Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dulce Bellum Inexpertis

For the past few months I have actively tried to keep from posting on global events unfolding throughout the world. There are enough individuals in cyberspace whose main focus is global politics and worldwide machinations, so rather than throw my hat in the ring I decided to keep my focus on Christ, the body of Christ, our relationships both with God and with each other, writing in my limited capacity what I felt were worthwhile tidbits of spiritual succor.

Each time I make my way to a news site as of late, I keep having the same reaction as I once did when tuning my mandolin. Yes, I used to play the mandolin once upon a time. Laugh if you must, I won’t hold it against you. As I was saying, each time I would tune my mandolin there would be that inevitable high pitched twang, a tensing of the instrument, which alerted me to the fact that the string was about to break, and most likely whipsaw into my cornea. As such I would always tune my mandolin with my eyes nearly shut, sneaking a peak once in awhile to make sure my fingers were resting on the right tuning pegs.

It goes without saying that the entire world seems to be tensing, and it is with the same facial posture that I look at current events wondering what will be that last tweak that will finally break the string. From England, to Italy, to Greece, to Russia, the once peaceful protests have now started turning into violent riots, and other nations seem to be a degree away from boiling over themselves.

Within the context of Scripture we have known for years now that these things were coming, just as we also know that they will get allot worse in very short order. What I find troubling is that rather than being on our faces before God, rather than repenting in sackcloth and ash, many self proclaimed believers are jumping on the ‘bring it on’ wagon, preparing in the physical when they should be preparing in the spiritual. As the title of this post states, war is sweet to those who have never fought, but to those who have seen the cruelties of war, it is as close as one can get to hell without actually being there.

Although I know these things were prophesied, although I know they were foretold as far back as two thousand years ago by the mouth of Christ, I can’t help but get on my face before God and pray that He terry, pray that He hold His hand, pray that He gives us just a little more time to reach the lost, and proclaim the Christ to all who would hear.

I am not scared of what is coming upon the world, but I am apprehensive, and I fear many, even many believers, still possess a romanticized view of what is about to unfold on a global scale. God will be our only refuge, God will be our only protection, and God will be our only comfort, thus the reason it is paramount for us to have cemented our relationships with Him, to know Him fully and love Him deeply before the onset of these things that will make men’s hearts fail them for fear.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

I have often in the last five years found myself on a sort of pendulum. It swings once in the direction of all the hope that lies in my spirit, a hope that America will revive again and that all the great dreams and entrepeneurial vigor we once held will blossom again. I will go this way for a time, weeks maybe, a couple months sometimes. Then the pendulum swings to the other side and it is as if the Lord reminds me of what He has told me, that this is the time, and it will not be long before what we read of in Revelation is fulfilled.

Both of these things are related to my faith in Jesus. It is because of Him that I wish to do good, and it is because of Him that I know his judgment must come. In the last few months I have found a type of peace about it. My wife and I will seek to return to a small sustainable way of life because it is a good example and an honest way to live. We intend to restore and old home that would otherwise be torn down or fall into squalor. That said I am not looking to a temporal cure to the ailments of our time. I in no way intend to hold back on commenting on any and all things the Lord puts on my heart, and to continue to warn and compel as I am able.

Like Jeremiah and all the others who have spoken by the Spirit's compulsion we do not choose our message as much as we would like. Oh we can hold it in and hold it back, and pretend to forget, but He frames us in time and space in such a way that, when we love Him, there is a context to our lives that rises beyond our control.

The timing of things belongs to the Lord. To wish to hold it back to save one more is what the Lord expects from us, just as He expected Moses to intercede for Israel and not take Him up on the offer to wipe them out and make a great nation out of Moses' offspring.

You are in our prayers. My wife and I are often blessed by your blog and expect that He will continue to use you until we rejoice in His presence together.

God bless.


Anonymous said...

I know! This has been going on for awhile now. Just this morning N. Korea has now announced that it won't attack if S. Korea does its live drill. That was a pretty close one! I think that missile that was seen off the West Coast was from somewhere over there involved with this N. and S. Korea thing. I really do.

I think a lot of us are just sitting here watching and wondering what marble will it be that will make the box split! Especially since we know it is going to happen at some point. The bible says it will.

I too have recently gone to some websites about survivial and stuff like that. Who can help but do that when you know what is coming? Aren't we all kind of wondering how we are going to get thru what is ahead of us?

To just sit back and do nothing at all would be to tempt God I think. I don't like having that highminded attitude that I don't have to do anything, God will do it all. I think we should seriously be in thought, prayer, and fasting about instructions for us.

I, personally, think that very few are going to be kept from the hour that is coming upong the earth to try it. There just isnt' that many who have kept the word of His patience. Those that will be, I think it is going to be by a lot of miracles.

Let's try and keep in contact with one another, so when it starts to happen we can at least talk to one another. That is if we still can.


lioneagle said...

Hi Michael -

This is an exceptional piece with much truth expressed.

I am so pleased that you have posted this message. It is so needed.

Thank you, Michael

lioneagle said...

Hi Mike -

What does the title of this post mean, please, in English?

Michael Boldea Jr. said...

The title of the post is simply "War is sweet to those who have never fought."
God bless.