Sunday, May 11, 2008


We will be continuing the study of Paul's conversion shortly, but for now I would just like to take a few minutes and wish all the mothers who read this web log, a heartfelt happy mother's day.
To those whose mothers are still living, cherish them, for they are precious. Often one does not know the true worth of what they have until it is taken from them. Whether one is fifteen or fifty, they are still their mother's son or daughter, and as such need to make precious the time they are able to share together.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Well, thanks, Michael for the sweet note about how special moms are---------and they really are!

Anonymous said...

hi Michael,
Thank you so much for your kind wishes. I have a soon to be 18month old daughter...sheis a treasure. I remeber when the Lord told me that i was especting (through a prophetic word). I did not knowit at the time. She is the Lords and my husband and I have the pleasure of raising her.


Bonny said...

Thank you Michael, I had a good day!

Anonymous said...

Night before Mother's Day a 5-6 years ago. I laid hands on my son while he was sleeping asking God to bless my son as he was Father and knew what he needed,my son's earthly dad had neglected us was with other people,hurt us and cared not for God. I prayed for Gods hand and guidance. That night I received a dream my son was prophecying about our family I drew close to hear it but couldn't and then in his sleep in the dream he starts prophecying thus says the Lord God of Israel if my people which are called by my name....In my dream my son is prophecying my son is prophecying. I received the greatest mothers day gift the hand of God on my son his protection guidance and love over his life.Much love lil sis in Jesus