Thursday, August 22, 2013

What God Hates Part 10

This is the tenth and last part of the series on what God hates. Thank you all for your kind words, comments, and encouragements. War is never easy, and lest we forget even for a nanosecond, we are at war.

We are at war with sin, with darkness, with despair, with compromise, with duplicity, with hypocrisy, and more often than not with ourselves, our flesh, and our propensity toward attempting to find the easier path rather than the right path.

Those who forget they are at war will fall prey to the enemy who has never forgotten, then turn around and bitterly persecute those who obeyed, had their armor on, and prepared themselves for the spiritual battle certain to descend upon them.

The link to the teaching is below. Be blessed.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

What God Hates Part 10

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Barbara said...

I think some people just like drama and to try to come out on top. They love to sow discord because it gives them a sense of power. I have heard this described as the Jezebel spirit.

It is hard to believe that people just want to make others miserable because they are miserable. You would think they would want to be around nice happy people so they could have their spirits lifted. They must be very emotionally dishonest people.

I think this is the lowest and dirtiest of all the things that God hates. There is really no excuse for it. It is taking something meant for good and trashing it to no avail. There are people like this all over. You always have to watach out for them. They will get you run out of many places just by starting some false stories that get spread.

It is like when people spread lies aobut the Jews, it just excalated until Christians were glad to see them dead and helping to kill them off. They had no reason to hate them but for rumors and group rage against them. This attitude helped to fuel the holocaust. So it is very bad.