Saturday, March 26, 2022


 We are living in the age of the know-it-all. Everyone’s an expert on everything, and if you try to get a word in edgewise, you become mortal enemies unto the seventh generation. It’s not so much that everyone has to pretend to know everything; it’s that what they think they know cannot be challenged in any way lest you initiate jihad.

Funny thing, though, even with all the knowledge we boast of possessing, the Word tells us that God’s own people perish for lack of knowledge. How could this be? Was God wrong in His assessment, or could it be that we don’t know everything we think we do?

Even me opening that door was likely enough for some to get flush in the cheeks and start to chew on their fingernails. Why though? If you’re so sure about your position, what would it matter if some loveable goofball in the middle of nowheresville Wisconsin, asked for clarification regarding inconsistencies in the narrative you so violently cling to?

Between waking up every morning and being thankful that the view from my window is not of a mushroom cloud, and making sure my kids get fed and bathed from time to time, I’ve been going through some of the more elaborate theories floating about regarding the current escalation in Ukraine.

It’s downright impressive how people who were experts in respiratory viruses seem to also be experts in Eastern European geopolitics. Double majors in virology and world history are no mean feat; they must be really good at multi-tasking.

It’s easy to blather on about things you have little knowledge of because if you have little understanding of it, chances are, so does the other guy, and if you’re first out of the gate, then it makes you look smarter even though you aren’t.

It’s like two teenage burger flippers going on and on about why they think Warren Buffet’s stock portfolio is lacking. He’s got the billions; you’re flipping burgers, maybe, just maybe, he knows a bit more when it comes to that particular field.

So, to unburden myself, allow me to make a few points for posterity if nothing else.

1. Not everything you read on the internet is the God’s honest truth.

2. First-hand accounts are always more credible than fourth-hand accounts.

3. Not everything’s a conspiracy; sometimes an apple’s just an apple.

And since it still sticks in my craw, Vladimir Putin did not invade Ukraine to save the children. Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine because the diaper wearer in chief roaming the halls of the White House calling for Jill projected weakness, and for the predators of the world, weakness is an irresistible pheromone.

Even Pudgy Kim is getting in on the act, because why not? What’s a feeble old man retelling stories of yore and reliving memories of children playing with his leg hair going to do about it?

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea, Jr.