young enough to do it by hand, and to be honest, it’s the only actual exercise I get in the winter. It’s not like I used to exercise more during the winter months before everyone started wearing a face diaper, but it’s a good excuse nevertheless. What, am I going to walk at a brisk pace on a treadmill with a mask on?

That’s the thing, though. We always find excuses for the things we fail to do. To us, the excuses seem reasonable and well thought out, and as long as you’re the only one your excuses are affecting, then no harm, no foul. However, it becomes problematic when we begin to excuse the behavior of others and twist ourselves into pretzels trying to find a reason other than malicious intent for what they are doing.

Now, before you schedule a stoning of yours truly in the public square, my wife was once a school teacher. I have the utmost respect for the profession, but not so much for the current standard-bearers of said profession. I get it. It must be fun pounding back Cosmos first thing in the morning and still getting paid, but like every free ride, it must end at some point.

The kids aren’t all right. They’re not adjusting to the new normal, and every study brave enough to do a deep dive into the secondary effects of keeping kids in front of a screen for a few hours a day and calling it education has drawn the same conclusion. If the data coming in is only half right, and the damage caused by children not being in class coming up on a year now is only half as bad as the numbers are hinting, it’s still catastrophic.

Would that I could spend my days in my pajamas making vision boards on Pinterest and still pay my mortgage, I wouldn’t want to go back to regularly scheduled showers either. Again, if the refusal to go back to work only affected the now borderline alcoholics calling themselves heroes for no apparent reason, I wouldn’t mind it so much. Their decisions, however, are affecting children, and the ripple effects are unquantifiable.

We will see the wreckage their selfishness has wrought only a decade down the road, but by then, we’ll likely be living in spider holes, eating earthworms, and trapping squirrels for their fur, so I don’t know how many people will have the energy to be incensed about what they’ve done.

There is a certain kind of malevolence, an open disdain of the average citizen, and yes, malicious intent to every other edict and proclamation coming from the so-called experts, as well as the ruling class. That’s okay, though. You’re not smart enough to see the bigger picture, nor selfless enough to sacrifice for the greater good. Just ask John Kerry as he disembarks his private jet how you not wanting to freeze to death in your own home is selfish on your part, and he’ll dazzle you with an in-depth explanation.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr. 

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Retrospective Wisdom

 I recently started re-reading the first draft of my third book on prayer and came across a passage that, although written some five years ago, is packed with a retrospective wisdom of sorts. I found this passage within the context of Solomon’s prayer to God, and it struck me so profoundly that I had to re-read it a few times to make sure it said what I thought it said.

When it comes to book writing, I’m like a kid who was gifted a trunkload of Legos and wants to build them simultaneously. I have about eight books in various stages of completion sitting on my laptop. Since we are almost out of the diaper changing watch the kids every waking minute so they don’t tumble down the stairs stage, I’ve decided it would be an excellent time to roll a few of them out since I believe they are relevant for the body of Christ.

This was the oldest of the manuscripts sitting idle, so I decided to begin with the oldest and work my way to the present.

I believe that these short paragraphs written well over five years ago will do much to clarify the situation we are currently living through. I know some will not receive it in the spirit with which it was intended, but I would rather contend with the reality before me than fool myself into believing something that is counter to Scripture.

Solomon realized instinctively what Paul would later verbalize in his letter to the Romans, that there is no authority except God, and God appoints the authorities that exist. Whether to bless a nation or judge a nation, God appoints its authorities, rulers, and kings. As creatures limited in understanding, oftentimes, we do not perceive or understand God's plan in the appointment of a particular leader or a specific authority. One of the most common reasons we cannot see God's plan is due to the underlying assumption that the leader or authority was appointed for our blessing rather than our judgment. We want to believe that God will bless us despite ourselves, but His word confirms the contrary.

When we open our eyes to the reality that God establishes rulers to both bless and judge, we come to understand why certain men are in power in certain nations.

In a nutshell, this is what the church must now wrestle with. We must come to terms with the reality that just because we happen to reside in America, we are no more special than those in Uganda, Romania, or Poland. God judges sin in the land, and no nation, people, or tongue has ever received a reprieve from judgment without repentance. It’s not as though we weren’t given time to repent. Instead of humbling ourselves, we squandered the time we were given. Even if a game goes into overtime, it doesn’t mean it will go on indefinitely.

The real tragedy in all of this is that the Church didn’t even bother to get off the bench as the clock was ticking down. They much preferred to mock and look down on those that though outnumbered, still tried their best to eke out a tie hoping to go into double overtime.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021


It’s funny how some Christians still believe that the people who are basically advocating for the legalization of bow hunting toddlers up until they’re old enough to dial 911 for themselves have any limits on the depths of depravity to which they will sink. They are na├»ve enough to hope that individuals who have no qualms about dissecting a human baby and selling it for parts as though it were some wrecked car left on the side of the road have any moral compass or self-awareness.

What you defend in your day to day says a lot more about you than what denomination you belong to or what theological bend you represent. If you defend darkness and death, you align yourself with them, becoming them. If you uphold light and righteousness, likewise, you align yourself with them. You cannot defend the darkness while being a servant of the light, just as you can’t defend the light being a servant of darkness. Truth is stubbornly consistent, and though men might try to twist it, fragment it, or interpret it, it reverts to its original state.

The truth is that the servants of darkness today are, as Peter calls them, natural brute beasts, who only have one goal, and that is power. It’s not as though no one saw this coming because if you comb through the things I’ve written, the pattern is undeniably consistent. However, because they know that we know that they know that we know that their positions were not earned but rather stolen, their need to dominate, to silence, and to destroy will only multiply.

It’s like the guy who’s putzing around on a stolen bike in the neighborhood he stole it from. He’s always thinking someone’s eyeballing him, watching him, calling the cops on him, or is about to chase him down the street yelling about him being a thief.

Small people are vindictive people by nature. In their quiet moments of reflection and self-assessment, they acknowledge that they are individuals of no accomplishment, vision, or moral clarity. They are the kind of souls that have never built up anything meaningful, so all they know is how to destroy, tear down, and vilify.

They are not content to let the best argument win out in the end because they know they will lose. As such, we can no longer agree to disagree, but if you disagree, you must be banished, demonized, and ultimately destroyed. You must be brought low to the point that you can no longer provide for your family or afford to keep a roof over your head. Even then, at your lowest, they will say you’ve not suffered nearly enough for the great high crime of questioning the wisdom of pre-pubescent children being fed hormone blockers like it was candy.

In short order, I fear, we will learn a handful of indispensable truths that ought to have been self-evident. We will learn how tyrannical small people can be when given power, how policy ought to trump personality insofar as governance is concerned, and how hurt feelings don’t hurt nearly as much as an empty belly and an empty wallet.

As I was getting ready to publish these musings, a disturbing thought came to me: there’s no one coming to save us! No allied forces are coming over the hill, and there are no liberating armies ready to tear down the enemy’s gates. We were the last of the good guys. We were the last of those willing to sacrifice themselves to rescue strangers in peril. I know how it sounds, but it’s the truth! Sooner or later, you’ll come to realize it as well.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr. 

Saturday, February 6, 2021

For Your Own Good!

 You don’t pull off the biggest con in human history, get away with it, and not gloat about it just a little bit. It’s like successfully swapping out the Mona Lisa without anyone noticing or intercepting a plane full of cash meant for the Iranian Mullahs and replacing it with funny money right under everyone’s nose. You can’t not gush over your genius. You can’t not call attention to all the moving pieces that had to work in synchronicity; you just can’t.

If nobody’s out there praising your coup, you’ve got to toot your own horn just a little bit. Don’t make it obvious. No, don’t admit that you rigged the presidential elections of the most powerful country in the world; call it fortifying the elections. I mean, if you think about it, they just gave the people what they people wanted, even though the people didn’t know they wanted it yet and voted en masse for the exact opposite of what they got. That makes no nevermind though. It’s just semantics. You say potato, I say illegitimate president, you know.

What’s undeniably clear is that you should be thanking the cabal for getting together to shape the fate of America. They did it for your own good, and you’re just too stupid to realize it yet. I mean, when you have names like Dorsey, Gates, Zuckerberg, and Bezos all agreeing that allowing free and fair elections would be tantamount to allowing a brain-damaged toddler to play with a loaded gun, what else could they do but step in?

You don’t know what’s good for you anyway. It’s a miracle you can click the like button on Facebook and buy it now on Amazon. We can’t have you thinking you have any say in who fills the most powerful office in the world. That’s just silly!

If you have no clue what I’m talking about, you will. It’s a story that’s just breaking, one that will likely have some serious traction even though the aforementioned masters of the universe will do everything in their considerable power to make it go away.

It is an article that will premiere in Time magazine in the coming days, titled, I kid you not, “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Election.” The article goes on to explain how heads of multi-national corporations, paid rioters, power brokers, judges, and everyone in between conspired and poured hundreds of millions of dollars into an operation that had but one purpose: to make sure the 2020 elections swung in the right direction.

Although the piece reads like the guild ridden confession of an austere Catholic, the author is quick to point out that you shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that the election was rigged. Far from it, it was fortified. They nullified your vote and the votes of millions of hard-working Americans for your own good! You should be thankful. Come next election cycle you won’t even have to vote. They’ll just tell you who won, and that will be that.

This is what despotic nightmares are made of. This is how guys like Ceausescu won re-election with 100% of the vote. Even though the people were starving, and countless thousands risked being turned into Swiss cheese by gunboats as they fled for freedom, somehow, every election cycle, everyone turned out and voted the Communist party in for another term in unanimity.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the idea that we will take anything back in 2022, or 2024, is a laughable fantasy. It has been decided that you don’t know what’s good for you, so why keep up the pretense of elections anymore?

Before you brush the preceding off as some conspiracy theory, just remember, the notion that the 2020 elections were rigged was also considered a conspiracy theory until they came out and admitted to it.

To be fair, if you’d just succeeded in pulling off this level of fraud, could you bite your tongue and keep it to yourself?

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

Friday, February 5, 2021

Things Being Equal

 You give two men an acre of land, a bag of seed, a hoe, and a tiller each, and generally speaking, you have equality of opportunity. Sure, one of the two acres might have a few more rocks strewn about than the other, be on an incline, or not get the right amount of sun, but all in all, the two men have all the necessary tools as far as their opportunity for a harvest is concerned.

What they do beyond the point of having what they need will determine the outcome for each of them. One might not be as industrious as the other, one might not be willing to toil as hard as the other, one might know more about farming than the other, and so there is a divergence as far as outcome is concerned.

No two people will do something that is moderately complex in the same exact manner to ensure the exact same outcome. I know, I know, Michael Bloomberg thinks it’s as easy as making a hole with your thumb, dumping the seed in, kicking dirt over it, and eating ripe tomatoes a few days later, but there is a science to farming, and you need to know not only what you need to do, but when you need to do it.

It saddens me to no end to think that drive, skill, motivation, natural ability, determination, grit, and passion will have very little to do with how far my children get in life anymore. It makes my stomach churn to consider that all someone has to do to edge out one of my daughters for their dream job is to claim that they’re a transgender dyslexic amputee albino with a lazy eye even though they are less skilled and less qualified.

The decaying corpse of meritocracy will incubate all manner of nasty mutations. When they are spawned and fully realized, it will make the Chinese social credit system look like child’s play.

Of all the things that have been hemorrhaging from this administration the past couple of weeks, this is, perhaps, the most personal. Equality of opportunity is no longer good enough; now, there must be equality of outcome. It matters not how much harder or longer one individual works than the other; when they cross the finish line, they must do so simultaneously.

What this means, going back to the analogy of the two farmers, is that if one of the farmers breaks ahead of the other in his tilling or planting, non-elected bureaucrats will begin clubbing him about the head and shoulders until the other can catch up. If come harvest time one has more crop than the other, he gets punished and penalized for tending to his acre of land and making sure he gets the most out of it.

If success becomes a punishable offense, how long before people stop trying to be successful? If whether I run or walk toward the finish line matters not a smidgeon, why would I exert myself beyond the bare minimum?

In case you haven’t caught on, this is a gateway mindset to a nanny state, where all you have to do is sit in your basement with saran wrap around your face, and someone will be by to drop off a box of nacho cheese and macaroni every seven to ten days. Self-reliance and drive will not only be looked down upon but severely punished, because if perchance, you wake up at 3 am instead of 10 am and work eighteen-hour days instead of two, you are problematic and hate poor people.

It used to be the takers were just happy there were enough givers to keep them fed and clothed without having to toil. Now the givers have become the enemy for simply being givers because they are a constant indictment to the lazy and unmotivated that the only reason they haven’t succeeded in a country like America is that they didn’t really want to.

Before the Beth Moore fans clutch at their pearls and accuse me of insensitivity toward the plight of some indigenous peoples, immigrants, or dyslexic albinos, my family came here with nothing from a country the likes of which you want to turn this country into. Though rich by no means, I know that I will always be able to keep a roof over my children’s heads and food in their bellies with enough hard work and dedication. As paltry as that might sound to some, it’s more than can be said of most countries in the world.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2021



I read somewhere that it’s probably a good thing not to speak carelessly. If memory serves, it had something to do with having to give account for every careless word spoken, not before your or spouse or your kids, but before God on the day of judgment.

Since for the past two weeks there has been enough hyperbole being regurgitated to drown the Statue of Liberty, I wanted to take a breath and objectively assess the speed with which the dismantling of America would be taking place over the next few years. It was never a question of whether they would try; it was always a question of how quickly they would move with some of the more damaging ideas.

If the past two weeks are any indicator, we’re in for a bumpy ride. Although for the sake of my children, I would like to add my voice to the chorus declaring that days of merriment and glee, sunshine, and unicorns are ahead of us, all indications point to the fact that we have reached our apex and are now undeniably on the decline as a nation.

If the powers that be get their way, sooner or later, more people than not in this country will know what rat on a spit tastes like. I know, I know, you think I’m just having fun with words, but look at all the things people said would never happen here, that are. We’re on a greased bobsled going downhill with no rails or way of slowing down.

One of the most disturbing things to have taken place over the past couple of weeks was the insistence that we weren’t killing enough babies in country, so we are now financing the slaughter of the innocent abroad as well. It was a practice that had been halted for the past four years, but no more.

Now, I know Christianity has had a makeover over the last couple of decades. It’s slapped on some lipstick, put on a low cut dress, and did its hair all nice and curly to appeal to the younger generation. But that’s not biblical Christianity, and try as we might, the Word remains stubbornly consistent when it comes to things like shedding innocent blood. No matter how much the newly minted non-binary intersectional pastors insist that baby murder is pleasing in the sight of the Lord, the Book says that any land that sheds innocent blood will be called to account for it.

That’s just one thing of three dozen things that have taken place since this new administration was installed, and as time goes by, we may yet delve into some of them.

This nation and the world as a whole is about to become very volatile. Weakness and uncertainty always invite aggression, and soon those who had for the past four years been restrained due to fear of reprisal will start testing boundaries once more. You don’t have to take my word for it; you’ll see it soon enough with your own eyes.

So what do we do? Simply put, we keep fighting the good fight. We remain the happy warriors we’ve always been, knowing that this life is but a vapor, a fleeting, passing thing like the flickering of a firefly in the dead of night. Eternal life beckons to us all, and how we get there will make no nevermind once we are there. If need be through trials and tribulations, then so be it.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Making Martyrs!

 As per usual, the left is trying really, really, hard to do something really, really stupid as far as their cause is concerned. If you lend me your ear, no, I will not sing you a song, but I will try to explain my thought process and why this new round of impeachment and the attempted destruction of this president will backfire in such horrific fashion that I doubt the likes of those currently occupying the US Congress have enough mental wherewithal to grasp it fully.

A long, long time ago, I saw a movie called Braveheart. Yes, I know it is rated R, but that’s okay, I’m not Jehovah’s Witness, and I was talked into it by a pastor. If you’ve not seen the movie, it revolves around a man named William Wallace, who became a folk hero through an unfortunate chain of events and led a rebellion against the English. This movie was based on a true story. Yes, there was a William Wallace back in the 1300s who was hanged, disemboweled, beheaded, and quartered to send a message to anyone else considering fighting for their independence.

Up until his death, William Wallace was a hero to some, a warrior to others, and a trouble maker to others still. However, once the people saw what the English were capable of, he became a martyr around whose name the cause of liberation coalesced to the point that Scotland achieved its independence at the Battle of Bannockburn nine years later. I know, you thought I was kidding about that whole history wonk thing, but I digress.

Although there are always exceptions, most people have an ingrained sense of fairness. They see what is happening, and even if they didn’t like the guy, the one thought that rises to the surface is if they can do this to a sitting president who also happens to be a billionaire, what chance do I have?

That should be very concerning for those trying to bulldoze everyone’s freedoms and rights as though they were nothing more than a nuisance because, at some point, it will reach critical mass. You can get away with tyranny for a season, but tyranny always has an expiration date.

At least now, there no longer remains a need for pretense. Everyone has shown their true colors, and we know who stands for what. While they were the minority, they plaid the victim and howled at the moon over every slight, real or imagined. Now that they feel they have the upper hand, they’re going for the jugular with bloodlust and abandon. You already have people insisting that you should have your children taken from you and reeducated, that you should be put in a cage, and that there is no room for you in civil society if you did not vote for the sniffer in chief.

You must show remorse and do public penance for ever doubting that Joseph Robinette Biden was the most articulate, distinguished, intelligent, and intellectually superior individual ever to walk the earth or that elected officials wanted what’s best for you as a citizen. Bow before your overlords and repent! Keep your head down, and don’t you dare look them in the eye! Know your place, serf, and be content with the crumbs they choose to throw you from time to time, or else.

In their nearsighted attempt to ensure Donald Trump goes away, they will only make him a martyr, a folk hero the likes of Robin Hood or William Tell, and the harder they try, the more popular he will become.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr. 

Sunday, January 10, 2021


 If you believed for a second that the people who risked federal prison for rigging a national election would just let bygones be bygones and continue with the status quo if they succeeded in their endeavor, you are inarguably one of the useful idiots Lenin so fondly referenced. Not that anyone paid any mind, but there have been some who for years pointed out that those who want to coexist will only want to do so until they have the power. Once power is attained, the whole notion goes out the window, to be replaced by submit or die, your choice.

History repeats itself because, contrary to the highbrow opinion we have of ourselves, man is woefully unoriginal. We fall into the same pattern generation after generation, and because it is such a consistent metric, we can get an idea of what’s in store for this nation in short order.

Granted, there are small but relevant differences from generation to generation, but the human condition’s overarching reality is the same. Intellectually inferior people with an aversion to hard work and personal responsibility will always try to game the system, attain power, then live off others’ labors using force and intimidation to keep them in line.

They often succeed because there are no rules they won’t break, there are no lines they won’t cross, and the thought of integrity or principle are as foreign and anathema to them as biblical theology is to Joel Osteen. Yeah, I know, punching down, but let me have that one. There isn’t much to smile about going on in the world today, so I have to take my merriment where I can.

But back to the serious, dangerous, and outright Orwellian actions we’ve been seeing of late, and keep in mind; there hasn’t even been an inauguration yet. Before you can use violence to do away with your opposition, you must first silence your opposition and render them irrelevant. How do you think guys like Hugo Chaves, Stalin, Lenin, or Nicolai Ceausescu got 100% of the vote every election while their citizens were starving? Because they allowed for free and fair elections or an honest policy debate?

The silencing has begun, but as always, I think they’ve underestimated just how much opposition there really is to becoming the next Venezuela, and, for now, at least, the average citizen can still defend himself, his family, and his home.

What is undeniable at this juncture is that eventually, they will set their sights on the Church because even if it begins in a roundabout manner, the target is always the household of faith. The enemy only has one enemy, and as believers, we tend to forget this more often than not.

I was having a phone conversation with a friend yesterday, and he asked what can be done at this juncture. I’ve thought about this on and off for some time, and here is the best advice I can give: Live every day as though you’ve just gotten a terminal diagnosis. You’ve always known something was off, that lump growing on the side of your neck wasn’t quite normal, but now you’ve been to the doctor, they’ve done the biopsy, and the bad news has been given.

You can waste your time going through the five stages of grief, hopscotching from denial to anger to bargaining to depression, or you can leapfrog to acceptance and live every day to its fullest. No, I’m not telling you to like it or embrace it, but to understand that this is now the reality we live in, and it will only worsen. We’ve always known this was coming, and like most, hoped we would get another four-year reprieve, but here we are, and save for a miracle, in the words of one Robinette Biden himself, dark days are ahead.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr. 

Monday, January 4, 2021

High Hopes

Perhaps it’s just me, but I can’t shake the feeling that hopeful as everyone is for this upcoming year to be all they’ve ever dreamed of - to the point that the memory of the past year will evermore be expunged from their consciousness - it’s likely not going to. The best an honest, reasonable, realistic person can hope for is that this year is no worse than last year, but even that may be a bit of a stretch.

What if 2021 is the Tonya Harding to our collective Nancy Kerrigan, waiting in the wings with a metal pipe and malicious intent? That is a question to which we must have a decisive answer because I’m seeing people of all stripes, both Christian and otherwise, acting as though some arbitrary date automatically begins a new chapter, independent of the consequence of actions heretofore undertaken.

What does that mean in laymen’s terms? Well, we’ve run up a tab, our wallets are empty, we have no way of paying for what we’ve already consumed, but we’re still ordering the most expensive things on the menu. Eventually, the bill will come due. We are going to get cut off at some point, and an angry bouncer with a face scar will demand payment in full.

Sure, we can hope that some generous stranger comes along and settles our bill out of the goodness of their heart, but nobody’s that generous, and even if they were, nobody has enough to cover what we’ve already squandered.

So that’s just one issue. There are dozens of others waiting in the wings. Eventually, they’ll get tired of waiting. You can’t keep kicking cans down the road at Infinitum. Right now, as a nation, we are kicking so many cans it sounds like a newlywed couple’s car that was decorated by someone with OCD. All you hear is banging and clanging, with elected officials obsessively polishing the silverware while the ship is sinking.

Fix the holes first, then worry about the silverware. But there’s no profit to be made from fixing the holes. There are no cushy gigs you can get for your kids, or nephews, or spouses by doing what’s best for the American people. In order for their families to prosper, your family has to suffer. You’ve got to have someone to sell out in order to get paid, and for the most part, it seems the individuals elected to represent the people are selling out the selfsame people who elected them.

I could go on with the laundry list as to why I’m less than hopeful about this year being better than the previous year, but I don’t want to bum you out or cause consternation. I guess the point this morning if there is a point to this, is that your hope must be tethered in something other than a date, a person, a political party, or a bell’s palsy causing vaccine. Men will fail you; the government will fail you, even scrunching your eyes and wishing really, really hard for the best year ever will fail you. The one thing that will never fail you is God, and if you are anchored in Him, the waves may crash upon you, the winds may batter you, but you will remain whole. You will neither capsize nor crash upon the stones of hopelessness because the One in whom you’ve placed your trust gives permanence.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.