Tuesday, September 30, 2008


One of the many downsides of traveling allot, is losing your rhythm. No, I don't mean one's ability to bob their head up and down to the beat of any particular song, but the loss of one's daily routine. When I first started this web long I was in the States, and every morning upon waking up, I would sit down and write something, anything, just to know that it got done. Once I started traveling back and forth to Europe again, I find myself being unable to find the time to get something down, and post it with any regularity.
In my defense, I've also been looking after my brother Daniel for the past couple weeks, and since he only has the use of one leg and is forced to use either a walker or crutches, I am as over protective of my little brother, as a mother hen would be of her chicks. Tomorrow I take him to the airport, since he is going back to Romania, and starting Thursday I will do my best to get back into the groove, the rhythm, the ritual, the routine, and post something on a daily basis.
If it does anything to aleviate some of your frustration in regards to my not posting anything, I did have a wonderful time with my little brother these past couple weeks.
I know allot has been happening in this country and in the world, I know some of you check every day to see if I've written anything concerning what's going on, but the fact of the matter is that nothing really needs to be written concerning current events. These events have been foretold, and now they are coming to pass. It's as simple as that. I am not one of those people who acting like an over caffeinated toddler starts screaming and banging on pots and pans to get every one's attention so I can tell them we were right. I can take credit for nothing in regards to fulfillment of prophecy, for they were God's revelations to begin with. What I can say, and what I will say, is that the worst is not over by a long shot, and any temporary relief they might be able to conjure up in regards to this nation's economy, will be just that, temporary.
Again, my apologies for being away so long, and with the Lord's help, you'll get fed up with all my posts soon enough.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Michael and May God bless you in your efforts to look after your own brother and in writing on this blog.

Bonny said...

Don't worry about that, Michael. Look forward to reading whenever you have a chance to post, but if it's days, weeks, months even, that is fine. The words are worth waiting for. Glad Daniel is healing and that you were able to spend time caring for him. Take care dear brother.

Unknown said...


Thanks for your post. I cannot help but wonder in the back of my mind, if all of this relates in some way to your grandfather's vision of America burning. He was told that a rebellion would start in the heart of the nation against the government, and while the government was busy trying to deal with that, the missiles would come.

It looks like if this bailout deal passes, a lot of people will take to the streets or worse. Maybe not, but I just cannot help but wonder.

As a pastor, I warned our people again Sunday, that as you said, Judgment is not coming, it has begun. You are right, the worst is yet to come.

Peace and grace,

Randy Umberger

Anonymous said...

Bro. Michael,

I am so glad that you've had this time with your brother and I have a feeling that it saddens you that you and your wife are not returning to Romania with him.

We all have lives to live and you are no exception to this. I appreciate your post as they come, but the reality is that you needed to mother your brother and be a husband to your wife. You cannot not mother us and the Father should be our husband.

With these days that we are now in, we should be busy about our Father's work and not hovering over a computer to see if Michael Boldea has published something and hanging onto his every word, for Michael Boldea should not be our god, but rather God be our God.

The world as we know it is turning upside down and we should be drawing even closer to our God as the days continue (as they are not approaching anylonger), listening for Him to speak to us rather than depending on Him to speak to you only. But it's much easier for us to hang on your's or Bro. Geno's shirt tail and ask you complaining in fear what is happeing or should we do, instead of asking God. You see, we'd rather put the whole burden upon you, instead of us taking responsibility upon ourselves to talk to God Himself, because we're afraid that He might answer us and ask us to do something also.

This ministry does contact your ministry with prayer requests and I truly appreciate and respect Bro. Geno, Sis. Anne and Bro. Ed for all that they do. But again, they cannot be mother or husband to the world, it takes action on our part to speak from the heart to our Father, not depending on everyone else to take care of us instead.

Bro. Michael, do what the Lord needs you to do, not what we demand of you. For if we have listened to the words that the Lord has given you and others of God and heeded and discerned that Word and drawn close to Him, what shall we fear?

Blessings to you, your family, and all at Hand of Help both on the U.S. and the Romanian side.

Mission of Praise Rescue Mission

growan said...

I'm looking forward to your future blogs!
Just a few days before the failures on Wall Street I stumbled upon this blog, your web site, and the prophecies found there. Since then I've been reading the prophecies one after the other with my jaw dropping in amazment. I'm not new to Biblical prophecy, in fact since I was in my early teens the Father has drawn my spirit to study the Scriptures, particularly in the area of end time prophecy; however, I am not as familiar with the word of prophecy given to your Grandfather, yourself and others during these end times. Perhaps you might expound upon these more recent prophecies in relation to how current events are the fulfillment of the prophecies in addition to how both these recent prophecies and current events reflect end time prophecies found in the Bible.

Thank you for your sensitivity to the Spirit especially in this dull age.

Anonymous said...


I just came across this posting from another site this morning and I thought that you might be interested in website referred to in it.

"Hey I just read Russian are setting up weapon for Cuba and Venezuala. So I think Dudumon prophecy is happening right before our eyes.Check out this AP report link http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5iHvE2zvwkZUbF3qqvLMu7g5-H2XQD93BLGM80..."

Anonymous said...

I am keeping you, your family and your brother in my prayers. Thank you for the blog. I fully understand that it is difficult to sit down and write every day. I want to thank God for the gift He has given you to write this, and the gift your blog has given us. Take Care,