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Greetings to all on a rainy afternoon. I will continue with the study on humility tomorrow, but for now I just wanted to vent a little frustration, and I could think of no better place to do it. I was in the hand of help office, waiting patiently for the four o'clock radio program, when I received a call from an old friend. I will not name this friend, but it is one who ought to have known better than to ask me the following question: 'How long do you think God will keep punishing the financial system?'
Let's get one thing straight dear friends, this was not God, this was greed. Yes, God allowed it, but it was greed that led to the ultimate failure of the financial system, and the crisis we are about to be thrust into, like it or not. It was greed. God hasn't gotten started yet. Keep that in mind over the next few months, God hasn't even gotten started yet.
When the wrath of God is poured out upon a nation, it is nothing so insignificant as a handful of stockbrokers needing to up their heart medication, or people no longer being able to buy that newest and latest toy or gadget. We've not seen hardship in this country for eighty some odd years, but hardship is coming, and we will look back on yesterday and today and think of them fondly.
So if there's anyone out there that's still clinging to the sinking prosperity ship, looking for a life raft, I humbly present the Christ to you, that maligned, dismissed, rejected, relegated to the shadows Christ, whose love is so grand that He is still willing to embrace you and give you peace, comfort, joy and security in times of chaos and uncertainty.
I could go on, but the radio program is starting in no less than three minutes.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


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Hi Mike I ran across your page on the internet.I have a very perplexing situation.I won't go into details , unless you want to hear them. The just of it is, I want to be submissive and supportive of my husband. We are in a Tues. eve. group in our small town area.He presented the purpose driven life book to the pastor of our A/G church. He has volunteered to come out and help the group, however he can. I told my husband there were many weak points in the book to say the least. I have been doing a lot of research on it.He is overlooking this. I also mentioned to the pastor that we should scrutinize the book first before we offer it for study. It has been started as a study anyway. I don't want to take any action that is in the flesh, that comes across of "punishing " him by not going.I want to do what the Lord wants me to do.Do you have any input from scripture?
Thank you. Kathy McKay

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I agree wholeheartedly with your post, Michael. What is happening now is really no different than what would happen if we neglected to pay our bills, if we chose to play instead of work, or if we constantly engaged in risky behavior. Sooner or later, events will catch up with you, and your "undoing" will be of your own making. What's happening in the financial markets are simply the consequences for our behavior, not the judgment of God.

When God judges a nation, there is no question as to Who is chastising--at least for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. The Flood, the plagues on Egypt, Sodom and Gomorrah, the captivities of the Northern and Southern Kingdoms, the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70--these were God's judgments. They were swift, severe, deep, and truly life-changing events. And their effect was to either cause repentance or fear, or both.

When God sends His judgment, we' will KNOW it.

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Well said. As far as I can tell, God has never punished anyone or anything yet. That's for the day of judgment. To punish before judgment would violate the very nature of God. Every bad thing that happens is a result of our disobeying God, not because God is punishing us. He warns us first and then lets events take their course. It's not his fault the "markets" are collapsing. We disobey and suffer the consequences. It's that simple. The scriptures are clear: God will someday judge the world and Jesus will return, but as individuals everyone will be judged before his throne and not one day sooner. Until then, it's not too late to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

randy said...

The almighty dollar, not the Almighty, has been the god of the Western nations. When God punishes a nation, as I understand Biblical examples, He uses "signature judgments"; the judgment is a mirror of the sin. He will cast down everything that has been put before Him.

Israel puts the backing of American military superiority above God; this also will be removed in ways only He knows. It may be a disaster in the Mideast or here at home when our armies are required to be here and things go worse in Afghanistan and Iraq. Military superiority may be a thing of the past.

I do not even want to think of earthquakes, civil unrest, bankruptcy, freak weather or objects from space! The Father knows those who are His, He will cover us under the shadow of His wings. It is up to us to hang tight with Him; worshiping Him daily, hourly reminding ourselves of who we are in God.

The Psalms and Prophets bring great comfort to me. God set the stage while, or before the earth was even created. He knows all things. Look up! Our redemption is near!

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You never did say what you told your friend. And I have a question too: What do we tell our churches about how they should prepare for difficult times? What's the biblical response?

I'm asking these questions to all the ministers that I come across and am fascinated at some of the responses.

What's your take on it?


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even if it isnt God we (as a nation) are overdue for a spanking plus there is the large odds against the nation NOT having a finacial problem
what with stuff like :
High amounts of debt
Low amounts of savings
The Baby Boomer problem
degrading amounts of quality non renewable resources (not just oil, uranium copper and other minerals are in low quality and low amount
Rising Population
Inflation of the USD
Lowering value of the same currency
Rising value of intristic valued metals such as gold, silver etc.
The greed/banking system stupidity of the Housing crises
The lies in the measures of our economy in our so called "good" government trying to make things better than they really are
just to let you know its A LOT more problems than just greed and a housing crisis
much more...

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Let us be close under the wing of our Lord. Depend on Him for all things.

Hisservant rich

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Dear Michael,

I'm an ocassional visitor of your blog. Please do not be frustrated, as this is so logical in this time because darkness is closing in, but we have to carry the light.
About 1 and a half year back I was gripped by a picture of people being scared and people praying that mountains might fall upon them. It was at the end of a three day fast. Also the Lord spoke about Jeremiah 4-7 and the Lord spoke 'twins'(all in Dutch). I've had this message contained within me for the past 1 and a half year and spread it here and there. Now since about 1 month I have found peace, because I could leave the message at a prophetic forum (OH). I said the Lord would confirm the message with fire as it was his and some time later this collapse of the financial system occurred. I agrea it might get worse, because the Lord also spoke to me about Ezekiel, I'll send the hunger, the pestilence and the sword. I should not pray for the country anymore, because God has made his mind up. When the Lord spoke all of this, I didn't know the timeframe and still I know he holds the future and I live dayly out o his hand. But..his guiding is protective and his wings are covering us; he will sustain us.
Your posts are really a blessing to me and many of the readers. Please continue and be blessed in your radioprogramms and your ministry. May we all pray abundantly for fellow brethren. Pieter

ryanfromDetroit said...

Hi Jerald,

In response to your question, we should be asking God to give us the words to speak by His Holy Spirit.

Although it is clear that the Spirit is speaking regarding how quickly the darkness draws near, the Lord has ministered to all who have ears to hear to come out and be separate unto Him...separate from religion and doctrines of men. In these times, every man (and woman) must work out their own salvation with fear and trembling. If anyone is relying on their pastor, a minister, a prophet, etc. to tell them where to go or what to do, they quite simply are not living by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God (as He requires of those who will stand in the days to come).

So I would say, ask God what you are to say and do...your life (and quite possibly others)depend on it. Ask God to give you the baptism of the Holy Spirit so that you may have ears to hear what He is saying. Tell the church to look to Jesus Christ alone and not to any man, for the Lord's anger is kindled against many of the shepherds of our day. They have lorded over God's inheritance and have chosen to please men rather than God.

Hope that helps.

Love in Christ,

ryanfromDetroit said...


Just as a follow up, last week the Lord revealed some things, unexpectedly, regarding the very same question that you asked. I posted it on our blog but felt stirred to share what the Holy Spirit is showing/speaking:

***The Shepherds Were Warned***

Vision (last night - 10/23/08)
I closed my eyes briefly before going to sleep and immediately I was standing in the middle of a street. It was night time and all I could see around me were stars falling from the sky. The light traces that I saw moving from the sky to the earth were long, and the fall seemed very far (lasting for quite a while). Whether my eyes were open or closed, the vision did not go away.

Word (this morning - 10/24/08)
Judgment has begun at My house. Many have been weighed and measured, but they have been found wanting. Did I not warn the shepherds saying, "Repent of dead works. Cast down your foolish pride and humble yourselves before Me that My will would be done in your midst." You have not heard. You have not obeyed. You have closed your ears to truth and have chosen to teach lies in My name, taking many captive. I will judge you for all of the evil you have spoken. I will speak against you and you will not live because you love to lord over My inheritance. You should have lifted up My name that I could draw all men unto Me. You should have told them how to receive the baptism of My Spirit, that they may be led into all truth, but you refused. The time has come when you will be judged. I tell you, your days are numbered.

In short, God is not happy with those that have set themselves up as kings at the expense of God's people. The time has come when God will judge them for all the evil they have done. We must come out and be holy and separate unto God, unless we be partakers of the same wrath that will be poured out on the disobedient. Not a pleasant word, not a happy thought, but it is the reality (truth) of what God is speaking and doing.

Love in Christ,