Thursday, March 10, 2011

Probable Improbabilities

As little as two years ago it seemed we had ascended to the heights of utopia. After generations of ignorance, and intolerance, after generations of clinging to God rather than believing that we are ourselves the makers of our destiny thereby little gods ourselves, we finally saw the light, and exited the darkened tunnel of subservience to Sovereignty into the bright sunny tomorrow of our own making. As none others before us had, at least in our own estimation, we had scaled to the peak of our glorious tomorrow, squarely planted out flag, grasped the brass ring, and witnessed with our own tear filled eyes not only the zenith of acceptance, understanding and all-inclusiveness, but that we managed to transcend it with seemingly little effort.

We were one, united in purpose, blinded by the light of tomorrow’s bright possibilities, and if anyone dared mention the notion of civil unrest, or class warfare in this nation back then, they would have been labeled disturbed and summarily institutionalized for further testing and observation.

Two years later, the landscape is very different indeed, and what was deemed improbable seems all the more probable with each passing day. The illusion is crumbling, and the mask of civility and brotherhood, is slipping off inch by inch to reveal the ugly truth that lies beneath. Common sense is becoming less common, and reason has been abandoned along with the hope that our children will have a better and more prosperous life than our own.

Having become a nation of up to the minute news, and headline readers, we see pieces of the puzzle but fail to take the time to see what all these pieces are forming right before our very eyes. For now protesters descending on the capitol of any given state are isolated incidents, but soon they will be common place, even daily occurrences, that will only grow in intensity and vitriol.

“It will begin with an internal revolution” these are words I repeated often enough in the ten years I was my grandfather’s translator. Every time he gave his testimony, and shared the vision God gave him for America, this is how it started, “it will begin with an internal revolution.”

One thing he did not share as often, but is common knowledge nevertheless because he shared it with family, friends, and those he spent any considerable amount of time with is that before the civil unrest would begin in America, our homeland, the nation of Romania would have yet another revolution to contend with.

In the twenty one years since the last revolution in Romania the people have never been as angry, despondent and given to violent rhetoric as they are now. Some are already calling for the overthrow of the present government, there is already talk of revolution, and union leaders who have the ear of tens of thousands of individuals continue to stoke the fires encouraging their people to march in the streets, and let nothing stand in their way.

The path this ministry has walked since its inception some twenty seven years ago has been a long and lonely one. We have been attacked, maligned, abused, and not by those of the world but must often by those who call themselves brothers. It has not been easy, and I along with my family have thought about quitting more times than I can count, but in the end it is long term, consistent and perpetual obedience that God rewards, and it is our desire to please the Father that has kept us faithful all these years.

Even now, it is not a message that many want to hear, even now they shake their heads and say ‘improbable, impossible, not here, not us’, yet all that we see happening in the world heralds the coming of the dark days which God foretold.

I write this article with a heavy heart because recent events in the world reveal that the season of sorrow is closer than I first thought it to be, and the church is nowhere ready for what is about to descend upon it. If we have eyes to see, and ears to hear, it is undeniable that the harbingers of what is to come are all around us, and all we can do in times such as these is pray for strength, pray for boldness, pray for peace, and pray for endurance.

Revelation 3:21, “To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.”

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Dear Michel and prayer friends,

Last week not far from my home in Perry County, PA the Clouse family lost 7 of their children in a house fire. The children are going to be laid to rest on Tuesday, 3/15/11. My heart goes out to this family and they need our prayers!!! Perry County is hard working mountain community that has really rallyed together to help this family with their loss.

To make matters worse, Westboro Baptist Church the church that protested some of our millary funerals maybe making an apppearance to Perry County at the Clouse family childrens funerals on Tuesday. Please pray that this does not happen to this family...they have a lot to handle at the present.

Thank you for your prayers in this matter! I believe that if enough people pray about this, the protesters will stay home and allow this family to put their chidren to rest...Peacefully!
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

a timely post, look how things change in just 3 days! our madison chaos continues unabated, and regardless which side you are on, this cannot end well. then the earthquake off japan's shore and the ensuing tsunami, well in my lifetime out of the 5 largest earthquakes recorded i was alive during 4 of them, with 2 of them occurring in the last 10 years! (this probably will be blamed on climate change as well.) i remember many years ago when the Spirit spoke to my heart about these times and leading us to cross paths with you and your grandfather those many moons ago. how we were stirred and then lived on through the years watching and waiting, and now the door has opened before us and i feel less prepared now then back then. be encouraged for you will never know this side of the river how many people you have blessed and motivated to follow the ways of the Lord!

thanks Michael, for doing what God has called you to do!


Anonymous said...

More and more, I see the "internal revolution" beginning to emerge. Since stagflation is pervasive, food prices are beginning to soar, liberties are diminishing at an unprecedented rate, and the crash of the dollar is clearly imminent, in addition, the price of oil is sky-rocketing - it doesn't take a vivid imagination to envision the response that a number of Americans will indeed embrace out of great concern, or maybe outright necessity.

Meanwhile, the evangelical church seems to be oblivious to all of the signs within our nation and the world in general (other than a small segment), and the overall tendency is still to scorn anyone that would dare to present the facts or even allude to significant issues affecting the masses.

I suppose many skip over the prophetic passages when reading their Bibles, or maybe they don't read them at all? If attempting to be prepared on every level makes me a "fanatic" or an "alarmist", then count me in!

Anonymous said...

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