Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Lately the feeling that I should begin posting some expository teaching on this web log has been heavy on my heart. We live in a world of abundance, but one thing is sorely lacking and that is the pure truth of God's Holy Word.
I would like to get some feedback from you, the regular visitors of this site, as well as those who visit it infrequently. I would greatly appreciate your opinions on this matter, and await your comments.
Though the road we travel may get difficult from time to time, it is always the destination that keeps us faithful and moving ever onward.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
I read your postings about twice a week. You make me think alot about my walk with Jesus.
My husband and I have been seperated for about 7 months. He is an alcoholic, and he started to get real mean about 6 months before I asked him to leave. Life is difficult for me at times since the seperation, but i have peace in my heart. Wonderful things have happened out of the blue due to my prayer life. Several months ago I was angry at God for my situation, ready to give up on him - but several of your postings kept me grounded on Jesus. You helped me to realize that Satan and his love of this world was my husbands choice-not mine.

Thank you Mike for your wonderful postings, sometimes I felt like you wrote them just for my state of mind at that time. Please keep writing as they mean alot to me.

A friend in Christ!

Anonymous said...

My vote is with whatever the Lord has laid on your heart. It's not about you, me or others. It's about Him and Him only.

Your sister in our Lord

Anonymous said...

After going to another website to understand what expository teaching means allow me to put in huge YES PLEASE! I would love it. I am a regular reader of your blogs although I seldom comment. I am constantly amazed at how much you can pull out of a couple of verses that has never occured to me or heard from others. Thank you so much for all that you share with us. You continually encourage me to dig deeper which is a much needed reminder some days. May God continue to bless, strengthen and provide for your family and this ministry.

Anonymous said...

Michael- great idea. i know that there are many around the world who are hungry and thirsty and would welcome some good teaching. thanks for hanging in there.

Michael -Australia

A Seed Sower said...

Any jewels from the Word of God and from Throne Room of Heaven, that you wish to impart to us will be devoured with utter the hungry soul even the bitter things, things hard for the flesh to swallow, are sweet and precious and for the true benefit of our eternal that would be an amen from me young brother Michael...God bless you for caring so much about us that you would share what God gives you with us.
Helen B. one of the motley

Amy S. Trosen said...

Yes, please.

Anonymous said...


Thank you, for your teaching and comments. I would greatly appreciate reading and feeding on God's pure word. I wish to prosper like the rest of our society, but I have also sensed the "Bride" (the church "me") is not ready for the Bridegroom's return (Hosea 2). Your dream "Revive us lest we all perish" spoke to my heart in a powerful way. Continue to be bold and preach/speak against our hedonistic society.


Brothers in Christ
Kevin M. from Missouri.

Anonymous said...

Freind please lay it down for us so we will not be found naked and without oil in the day of vistation.

Anonymous said...

Also Michael, thank you for choosing to sacrifice this life for the Master, and also your wife. Thank you for leaving all and giving up what many would not, to help us. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good.


Joseph Herrin said...

Dear Michael,

I have very often been blessed (challenged, exhorted, stirred up in spirit) as I have read some word from you. There are many, indeed multitudes, of ministers today who seek to stir the emotions or make some appeal to the flesh or soul of man. Like much "Christian music" they arouse the soul, or worse yet, the flesh, but do not cause one to be uplifted into spiritual realms and to a greater intimacy with Christ the Lord.

Your words have not been those that appeal to the flesh. It is because they were birthed by the Spirit that they have value to me personally, and to the body of Christ. As long as you continue to share those things that arise from the Spirit, not from the head or some lesser source, it is assured that they will be words used to good effect among the body. When Christ sends forth a word through whatever channel He chooses, it will not return void, but will accomplish that purpose for which He sent it forth.

I would exhort you as a brother in Christ to continue to live by the leading of the Spirit. Many will come before the Lord in the day of judgment and say, "Did we not prophesy in your name?" Yet only that prophecy that arose from the Spirit will bear the approval of Christ, for only that which He initiates constitutes "doing the will of the Father Who is in heaven."

As you continue to be led of the Spirit in your words there is no doubt that there will be profit to the body of Christ and increase for the Kingdom of God.

I know from recent writings that you have been troubled some lately with a sense of frustration at the apathy present in the body. It sounds like you have also endured a time of feeling isolated and set aside, and perhaps frustrated at a sense of unfruitfulness. As one who has walked in similar places I urge you to not allow these emotions to bear upon your decisions. At times I have known temptation to set forth a teaching from wrong motives.I have felt that as a minister I must be teaching something, and moments when the Spirit is silent are the most dangerous as we are tempted to fill in the gaps with soulish effort

Our teaching will only be fruitful if it arises from the Vine in which we are called to abide. I KNOW that you are a man who discerns the Spirit, so let the peace of God rule in your heart. Be led of the Spirit in this decision, as well as all others.

Please know that I have been blessed by your words. More than once I have shared them with my own mailing list, or included them in some writing. Most recently I have shared your dream/vision of the four horses being readied, as it impressed me greatly with the thought that the hour is very late, and it is a time to walk soberly in all things.

May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days,

Joseph Herrin

Anonymous said...

Absolutley Michael! Even those with knowledge don't always have an easy time explaining to others. You have a wonderful gift of speaking simply, in a way that is easy to follow.
There are people that don't grasp the importance of basic teachings; fasting, prayer, the Holy Spirit, ect... explain away! The learned and the not so learned will both benefit. Knowing the "why" often helps with the "what".
Also, there are many new believers that frequent this site. Not everyone knows how to get past the milk to find solid food.

Mrs. Pugh

Anonymous said...

If it's on your heart you should just go ahead and do it without concern what those at the other end think, I'm sure we'll be blessed. Blessings and thanks, Logan

Anonymous said...

YES Michael my friend, good solid teaching would be critical. So few seem to read their bible for themself.

I know from what people ask me that they want to know WHEN the judgment will hit. GOD has repeatedly told me SUDDENLY - which would rule out a date. I'm no different! I'd like to know what-when! GOD WANTS REPENTANCE and His own to stay close to Him and follow His written Word.



People call themself 'christian' but say abortion is choice and homo isnt sin. That is disagreeing with GOD! A GOD who does not change!

I hang out in chatrooms called 'christian' and they dare say sin exists, but they kick me out of the room if I spell out WHAT SIN IS.

Michael - people DO NOT KNOW WHAT SIN IS!!!

Yeah ... TEACH us brother!

Big hug from Pastor CJ!
Editor of ZionsCRY

O come Lord Jesus - SOON! said...


Don't look to us for your guidance. Write as the Lord Jesus leads you. We cannot feed others if we are drinking from the milk of the word. In these times, and the times soon to come, we need the strong meat.

May the Lord always guide us all by the light of His word.

Brian said...

Michael: On a separate note, what do you make of the Pope's visit to the White House today. Something very unsettling about this visit and the timing. Like they are setting up the final pieces in place, but also a sign to those in the know to show who will soon be in control.

Brian Kolbus

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,

I am regular visitor of this blog and are reading your posting very carefully with great thanks. I live in Seoul, Korea.
I am very impressed about your posting that is sincere and rooted solely in His Word. I am seeing pouring Visions, Dreams and prophecies in the web. Some brings me confusion and may not help me be strengthened in belief. However, your postings gives me valuable teaching to see Jesus, to hear Word itself and to have a hope in God.

I wish you are well and share your thoughts continuously with all of us, which gives us more enlightment in the Word, not in so numerous words of man's overflowing in the web. May the God be with you.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Brother Michael,
Grace and peace to you in the name of the Lord. I wanted you to know that I value your opinions and listen to your interviews. I know you would say that God's opinion is the only one that matters and you are so correct. But He does speak through His servants the prophets.
I have heard you on the Unleavened Bread Bible study, which I am a frequent listener of. I believe you are a true prophet of God and the word you give is very much needed in this desperate hour. When I find your interviews I listen very carefully to your words and I know that God speaks through you.
God bless you,
sincerely, your brother in Christ,
you can contact me at

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,

We are all hungry for truth or we wouldn't be coming to your blog looking for food to feast upon. Whatever the Lord lays on your heart is what we want to hear. Teach us His ways. Tell us what He wants us to know. Give us meat. I thank the Lord for you and the wisdom that He has given to you. Continue to instruct us according to His Spirit.

Anonymous said...

P L e a s e would be a blessing.

Amy said...

Dear Michael,

I hope you will always listen to and follow what is on your heart. Your teaching articles posted on Hand of Help's website are excellent and I would be grateful for more. I think pure truth is sorely lacking, as you say, and you have such a gift in communicating truth in your writing. If you are thinking about posting teaching from the Word by other men of God, that, too, I would welcome. I'm not sure what you are looking for in feedback, but I, for one, need encouragement in the Word, and the Lord uses you to give me that. I can't remember how I discovered your website a couple years ago, but it was not the prophecies or dreams or any of that kind of thing I was attracted to, but the teaching. I recognized the truth I have been homesick for for many years, and it strengthened me just to know you are out there. I tried unsuccessfully to comment on your previous post, but I sensed your discouragement and wanted to encourage you. Please be encouraged that you are not alone. The Book of Isaiah is one of the most beautiful works of art, yet he was sent to a people that would not hear or see or repent. Yet his words... where would we be without them? Michael, I believe your heart would rejoice if only you could see all of us you write for. It's not about numbers, but the call of God. Whatever you can pour your whole heart into, do that. :)

Your sister,

Anonymous said...

That would be great, i love to read your blogs, they a truly a blessing. I would love to hear more of God's word and teaching from it.


Anonymous said...

I would be grateful for a source of consistent spiritual nourishment. It is obvious your heart is focused on the one true God and His son, Jesus Christ, and that His Holy Spirit is using you to reach many with the truth. So many believers in our country are starving spiritually and at the point of death. Every morsel of solid, nourishing truth is like a lifeline thrown to a drowning person. Be free to follow His leading and we will reap the blessings! God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,
Please, do not heisitate to lay on us whatever the Lord lays on your heart. You words have been true teachings that I have shared with my siblings around the world (literally). Whatever the Lord directs do not worry about hurting our times the truth hurts but it is a positive hurt that should lead to repentance and soul searching. It cleanses and prepares us to watch and to pray, living in obedience.

In His Grace,

ryanfromDetroit said...


I think my response to this will not necessarily be according to the majority, but as I have felt stirred I will give my two cents as well.

When you say that the pure truth of God's Holy Word being sorely lacking, I could not agree with you more. Because of this, I would urge you to allow the Spirit of God to speak in your ear that you may communicate that to those who are in desperate need of a pure drink. As God gives these things to His people freely, we are to freely give it (as you have). Brother, I would strongly encourage you to please speak as the Spirit leads you because, as you know, the time is so short that people need to know how to hear from God for themselves.

I may sound like a resounding cymbal, but my request is for you to go before God and let Him speak to you, that you may speak His word to others. We all need to live by every word that proceeds out of His mouth (including the words already spoken and those that He speaks to us daily). God is the only one that knows what His people have need of, even before we ask. God bless you.

With love in Him,

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother Mike,
My hearts desire is the Pure Truth of God's Holy Word!
Please Mike...I hunger for meat and thirst for the Holy spirit as only i find in the teachings the Lord has wrought through you. Yes, even in rebuke and correction for it is needful for me to be transformed by the renewing of my spirit, soul and body therefore, i beseech thee do not stop!
continually seeking,

deannaslater said...

Dear Michael, homeward bound, The Holy Spirit is preparing the way, and Michael you are a vessel, Pray and be sure it is not your flesh so that every word written comes directly from Holy Spirit of God, as I know you do. Homeward bound my friend. Blessings


Bonny said...

Michael, if it were not for your words and teachings so far, I don't know where I would be! So few are teaching as you do, and your words are life because you write in faithful obedience to the Lord, and don't ever count the cost. Thank you - I know that I would really appreciate any teaching which the Lord puts on your heart to share with us!! Bless you, brother.

A Seed Sower said...

For anyone to even entertain the thought that Brother Michael does not seek the face of God, I find offensive.
Although he would not defend himself, I find myself desiring to come to the defense of someone I know to be an anointed prophet of God.
This young man's wisdom is way beyond his years, and a more humble young man I have never met. I don't say these things to puff him up, but rather come to the defense of a brother in Christ.
I fail to understand how anyone would, after seeing the effect his God given ministry, even question that he does not seek the face of God.
Earthly intelligence, does not bring forth the calibur of teachings and exhortations that go forth from this young man, they come from the throne room of heaven via the HOLY SPIRIT.
Let us not become vain in our lip service to one another and judge oneanother in such a light way, lest the Lord judge us by the measure we use to judge.
The HOLY SPIRIT is the author of this blog, to everyone except a few that is an obvious fact.
Attacks on the brethern should be measured very carefully lest one come under judgment themselves.
He who exhalted himself shall be humbled...Amen

Anonymous said...

dear brother michael, yes by all means bring forth pure biblical truths that is so lacking in these compromising days where everything must be positive. Jesus warned that in the last days many false teachers would come and deceive yes keep on sending truth via internet. your writings through the years have brought much confirmation and blessing, so thank you for your faithfulness. the dreams from you and your grandfather have spoken much to me also. God bless you michael, yours in Christ, andy

Anonymous said...

Speak as the Spirit gives utterance, dear Brother.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,

Though I do not not read your posts on a regular base and I cannot recall how I came across, they refresh me and I am absolutely amazed by the power and pureness and the dedication. You are a blessing to many, remain humble and the Lord will keep using you. -Pieter