Friday, August 24, 2012

Freeform Friday Week 12

If there is one bit of good news in regards to all that’s going on in this mad, mad world of ours, it’s that people are starting to wake up. Admittedly they are doing so slowly and grudgingly, but more and more individuals are beginning to see the handwriting on the wall, and are unable to deny the reality of what they are currently witnessing.

Times are not changing. Times have already changed, and with each passing day it is becoming clearer still.

As is always the case, with knowledge comes the individual responsibility to act upon the knowledge one possesses, to attempt and change course, or retrace one’s steps to see where it was we wandered off the path, and so close to the precipice.

Because we’ve grown used to tag lines and catch phrases, we’re attempting to dilute everything that’s happening in the world to a catch phrase, or a zingy one-liner.

We all know one-liners are effective. If I were to say ‘made from the best stuff on earth’ or ‘just do it, I’m loving it, taste the rainbow,’ or a myriad of other taglines, chances are you would immediately know what I’m talking about.

The current spiritual climate in America as well as the world is far too complicated for a tagline however.

I’ve been reading of, and hearing more and more believers attempt to encompass the complexity of the times we are living in with one-liners such as ‘the time for half-measures has passed,’ but was there ever really a time for half measures? Was there ever a season wherein God looked down and said, ‘looks like a good time for you to serve Me with only half your heart, commit only part of your way to Me, and to seek Me only sporadically?’

What we are seeing today is the consequence of rebellion and disobedience toward the will and word of God. It’s that simple! There is no mystery to why the world is waxing worse, and what was once deemed vile and perverted is seen as normal and acceptable.

Contrary to popular sentiment, it will get worse, because it must. What we fail to understand is that the greatest judgment that God can visit upon man, is to leave him to the desires of his heart. God doesn’t have to strike us with plague, give us boils, blind us, or make us all lepers. All He has to do is leave us to the desire of our wicked heart, and we will hurt ourselves far worse and in far more thorough a manner than God’s mercy and love would ever allow Him to do.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we are our own worst enemy, and it is against the self, against the flesh, that we must be on guard constantly and sober mindedly.

It is because we’ve come to take comfort in the world’s affections that we are so hesitant in standing for truth. It is because we prize the acceptance of the world more than that of Christ, that we so readily disavow ourselves of Him.

There never was a time for half-measures we just talked ourselves into believing there was. And as we slumbered, and compromised, and flirted with the world, the darkness grew bolder and stronger and more cunning.

Now that we are once more awake, may we do what we must to keep the light of truth shining, and the name of Christ lifted high.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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