Thursday, September 5, 2013

Faux War

Although I am as yet still in Romania I’ve been keeping a close eye on what is happening with regards to the Syria issue. One thing is certain: the powers that be want a war, and they are pushing the issue with all the ferocity of a rabid pit-bull.

It’s an easy thing to beat the war drum when you’re not the one ducking bullets and shrapnel, and I fear there is a great disconnect between our leaders, and the men and women who will have to carry out the orders they are given once the dust settles and war is agreed upon.

Anyone who understands the true ugliness of war is reticent to encourage it, support it, or be flippant about advancing it.

What troubles me even more is that by all accounts – at least accounts of independent news agencies that are not subservient to a certain political clique – this is a war of pretense, a faux war which has very little purpose other than to further the agenda of powerful individuals.

I realize we think it our mission and calling in life to force our brand of democracy down the throats of every man woman and child in the world, but some people still have a gag reflex, and enough intuition to naturally perceive that true democracy is more than having access to fried chicken, and hamburgers with at least 25% real beef in every patty.

I went to bed last night thinking on this impending war, and I fear whether by hook or by crook the powers that be will have the war they’re clamoring for. As I slept, I dreamt of a beautiful meadow surrounded by trees and flowers and tall grass, and in the middle of the meadow a beautiful pond rife with water lilies, cattail, fairy moss, and duckweed. It was picturesque, a snapshot worthy of any artist’s rendering. As I stood and watched the pond and the flowers, a bloated body floated to the surface with the loud belch of releasing gasses, bobbing in the water, and spoiling the entire landscape and waking me up in the process.

The one thing I understood from this short dream is that things are not as they seem, and I know the dream and the unshakeable knowledge of what it means has to do with this impending showdown. Something will ruin the narrative which has so painstakingly been constructed, and it will be as obvious as a bloated body in a picturesque pond.

Those who know me know I am not a big fan of conspiracy theories. If we go down the rabbit trail of conspiracy theories we start seeing a conspiracy under ever rock, and pretty soon the guy selling us our morning coffee is a secret agent of some shadowy three lettered organization keeping tabs on us.

Some things, however, only make sense if you are open to the possibility of a larger plan, a hidden agenda, and powerful interests lurking in the shadows and moving their pieces about the chess board as they will.

I fear this push for war is just such a situation, wherein forces wielding great power want this conflict to happen at any cost. Let’s face it; our track record hasn’t been so golden in the past few years when it comes to bringing democracy to Middle Eastern nations. By all accounts Egypt is in chaos, Libya is likewise in chaos, and pretty much every nation we’ve stuck our noses in is worse off shape than before, now led by men intent on doing us harm, when before they were merely well compensated allies of convenience.

From a purely diplomatic, logical, and reasonable point of view, I would much rather deal with a greedy man than with a religious zealot, because the weakness of the greedy man is already pre-established. His greed is his weakness, and as long as that’s taken care of the greedy man is malleable, and readily controlled.

It’s a whole different ballgame when it comes to religious zealotry, especially the kind festering in the Middle East.

When you can’t definitively say whether or not you are fighting on the side of good, or whether those you’ve aligned yourself with are just and noble, perhaps it’s time to take a step back and reassess the situation altogether.

In the great scheme we are small and insignificant but our Father isn’t. As such, I would ask you to pray, and fervently so, that God would intervene and spare the lives of those who will surely lose them if we go to war.  Since the beginning of time brave men and women have vicariously satiated the bloodlust of cowards, and I fear this time will prove to be no different.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Antipas Knight said...

Greetings Michael,

Excellent article and insight. I too believe this is a faux as you have indicated.
Permit to add something - this situation can easily lead to a attack on direct attack on Israel of which America and other nations will have to choose.

Anonymous said...

America plans to "punish" Syria for supposedly using poison gas. What is AMERICA going to use? DEPLETED URANIUM, WHITE PHOSPHOROUS, NAPALM, CLUSTER BOMBS on Civilians, AGENT ORANGE??? America better hope she is not held to her own "standards".

Anonymous said...

About a week and a half ago, I woke up at precisely 5:35am (not sure if there's a meaning in that?)--from a dream in which I was completely angry and distraught over this Syrian
conflict having happened. I have been praying since that the Lord would take it "off the tracks" and I was happy when the British parliament had
the good sense to vote against becoming involved (thus slowing down the momentum). It makes NO logical sense that our Pres. would so desperately want this war--a big clue right there indicating events behind the scene... I'll be continuing to pray.

bert said...

I recall reading a comment attributed to Madame de Rothschild some years ago, "Sir, I assure you if my son wanted a war, there would be war." Conspiracy or not, it is clear that those at the front of the stage are not the ones driving the performance of nations.

Just as the common man does not see the dark spiritual forces behind the scenes of political dominion, neither does he see the spiritual forces of light. Fortunately for us all, the victor has already been determined.

His light shines forth in the darkness. Praise His Name forever!!

Anonymous said...

Advancement of a renewed, satanic, world order. Many false-flags have been carried out to fulfill this objective. Conspiracy theory, or conspiracy FACT?

Anonymous said...

Is the world outside of the United States aware that we no longer have control of our politicians? That we the American people have no voice in our own Government? The people that want a World War to be started by the United States do not represent the American people, our Government has been taken over by a foreign power, and that power is Israel.
This does not excuse us, since many Americans are apathetic, and do not get involved in what is happening on the National stage.
95% of the American people poled are against this war, but still the blood thirsty push on. The entire 21st Century here in the United States the American Government has done nothing but wage senseless wars in the name of the American people, but in reality these wars have served the Defense Companies like, "The Carlysle Group" "GE" "Dyncorp" The Debt machine of the Federal Reserve system, tied to the Rothschild held banks, banks that exist in every nation except those countries that are slated for erasure. and are seen as new territories for the debt machine of banks, loan companies, insurance companies. Americans do not want this war, it's just that their voices are being drowned out be the Jew controlled media, that want everything for Israel.

Sharon, The Thrifty Entreprenuer said...

Well said brother, I TOTALLY agree!

marianne said...

I am in full agreement. We are to have wars and rumors of war, and it is a toss up which one this will least for now.

we need to keep our soldiers, the ones who have to die, in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the bloated body has already risen, in that the world community is not buying this obvious nonsense about this being a reason to attack Syria. Supposedly 100,000+ Syrians have already died by various means, including being beheaded for being Christian by the rebels we are funding. So why is the death of the 1400 killed by chemical weapons more of an outrage than the ones beheaded for their faith? Why are the MANY civilian deaths due to our drones not a problem? If I had to choose between death from sarin gas and death via a fanatic with a sword, I would choose the sarin. In fact I would prefer that to bombing, cluster bombing, land mines, white phosphorus, napalm, or depleted uranium. Why does it matter by what means people are killed? If the US's real agenda is to enforce honorable standards of making war - and we all know it is not, especially with regards to ourselves - why have we not objected to the past 100,000 Syrian deaths? This is so ridiculous as to boggle the mind and I actually have great respect for Putin to have said, to the entire world, that the US is lying and we KNOW we are lying. I have great concern that our US leadership, which long ago escaped the constraints of being truly representative of the people, is not only mad with lust for power and greed for gain, but fatally STUPID and about to invite our own destruction. I have no problem at all understanding why the rest of the world is getting really sick and tired of putting up with our constant belligerent meddling - we have not so much acted as the policemen of the world, but like a mafia, demanding protection money and skimming profits wherever they are to be had. And bringing about complete destruction on any smaller nation that dares to defy us - this is well documented. I shudder to think of our future, and I have read about the prophecies. I have read Jer 51 and Rev 18. I dread it. But I understand it, and we have brought it on ourselves.

Marcel said...

It's God's time for America to be punished as she so arrogantly assumed to 'punish' others,who can stop it ?

'For this is the time of the Lord’s vengeance;He shall recompense her.
Babylon was a golden cup in the Lord’s hand,That made all the earth drunk.
The nations drank her wine;
Therefore the nations are deranged.
Babylon has suddenly fallen and been destroyed.Wail for her!'
Jeremiah 51

Anonymous said...

War is a perfect distraction to cover your crimes... of ineptitude of various sorts that didn't quite work out as you imagined. Why should it? So WW3 here we come...

Anonymous said...

The article and most of the comments posted here have accurately hit the nail on its head.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12-13

Sonya said...

Hi Michael,

Let us be awake and not asleep. Think about this. Obadiah verse 15 says,“The day of the Lord is near for all nations. As you have done, it will be done to you; your deeds will return upon your own head."
Genesis 12:3 says, I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."
God will hold the leaders of the USA accountable. If the USA supports military action against Syria, which in turn incites Syria to attack Israel, then God will judge America for provoking that nation to do evil to Israel. This is not far-fetched. Pray for God to intervene. Pray for Christians in Syria. Pray for souls to be saved. Pray that America turns back to God! And let us be diligent to share the Gospel while we still have opportunity!