Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Timely Quote

I was leafing through one of my old notebooks this morning, as my wife has asked me repeatedly to move some of them either to the hand of help office, or to the garage on numerous occasions, and I happened upon a timely quote from a man named Matthew Mead. I've mentioned this before, but ever since I was young enough to write, I've been keeping notebooks of notable quotables as it were, from books, magazines, sermons, and anything I came across that captured my attention. I don't know when I wrote this down, the notebook is yellowed with age, and I assume it has been at least a decade, but the writing is more timely than ever before, and it should serve to realign us with our true purpose and goal as we journey toward our eternal home.
'The pursuit of worldly things is unnecessary. Silver and gold are not necessary. We may be happy without them. The pursuit of worldly things is unsubstantial. The things of this world are more shadow than substance. Pleasure, honor and profit comprise all things in this world, and therefore are the carnal man's trinity!
'For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.'
What is pleasure but a dream and cheat? What is honor but opinion? What is profit but a bubble?
The things of this world have no substance in them, though foolish carnal men call them substance. The pursuit of worldly tings is unsafe. The gain of worldly things is always with difficulty but seldom with safety. The soul is often hazarded in the over eager pursuit of worldly things.
Myriads pawn, and lose, and damn their precious souls eternally, for a little silver and gold, which are but the dross and garbage of the earth!
The pursuit of worldly things is uncertain. Men make great ventures for the world, but it is all uncertain. They sow much, yet reap nothing. As the things of the world are uncertain in the getting, they are uncertain in the keeping.
If men do not undo us, moths may. If robbery does not undo us, rust may. If rust does not undo us, fire may. All earthly treasures may succumb to fire.
Solomon paints the world as with wings: 'Cast but a glance at riches, and they are gone, for they will surely sprout wings and fly off to the sky like an eagle.
How uncertain are all worldly things! The pursuit of worldly things is perishing. All this world's goods are passing away. Perishing pleasures, perishing honors, perishing comforts, perishing profits.
What pains do children take to scrape and roll the snow together to make a snowman. But soon after it is done, the heat of the sun dissolves it, and comes to nothing.
The greatest treasures of worldly people are but snowmen! When death and judgment come, they melt away, and come to nothing!'
If ever there was a time to draw closer to Christ, and cling to the truth of the Word dear friends, at least in our generation, I cannot think of it. Everything that we place our trust in, that is not Christ, will fail us and leave us in a state of desperation beyond our grimmest forecasts or imaginings.
I was in a prayer meeting this past Wednesday here in Wisconsin, and as I was praying I saw the words 'a nation in mourning' written in fire. Last night I saw the same words, in the same manner in a dream. As yet I do not know what, or when, but I felt I needed to share it. We are living truly perilous times, and as such must be more certain of our foundation now than ever before.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

As always, brother Michael, your words resonate in my heart. I too have felt that we are drawing near to some cataclysmic event in this country. More than ever, we need to lift our voices in prayer.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for sharing this, Brother Michael. What wonderful treasures from the heart of our Father!! Exactly what my spirit was longing for. Words of truth, spoken honestly from a heart of love. "A nation in mourning" is also exactly where my heart has been, especially for the last few days, with increasing intensity. I feel I am in mourning for this country of ours, for what is just around the corner, for all those who go on ignorant of what is about to happen. No specifics, just a deep sense of mourning, of impending events that are going to change everything forever. But with the knowledge that our King is on the throne and in complete control. I bow before Him, humbled by my sins and my inadequacy without Him, and I wait. "Ours is not a spirit of fear but of power, and love, and a sound mind." God bless you, dear brother, and keep you. Thank-you again. Rleigh

randy said...

A nation in mourning for sure. May the light and power of God shine forth from those who have developed a true relationship with Him in the days to come.

I do not know if I should share this, but something happened here at our home the other evening, around midnight. I had gone outside to look up into the sky at the stars, and into the heavens, and I thought of the promise that we, as children of the living God, are given Angelic beings to protect us.

Above my yard, yet in my yard, I could "sense two beings" standing guard over our home place. They were in each corner of our yard.

I did not see them with my naked eye, yet as I looked to each corner I sensed that I could see them, if that makes any sense. It is difficult to put into words.

This gave me great confidence, confirmation as it were, that like the servant of the Prophet Elisha, we may not see as well as the prophet did the angelic beings and chariots of fire on the hillside, but as our spiritual eyes start to develop and mature we will see the salvation that the LORD has made avaialble to those that are His; especially in the days ahead.

I do not search for signs; but confirmation of beliefs? I will take all the LORD sees fit to send across my path!

Anonymous said...

As I ponder these words of God I'm so blessed!

But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost,
Jude 20

most holy faith,

the author and finisher of our faith - the Lord Jesus Christ! He only is awesome!

Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy,
Jude 24

I can hardly wait to be in exceeding joy in the presence of his glory!

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael, thank you for sharing this timely, insightful word. Thank you also for sharing your dream. May the Lord bless and reward the work of your hands.

Anonymous said...

Is this from the same Matthew Mead who lived in the 1600 hundreds?

Anonymous said...

Fornication >>> Perilous

Anonymous said...

Could nation in mourning be a reference to the idol of mammon that is falling?

Anonymous said...

Dear Randy the words of what the Lord showed you really encouraged me in these scary times our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ will send his angels to watch over us. May we Children Of God be in the shadow of God's hand. -Diamond

Late Night Lisa said...


I sense that's it. It's the mammon that the nation is mourning.

The Body of Christ is (which is not the nation) is mourning the unrepentant state of the nation & the Holy Spirit's unction that this nation is going to be under God's judgment.

You have probably run across what these two brothers in Christ have warned about recently but in case you haven't it resonates a "Fire" theme & the reason why I thought of
checking in w/Michael & Dimitru's prophetic words.

Anonymous said...

Special Prayer Request

Please pray for the lives soon to be affected by the executive order signed today, March 9, 2009, by president Barack H. Obama that lifts an eight-year ban on stem cell research, designating federal funding with taxpayer money to fuel the "in the name of science and pursuit of a cure" genocidal agenda promoted by harvesting cells from live embryos, terminating the embryo from which the cells were harvested.
I will be posting more to come concerning this horrific issue.

Please do not be fooled by those who try to promote this issue as honorable and the elusive answer to defeating diseases that have remained incurable. Taking one life to attempt (even if successful) to save another is neither acceptable nor ethical.

Please pray with us that future legislation will not be passed broadening even further the heinous boundary that has already been crossed. Life starts once successful fertilization begins to reciprocate cells; this is when life has started!

Those that falsely believe a human needs a working heart and brain before life has begun are ignorant of the molecular make-up of the cells themselves, each cell possesses the intricate design needed to be classified as life.

The information to create the heart, brain and every bit of tissue used in the human body lies within the stem cells researchers are so adamantly and without conviction obsessed with acquiring.

Those that think these discarded embryos from fertility clinics are better used in the harvesting of stem cells for the hope of bringing a chance of life to another individual is promoting genocide and tempting the wrath of the Almighty God.

This issue will not disappear soon and our president has called upon congress to lift bans that have been placed back in 1996 to protect fetuses from being intentionally grown for the use of scientific research.

Babies born in labs for the acquisition of data is a low comparable and if not lower to the ideologies of Hitler. Please beware of the agendas being promoted concerning the sanctity of life with this current administration.

Abortion is bad enough, using discarded embryos from fertility clinics is even worse, but growing fetuses for the sole purpose of scientific testing and experimentation is an evil not seen since the days of Noah.

Please pray that the Lord God Almighty will stop this research before it gets started. Agreeing with You in prayer, - Prayers for the People and Daniel Eggers

James Kinsman said...

i may lose everything, but one thing i will keep is Christ,
God bless,