Saturday, December 6, 2008

Basic Instinct

Although this article should have been entitled the 'the basic instinct of the unregenerate man' it seemed a little too wordy to be a title. I've been trying to get this story out of my mind for over a week now to no avail. It has had a very disturbing effect on me for reasons I don't fully comprehend. Maybe it's all the talk of how evolved and forward thinking our modern day generation has become, how we have grown in love and kindness as a civilization, and then seeing something like this.
For those of you who haven't heard about it, let me fill you in. On what has been coined as black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year, where people wake up before the crack of dawn and stand in the often freezing weather to be the first ones into the store, a young man was trampled to death by a mob of shoppers. The young man was doing his job, tending the door, and in their hearty quest to save ten dollars on a back massager, men and women of all ages and races, actually trampled this man to death. What struck me as even more brutal and telling was the fact that once his co-workers saw this young man laying on the ground breathing what would be his last breaths, they attempted to drag him out of the way of the rushing mob only to have the mob scream expletives at them for being in the way. Yes, we've come a long way, this is the pinnacle of civility and civilization.
Most people today like to think that as a whole, we are beyond such things, we have evolved into a climate of understanding and tolerance, one of peace and joy. Why to many it's surprising that most people aren't skipping down the street, with flowers in their hair humming the tune of their favorite song. The truth of the matter is that every unregenerate man, every unregenerate woman has the aptitude and often the compulsion to be unfeeling, uncaring, self centered and self obsessed. Keep in mind it was not hardened criminals that trampled a man to death, it was not murderers and gang members, it was housewives, and average every day folk. And for what? It wasn't like they were there to get the last of some miracle drug that would heal their terminal disease, they were there for trinkets and worthless things, for material trivialities that lose their luster as soon as one gets them home.
Civilized as we would all like to believe ourselves to be, what do you think would happen if let's say there was a real and tangible reason for being in front of a store at five a.m. like a shortage of food? If a group of people were willing to trample a man to death for a discounted sound system, what would they be willing to do for the last can of tuna?
I realize to some of you this might seem like a purely hypothetical situation, but the dark days of which so many have warned for so long are finally here. There are no limits to the depravity of the unregenerate man, there is no low he is unwilling to sink to, or action he deems too horrid to undertake. I think that's why this story impacted me so.
If you believe that such things are beyond the scope of possibility due to the fact that we've grown and matured as a race, well I submit to you that absent of the transforming love and grace of Christ Jesus man's basic nature has remained the same throughout the ages.
The time has come to watch and pray, the time has come to trust our heavenly Father in a measure never before experienced by many modern day Christians.
Some of you will wave the following comment off thinking I am making a mountain out of a molehill, taking one isolated incident and extrapolating it, but if we are to believe the Word of God, if we are to believe the messengers of God then we must prepare now rather than later, strengthen our faith and stand on the rock of God's promises.
Whatever you think or imagine the future holds, not only for this nation but the world as a whole, is nothing compared to the reality that will be evident. I do not say this to stir fear in the heart of any man, I say it because I must.
The children of God, those who have been born again and have learned to trust the heavenly Father at peace under the shadow of His wing have no reason to fear for they know that He is able. If there is still fear at the edges of your heart, if you still harbor trepidation concerning the future, then my dear brother, my dear sister, it is time to stand before the cross and lay your burdens down. It is time to look into the perfect law of liberty, and the love of Christ, for perfect love casts out fear. These are exciting times.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

'Whatever you think or imagine the future holds, not only for this nation but the world as a whole, is nothing compared to the reality that will be evident.'

Yes. It is so. We cant prepare - except stay in the Word and know CHRIST.


You dont know how astonishing that is.

At some point I disagree with EVERYONE!

God mightily bless you!

Part of me is eager for 'it' to come, part fears it.


Unknown said...

Hi Michael,
This is indeed a wake up call. The other day a family was narrating on CNN how they escaped form the Mumbai terror attacks by hiding under a bed. The lady narrated how they could hear people in the other room begging the terrorists not to kill them...and then they heard the sound of gun fire..then silence. I was driving to work thinking what manner of men are these that can stare you in the face and kill you for nothing more than to make a statement? How inhumane, I thought to myself. Then suddenly, a thought struck me that this is exactly how we respond to Christ, to the prodings of the Holy Spirit. Every time the Spirit tells us not to sin agianst God. Every time we hear Him telling us "please don't" do this or that, we stare Him in the face and do it anyway to fulfill our little pleasures. And everytime we do so, we kill His presence in our lives, we walk further away from Him into death. I was so shocked about how true this is. We are just as bad as those terrorists. We literally terrorize the voice of the Lord from our lives, living Him no place to reside as we trample the word of God underfoot by following our lusts rather than pursuing holiness. Its graphic...but true. Its time to reckon with our dark nature and go to the cross for cleansing and willingly lay down our will and get into HIS program, the time is short.

In His Grace,

Anonymous said...

I agree with you! We live in a sick, sad world. I pray daily that our nation may be healed. I hope people start waking up and see what is happening in our nation/world. God help us!

Thank you for your writings!

God bless and have a Merry Christmas!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother Michael,

Thank you for sharing your heart and mind on the "unregenerate man" in a very moving way. This term has been much on my own mind in recent days. Recently I was discussing this same subject with a fellow observer of the endtimes.

Perhaps many of us in the body of Christ have been impressed with this subject lately as we see the depravity of ungodliness deepening all around us. Thanks for reminding us that we must trust in the Lord and resist yielding to fear.

Lifting you often in prayer,


Anonymous said...

What sickens me even more is the strong possibility that there were "Christians" in that mob!

Anonymous said...

The unfortunate part of it all, is that some of those who were involved in this stampede that trampled this young man, call themself Christian. Even worse, they'll justify this event and probably do it again next year.

This hasn't been the first time that someone has died on this day for the same reason.

" evolved and forward thinking our modern day generation has become..." Maybe the evolutionist are right afterall, that man truly did evolve and look at what we've become. Is this truly Christ like and where is our witness?

your sister in our Lord

A Seed Sower said...

Yes young brother Michael this story affected me the same way it did you, infact i did a short blog on it myself. Just what will they do when it comes to food shortages?..i shudder to think my dear brother, rest assured it won't be pretty.

Just wondering have you seen the article on the SUV's on the altar at a Detroit church? It was all over the news yesterday. I did a blog on it as well.

When the children of God are taught covetousness by the likes of Copeland with his Jets and Osteen with his prosperity gospel and many other guilty pastors and evangelists...well all these things are the result my dear young brother.

I am so glad that at least you were touched by that story, not many are, we have become very hardned in this country I am afraid, and uless something touches us directly, well we just don't get ruffeled now do we.

God help us all brother for we are in the last days no doubt at all.
Love you Keep the Faith!

Anonymous said...

you know this,although how horrible the events might be... is the perfect time for 8956 fists (the finger the fist) to be slamming the US right now... yeah I'm that angry
what makes me more furious at everything about this Christmas (I wish America would give up and just call it Saturnalia)season is this website
I have this to say about the holidays
....Second Death 50000 times(cant say Heck)

Anonymous said...

Good post. It reminds us of the possiblity of what humans are capable of. We honor the service man or woman who risks life and limb to save a buddy life but then not give much attention to what happened at Wal-Mart. (Oh, my goodness, was that a body I just stepped on?)
Don't you think that it's a sign of the times? I wouldn't be surprised if more and more of these kinds of things will be taking place.

Anonymous said...

if I may add look at the location of this death... Long Island ok go to Wikipeida and take a GOOD LONG LOOK AT THE SHAPE. memorized? good ok Google Babylon, New York no seriously... it exists go to the wikipedia article (any of the two links on the disambiguation page look at THE GEOLOGICAL SHAPE OF THE LAND BABYLON NEW YORK SURROUNDS...

....Long Island....
The Holy Ghost and by association... your Grandpa... are absolutely awesome...

Anonymous said...

Wow Joyce, what an incredible analogy. Well... what a reality. I can't say that I ever thought of that comparison before. I think it will be staying with me for sometime.

Love in Christ,
Mrs. Pugh

Bonny said...

That was a sad story, and at the time, I too thought how these greedy brutes would be even worse if it were a food shortage. I thank the Lord that He provides our needs. But as for murder on the altar of shows that the heart of man is desperately wicked, and that as the restraints are gradually removed, there is great lawlessness at work in the world. We should be grieved but not surprised.

Greetings for the new year,