Monday, July 14, 2008

On The Road Again

We were on the road this weekend, thankfully we didn't have to drive very far, only about two hours each way, and had a real fruitful time of fellowship with some friends near Appleton Wisconsin.
I have been working on a post entitled 'Sanctuary' for the past few days, and hopefully will have the first installment up sometime tomorrow. As always, thank you all for your prayers and your patience. I will be leaving for Romania a week from tomorrow, and so have been running around most of the week with everyone's shopping lists from back home. So far I've bought suspenders, baby tylenol, jeans, medical books, coloring books, homeschooling manuals, and fish oils. I'm almost halfway through the list. I keep trying to explain to everyone back home that you're only allowed 2 fifty pound suitcases, but no one seems to understand that one hundred pounds isn't as much as it seems. Anyway, just thought I'd pop in and let everyone know I am still alive and kicking. God bless.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea JR.


A Seed Sower said...

So your going to Romania a week from today for good???? or just a trip????
Can't you ship out some of the things that are needed also???
Oh Dear we will surely miss you make sure you get you a good internet connection over there. Your family will be so thrilled to have you home, and your dear wife for sure...God Bless and keep you all.
Helen B.

Anonymous said...

So you will be leaving for Romania July 22. May you have a blessed time.

The tragic period for Jews down thru Time is from July 20 (17 Tammuz) thru August 10 (9th of Av) - called "The 3 Weeks" or the 21 days of awe.

After I read you were leaving, Ed Waldon came to me with a vision. He has had several in the past.

July 15 he saw an angry foaming killer wave rushing into California 50 to 100 miles inland. Then came God's warning Voice


GOD spoke only those 4 words, several times, repeatedly, LOUD, resonating.
The wave was first then the warnings. He also saw other terrible things for USA.

One thing about Ed - he NEVER DATES when something will occur. He and I discuss what he has seen and test it. As a rule he tells me he has seen something, I get a scripture about it. I ask him questions about it. I do not mock his visions.

EARTHQUAKES have been increasing, and a tsunami inundating both the east and west coasts far inland is EXTREMELY possible.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Brother Michael,
About an hour ago I was walking through my vegtable garden. I don't get out there as much as I would like due to physical disabilities and high pain levels, but it has been raining for weeks now and I wanted to see how everything was growing.
When I returned I put on your broadcast on Spirit 1 and you spoke of your gradfathers desire to be a potatoe farmer, I can relate to that, and as I look out my window and the corn reaching to the sky as if it is praising the Creator, I thank God for His abundance, for his favor, for is was surely his favor to send your family here. Truthfully, if God allowed, if my body, and my husbands body were stronger, I think we would ask to come home with you, as you, your ministry, has been a part of our hearts for many years. I cry over every newsletter, and pray for your family, and ministry often. My husband has just finished 4 pair of handmade moccasins to send off to your ministry, to be send off to Romania. We visualize the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords walking in them, up and down the hillsides in Romania, our hearts burst with joy and at the same time are so humbled.
We love you, thank you for your obedience to the Father, for your Love of God and his sheep, Be Blessed. God Speed on your trip, our prayers are with you.
Your Sister and Brother in Christ