Thursday, January 24, 2008


Sometimes I feel like a juggler of sorts. No, not one of those guys that juggles chainsaws or flaming swords, just a regular old juggler who juggles non violent, non threatening items such as oranges or apples. To some who get the feeling that I've been slacking off, I guarantee you I have not. Between finishing up another prophetic times booklet on spiritual maturity, to wrapping up the next newsletter for Hand of Help, to digging my car out of the snow every morning, there just hasn't been allot of time left in the day. You know it gets bad when you begin to consider the idea of buying a gallon of combustible fluid splashing it on yourself and striking a match just to get a little warmer. For once, I wish Al Gore was right, and global warming was accelerating, but apparently Wisconsin hasn't gotten the memo.
I have however been reading the comments to the latest posts, and am humbled to see wisdom in most of them, a fleshing out of the principle ideas I was trying to get across in my posts. The wise man sees trouble coming, the fool mistakes it for something else entirely, or in his unwillingness to face reality interprets it as being something else than what it really is altogether.
I realize the last couple posts seemed harsh to some of you, but truth rarely engages in the use of cosmetics. Truth cannot be prettied up, it cannot be disguised under make up and foundation. What I write is from the heart, it is the way I see the world that surrounds me in the context of God's word.
Today I will be wrapping up a few ongoing projects, and will post something more substantial tomorrow at the latest. For now I leave you with the hope that you will continue to burn bright, to shine in the midst of the darkness, and to aspire to the standard of God, not the standards of men.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Thank-you for all that you juggle and for your faithfulness to share what the Father gives to you. Thank-you to your wife for sharing in your ministry to God's people and to those who don't yet know Him. I pray He gives you both times of refreshing even in the middle of the storms. I pray He is renewing and strengthening you even in the middle of seemingly chaotic ministry. As Jesus said of himself, "My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work." (John 4:34) May our Father in heaven nourish each of you in a supernatural way as you go about the tasks He has given you to do! May our Father's blessings be on you both, in your bodies, in your spirits, in your minds. May He alone be glorified, now and forevermore!

Marcel said...

Be careful,many will accuse you of becoming hateful and unloving.

An observation for our time.
We have a herd of individuals driven to seek power here just as God's judgment begins to intensify against His own house.
The primary method used is to tell the people what they want to hear and steer clear of what offends them.
This guarantee's that the one with the smoothest words (lies) will be elected.
Those who speak the truth are called hateful and despised and rejected.
The Church has become infected with smooth,comforting words that has brough deep sleep to the 10 virgins of Matthew 25.
the five foolish virgins are in such grave danger that they need anything but smooth words to hear.
The wolves who dip their words in honey have millions who follow them ,especially God's people who have gone to well's which can hold no water.
An easy way to spot the wolves is they never speak the truth that repentance is our only hope,they get the dumb sheep to believe the answer is looking to/voting for them.
There is no deliverance or hope coming from the political process or the church of smooth words.

Anonymous said...

"For once, I wish Al Gore was right, and global warming was accelerating, but apparently Wisconsin hasn't gotten the memo."

Until yesterday, no official in Michigan had received it either. I've even been missing my coat that I left in Wisconsin a few weeks ago, but it was worth it to have had the fellowship with Hand of Help.

simon said...

Michael, thank you for your continual encouragement and wisdom, and your faithfulness in giving to the saints as the Lord speaks to you, despite the cost in time when you are so busy. I for one, have always been convicted, encouraged and fed by your regular posts, and will continue to be, I am sure! Am so enjoying catching up on some 'back blogs'. God bless, brother Michael!