Monday, November 26, 2012

You Are The Enemy!

For many years now there has been a misconception about communists, communism, or the more palatable socialism. Although it is widely believed that communists hate God, what they hate is the hope God gives.

What many fail to understand is that the communists of old, those who ruled my homeland for forty-five years, were by and large atheists, meaning they did not believe in the existence of any god, be it the Christian God, or the Hindu god.

Since one cannot hate what one does not believe exists, what the communists of old hated with a passion beyond human reason or understanding, was the hope God poured into the hearts of the faithful because it was a hope not tethered to the system or the government.

In order to rule a people completely, the aforementioned people must hope in nothing else but you. This is the underpinning of socialist thinking, and why everything that is a source of hope other than the motherland must be extinguished and utterly ground into the earth.

Since there is none who gives more hope than Christ, since there is no philosophy or religion that can match the unending stream of hope that is Jesus, in order for the system to reign supreme, they must do away with Christ, the memory of Him, and the hope He offers those who receive Him.

If you cling to your Bible, you are the enemy. If you place your hope in something other than the system, you are the enemy. If you will not compromise your character, morals, or beliefs for the sake of the scraps the system offers, you are the enemy, and the way you deal with an enemy within your own borders is to marginalize, demonize, and ultimately criminalize them and their activities.

To some, this might seem far-flung. A pessimistic diatribe of what could someday be, but those who have eyes to see realize this is not something afar off, something our children’s children might one day have to deal with, but is very near, and will find many unaware, unprepared, and willing to capitulate to the pressure.

We can either live with the illusion of a better tomorrow, or prepare for the reality of a somber one. As all choice is followed by consequence, depending on how we perceive our existence, the times we are living in, and the path upon which our nation is journeying, we will either determine, and purpose in our hearts to cling to Jesus no matter the cost, or be swept away by the wave of compromise.

So why talk about this? Why even contemplate the future if it seems so bleak and discomforting? Why not just take it as it comes and give it no further thought?

Because, if we do not prepare beforehand to be steadfast and unyielding, when the day comes we will find a justifiable excuse to bend, and betray our most sacred of convictions. If caught unaware and unprepared men find ways of justifying the most egregious of behaviors and this is what the enemy is counting on.

We go from one distraction to another, from one date to another, all the while putting off the most essential of things, such as being spiritually prepared for the worst of outcomes, while hoping and praying for the best of outcomes.

In the least, having read these words today, you will not be surprised when some time in the not too distant future the rhetoric against Christ, Christians, and Christianity will be ratcheted up to new heights, and the idea that doing away with a handful of undesirables for the greater good of humanity will become a mainstay and staple of those whose agenda is total dependency upon a system already showing signs of unsustainability.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Patti said...

Michael-God hooked us up, if you know what I mean. I really don't know how I got here. I listened to your Grandfather's Warning to America, and it checked with my spirit. Then I segwayed to your blog, and read today's post. The part about being prepared really confirmed what I had written on my blog today. One caution for you-Don't get caught up in the life of ease here in America now that you live here. The seductive spirit of money, what it can buy, and fame is alluring, and very strong. One must continue to ask God for His eyes to see, and reach out to Him in seeking His will. Being in America with the prosperity gospel running rampant, can tempt someone to try and make God and His values mix with Mammon and it's values. I know you know that can't be done, as He's said we must pick one to love. Keep following His will, brother, and press into His loving heart. That is our preparation. Amen.

Barbara said...

The atheists are just fools like any others. They can rant and rave that the Chrisitans are dangerous fanatics and that they should be thrown in FEMA camps and killed to make way for an improved race. This I have already heard and dealt with heaing. Well they are just the same pathetic fools as have been attacking the people of God throughout time. There is nothing new under the sun.

The new deal is that they are going to start suffering for the persecutions that they put on others. You can throw the insincere Christians in that lot also. The Christians who have been contending for their faith all along shouldn't have to worry about the calamity that is coming on the earth. It is meant for those who will not listen to truth and follow what is just.

The communists wanted to extinguish hope because they loved their political system above all else. There are people who are starting to love satan above all else. They are still fools who can't touch those who choose to dwell under the protection of Christ's tabernacle.

If you are a soldier for Christ you feel a sense of anticipation and excitement, like a soldier preparing for a battle that he is honored to fight.

Eli said...

I don't think, in this day and age, that we can stress enough the importance of not falling prey to, as you said, "the illusion". If we are kept quiet and blind, we as a threat have been neutralized, and are no longer a viable source of spreading God's grace, love and hope.

Unknown said...

I have been a Christian for almost 28 years. It wasn't until God me the desire to go to seminary school that my eyes have truly been opened. As I study and hunger more and more daily, my heart is uterly grieved everything I am learning about the true Word of God I was never taught or heard preached in the pulpit or bible studies in almost 26 years of try to "get it". I praise God that He has held on to me and shown me the glory and joy of needing to really disect and study for myself that I can show myself approved before God. I am at such a cross roads because everything that I thought I had properly discerned turned out to mostly be just lukewarm and compromised Christianity being taught. It is so important for Preachers and those in ministry as much as they "feed" others to encourage and preach the fact that there is no substitution for self study and each one of us is accountable. I am also so grieved having bought and believed in the "once saved always saved" to see the state of my children and loved ones that I feel so responsible for. I am thankful for finding your posts and for the manna that you give and more importantly I am thankful that God knows the heart and no matter how long it takes, He will bring us unto Himself if He knows we are truly seeking Him despite our shortcomings or deceptions. I will keep you my brother in Christ in prayer that God will sustain your work and I ask that you please keep me in prayer as I have come to a crossroads where all in life that I thought was my purpose has now changed. I am so grateful that despite myself, the Lord has revealed to me Who is Really Is. And I can't help but agree that once you get to really know the love of God, once you get a true taste of His Spirit, we can do nothing less than spend the rest of our days in servitude to that which He call all believers: to live in authority, to preach and heal the sick and deliver the oppressed: that we would love with the heart of God to the point that the lost become jealous for what we have despite our circumstances. We must remember each day that we may be the only Jesus people every meet or the only Word of God that people ever read. We must face each day with the knowledge that we are accountable to that. Once again thank you and I shall stop rambling.