Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Stay of Execution!

A stay of execution does not a pardon make. I realize that for the individual being walked up the gallows, feeling the rough noose slipping over his head and feeling it tighten around his neck the distinction is meaningless at best, but once he has had time to process, once he has had time to assess, once he has time to come to terms with the reality that he will live to see another sunrise, eventually, inevitably, he will be confronted with the unyielding reality that sooner or later the walk down the gallows will commence anew, and the feel of the tightening rope will once more be a reality.

What happened in America last night was a stay of execution. It was not a pardon. We must be very clear about this because I know as surely as I am sitting here that the voices will begin to chirp anew insisting that God has somehow forgiven a nation that never repented of its sins, and that He has somehow restored a nation that has never humbled itself. Just because we managed to dodge a protracted, painful, and pernicious suicide by political correctness last night, it does not mean that we have somehow come into fellowship with God anew as a nation.

It simply means that God has shown this nation grace, He has stayed its judgment for a season, and if true change is not evident beginning with the church and sweeping out from there, when next He weighs us, when next He will be called upon to once more decide whether He will stay our execution or allow judgment to be poured forth, we will be judged not only for what we are profoundly guilty of up until this point, but also for the season of grace we will have once again squandered from here on in.

Yes, I do believe last night was an act of sovereign grace. If this election had gone the other way, I am certain we would have been at war with Russia within six months of Madame Chairman Rodham being sworn in, and that the persecution against the household of faith would have been accelerated to a breakneck speed. ­­­

A merciful God has once more shown this nation mercy, and now it is up to us to decide what we will do with the mercy we’ve been given. It is up to us to decide what we will do with the reprieve and stay of execution that was handed down by the Judge of the Universe.

This is just the first of many critical moments we will have to face as a nation, and if you think it will be rainbows and kittens from here on in you are fooling yourself.

So, yes, take a second, breathe a sigh of relief, say a prayer of thanks, enjoy the sunshine on your face, but then roll up your sleeves and get to work. Not tonight, not tomorrow, not next week, not whenever we get around to it and we have nothing left on our agenda.

The countdown clock has already started ticking, and in what will seem like the blink of an eye this nation’s case will once more be up for review. What we do from this point to that will determine whether we still have a future, and whether our stay of execution will once more be extended.

Do I believe that we’ve avoided judgment altogether? No, I do not, but the best we could have ever hoped for was a reprieve, a delay, a season of grace wherein we could return to the purity of simply being about our Father’s business and preaching Jesus unashamedly once more.

We have so much work to do, and time is shorter than we might think. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Last Stand! (Partial Radio Transcript)

(As of the airing of this broadcast new evidence has come to light wherein one of the highest members of the Clinton campaign, namely her chief of staff, is actively participating in satanic rituals, something called spirit cooking, which is as occult as occult can get. Sorry to spoil it for those who are still riding their high horses, imbued with their own sanctimony and self-righteousness, but these two candidates are not equally evil. One is surrounded by individuals who by all accounts are actively practicing satanism, have been known to try and find levers by which to influence the church, and who will likely do all in their power to eviscerate and silence the church once they come into power. Anyway, since someone went through the trouble of typing out the radio program, I wanted to include a portion of it. Make no mistake; this is the last opportunity you will have to affect change in this country. What you do with this opportunity is solely on you.)

So here we are. By the time the next program rolls around chances are a new president elect will have emerged, and there will either be a lot of snowflakes sitting in the corner, sucking their thumbs and thinking about cutting themselves, with the Hollywood elites packing up in anticipation of moving to Canada, or there will be the average folks who will mourn in silence as they always do, and just buckle down and keep trying to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads.

As I’ve said on previous occasions on this program, I do not believe that the polls reflect the reality on the ground, and I do believe it will be a surprising turnout, as well as a surprising result, but the apparatus has been at this for so long, the machine is so well oiled and ready for this last hurtle that it’s still up in the air as far as I am concerned. All things being equal, if this were a real election where dead people didn’t vote, and where ballots weren’t stolen, and where machines didn’t magically switch your vote to the other candidate, and where you weren’t intimidated when walking into your polling station, this whole issue would be a nonstarter. It is because corruption is so prevalent, and a certain political party has adopted the ‘win at all cost’ mentality that this thing is still a tossup.

That said however, I must confess to a certain level of glee upon hearing that the FBI is reopening the whole sordid case of the e-mails and the scandal that has ensued. It is doubtless that Madam Chairman Rodham is likely having the worst week ever, and even with the bias that is at this juncture undeniable the polls are starting to show it.

So if anyone listening, which I must confess is highly unlikely, but if anyone listening is still on the Hillary Depends sponsored tugboat to prison, then you are on it with the full knowledge of just how corrupt the entire machine is, just how deplorable this entire crime family is, and you have no excuse.

Now, I do want to say, that if they reopened this case, then there’s something there, and it’s not a slap on the wrist kind of something. If James Comey put his career on the line in order to send letters to congress informing them that they found more evidence, then whatever that evidence is, is earth shattering.

So, it is likely that if Madame Chairman Rodham does become president elect, she will be indicted, so let the words ‘President Tim Kayne’ roll across your tongue a few times. Just do it, please, for me, say it, say it out loud without throwing up a little in your mouth. President Tim Kayne. President Tim Kayne.
Now I want you to use your imagination just a little, and imagine the ever emasculated, effeminate, non-confrontational man that Mr. Kayne obviously is sitting across a table from Vladimir Putin, or Xi Jinping, or Tayip Erdogan, or even Angela Merkel. Yes, I honestly believe that even Angela Merkel can browbeat Tim Kayne into submission. That is how weak of a man he seems to be by all indications.

So, yeah, it’s about more than Trump versus Hillary. There are so many more tangential and tertiary issues that we must contend with that taking this election lightly will be our own undoing.

On the other hand, President Mike Pence does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Again, not telling you who to vote for, but if you are looking for a Christian to be one heartbeat away from being the most powerful man in the world, then the Rodham Kayne ticket is not the ticket for you.

Like I’ve said before, and there is no obfuscation here, I like Mike Pence. I say thing having done my due diligence, having done my research, having listened to his speeches, and yes, I like Mike Pence. He is solid. I like him a lot, and knowing that God works in mysterious ways, who know?

Anyway, yeah, if you’re still voting for Hillary, I can’t help you, I’m sorry you hurt your head, and I’m sorry logic and reason have escaped you altogether.

Just as an aside, the reason this whole thing has been reignited as far as the e-mails scandal is concerned, is because of something found on a certain Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Now in case you don’t know the name Anthony Weiner, he is a former congressman from the state of New York who was disgraced for various reasons, the latest being sending lewd messages to a sixteen-year-old girl. The man is a sexual predator. Not someone who made lewd comments, an actual, honest to goodness, keep your children away from this man, sexual predator. By the way, he’s now checked into a sex clinic. As far as what a sex clinic is, your guess is as good as mine. But yeah. Good times.

Two things here, because the need to be pointed for the sake of logic and reason: First, this was an elected official. The people of New York elected him as their representative in Congress. So the idea that the best, brightest, most selfless most moral individuals get into politics needs to be reassessed. Yes, there are some exceptions, such as the aforementioned Mike Pence, but by and large politics is a cesspool, and even dipping your toe into it for a minute is likely to give you a staph infection.

The second thing worth noting is that this is the kind of chaff Chairman Rodham surrounds herself with. This is the kind of bottom feeding, sleazy, sort of sends chills up your spine people she likes to have in her cabal. Oh, by the way, Senior Weiner’s now estranged wife is also Hillary’s right hand person. Just in case you know, details didn’t make their way in your twitter feed as you were too busy tattooing ‘I’m with Her’ on your forehead.

If you’re with her, you are with a criminal, an individual who has one position in public, and one in private, meaning you don’t know what she really believes, or worse, will believe whatever the person paying her the most money wants her to believe. If you’re with her, you are with an enabler of sexual assault, you are with an individual that has no scruples or moral compass, or true empathy for the plight of those around her. If you are with her, you are with late term and partial birth abortion, you are with the persecution of the saints, you are with the betrayal of Israel, you are with the individual who wants the nation your ancestors bled and died for to become just another tin pot banana republic wherein she is the tyrant and we are all her subjects. If you are with her, you are with bondage, you are with the silencing of dissent, you are with tyranny.

Like I said, I’m not telling you who to vote for, just laying out the facts.

I had this conversation with a friend the other day, and he is as American as American can be. His ancestors came over on the Mayflower, his people lived through the civil war, and he was trying to say that he was undecided as far as who he was going to vote for, or if he was even going to vote in this election.

I explained to him that I should have less of a vested interest about this nation’s future than him, because my people never shed blood to defend its freedom, my people did not die trying to make the dream of a constitutional republic into a reality, and my people never gave their last full measure in defense of liberty.

Again it’s not about voting for a man or a woman to be president, it’s not about Trump or Chairman Rodham, it’s about the future of the nation, and what you want this nation to look like come November 9th.

It’s about doing what we can to slow down the decay, the decline, the corrosion, the corruption, the graft, and the implosion, of this once great nation, and perhaps even righting some wrongs along the way.

Yes, I believe judgment can be delayed. As I’ve said before, I do not believe that one candidate winning over the other means that God has foregone judgment altogether. But it can be delayed, and a delay is the best scenario we can hope for as a nation.

Nineveh’s judgment was delayed for 120 years. Personally, I’ll take whatever delay we can get because our judgment has been long in coming. So if it’s four years, then we have four more years to labor, to preach, to call people to repentance, and to lift high the banner of Christ. If it’s eight years, then eight years it is.

The point is, if the other candidates happens to swindle this election, somehow, then I think we’re at war with Russia within six months of her getting sworn in. The problem here is that you can’t un-break an egg, you can’t un-spill milk, and your regret over the sanctimony others injected into you and that you embraced will be utterly useless. Some things you can’t walk back, take back, or undo, and this election will be one of those things, for better or worse.

Not to belabor the point any more than I have, but I do believe this is the defining crossroads of this present generation. We will look back on this coming Tuesday and either breathe a sigh of relief over what we managed to delay or avoid, or we will weep bitter tears, and point the finger at one another, and perhaps rightly so, for allowing a handful of Mormons and political hacks who will be unemployed if Trump wins,to sway our vote.

There is one other thing that is worth noting here, and it’s something that to the best of my knowledge no one has brought up, and that is the potty mouth audio is the worst they had on Donald Trump. How have I come upon this conclusion?

Well, news that they were reopening the investigation into the Hillary servers came out on Friday afternoon or so. If they had anything more in their arsenal as far as Trump was concerned, it would have been blasted on every major news outlet come Monday morning. The fact that they haven’t come out with anything more, the fact that there’s no more audio, video, or drawings from when he was a toddler, means that after having spent the better part of four decades in public life, after having been a wealthy entrepreneur all of his life, the worst they have on Donald Trump is that he has a potty mouth and said something unseemly eleven years ago.

And you know it’s not like they haven’t tried. You know it’s not like they haven’t combed and scoured the sewers of New York for anyone who will come forward with some sort of evidence as to Trump having done something truly vile.

It also tells me that there’s nothing on his inner circle either, whether that be his children, or men like Rudy, Doctor Carson, Newt Gingrich, even Chris Christie, who I guess has bridge gate hanging over his head. However, bridge gate is like a raindrop in a tsunami when compared to the absolute onslaught of lawlessness being brought to light regarding Chairman Rodham and her ilk.

They’ve got nothing, and they know they’ve got nothing. So all we’ve got is potty mouth eleven years ago, and him calling a woman who was supposed to be the face of a new chain of gyms porky, because she’d put on fifty or so pounds. That this woman was an accessory to murder and was actually on trial for attempted murder seems to have escaped the Clinton camp.

If they had any sort of evidence based accusations, they would have trumpeted it already.

That’s right, evidence. Not hearsay, evidence. You know the stuff they have on Hillary Clinton that is so damning and overwhelming that the head of the FBI felt it was imperative to reopen the investigation ten days before the elections, evidence.

It’s only picking between the better of two evils when you compare these two candidates to a third, as yet unnamed party, someone of high moral integrity or the such. When you compare these two candidates to each other, it’s no longer the better of two evils. One is starting to look like a saint comparatively speaking, and you know I’m right even if you don’t want to admit it to yourself.

I don’t know what more I can say about this that hasn’t been said, but I’m just going to keep on saying it because there are still Christians out there who decided the best course of action was no action at all, and that is not an option come Tuesday.

With love in Christ, 
Michael Boldea Jr.