Saturday, October 12, 2013

On the Road...Again

It’s been one of those weeks. From our bed breaking, to my Wi-Fi going out on my laptop, to a dozen other little things, the week has gone by, I’ve hardly gotten anything done, and now with minutes to spare I have to pack a bag, hug my wife, and go away again.

It’s getting harder every time I have to tear myself away. Perhaps it is old age, perhaps it’s the fact that my affections only seem to grow and deepen for my wife with time, but it’s just getting near to impossible to say goodbye anymore.

Regardless, here I am, all but packed, dressed, and ready to make the six hour drive to the airport, get on a plane and make my way back stateside.

I’ve gotten some of your comments, and some of your e-mails which have been dutifully forwarded to me by our office, and I thank you for your encouraging words. I’m not depressed, or down, just sad. We knew getting into this fight that the victories would be few and far in between, because Jesus Himself forewarned us of these last days and how the hearts of men would be given over to idols and feigned forms of worship rather than the spirit and truth God demands of those whose desire is true worship.

I always knew it would be a struggle, never expected anything less than a brutal, ongoing, exhaustive fight, but I guess I kind of thought those calling themselves brothers and sisters in Christ would have your back, stand by our side, and fight the good fight as the Word instructs them to do.

We are disjointed, divided mess, trying to shove our own personal interpretation of some irrelevant ceremony down each other’s throats, and when we disagree about even the smallest most minute of tangential dogma, we brand each other heretics, and apostates.

For ones who claim to know the Christ intimately, we are far too easily swayed, far too easily convinced to not only deny Him, but betray Him before the servants of darkness who squeal and squawk with delight at our duplicity and absence of conviction.

It is not the world that is the cause of my sadness, it is the church. It is the professing Christian of today whose spirituality is as deep as a thimble, yet who purports to know all things pertaining to godliness, claiming new revelation never before understood by those who came before.

This was supposed to be a short post letting you know I’ll be on the road the next few days, and it turned into something else entirely. So be it.

Thank you all for your encouragements and your prayers.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you whole heatedly brother. A real time of "testing metal" is here. Soon, you will know who stands with Christ -I mean really stands in Biblical faith with Christ! Thank you for speaking the truth, without hesitation and without fear. Yes-I still pray for you and the rest of God's remnant. Much love to you and HOH Minstries!

Anonymous said...

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,
The poignancy of your post strikes deep. My heart aches for both you and your wife. And yet, I am confident that your obedience and willingness to deny your own comforts and pleasures for the sake of God are going to yield such a heavenly reward as you cannot begin to imagine. I find tears now welling up in my eyes at the thought that you are sacrificing a normal home life in order to be with us in a country that is all but groaning in her spiritual death throes. Thank you and God bless you mightily for standing courageously alongside our ragtag remnant of true Bible believers.

Interceding for you and yours daily,


Anonymous said...

Oh, Mike. Please take comfort from the fact that hundreds if not more of your readers are praying for you and wish we could all give you a group hug! I will pray all the more for the Lord to lift your spirits and give you renewed strength and joy. Your reward is sure and will be more than worth it. Blessings to your wife as well, we will pray for her spirits too during these times of separation.