Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Call to Arms Part 3

It is because the household of faith has been infiltrated, and because we allowed the servants of darkness to teach that the war has been canceled and we are no longer in need of our weapons, that we now find ourselves outnumbered, with the enemy having successfully branched out and overtaken key positions.

We did not love the truth enough to defend it, we did not love the truth enough to fight for it, nor did we love the truth enough to lay our lives down as the Word tells us we ought. We reveled in mediocrity, washed our hands in doubt, and clothes ourselves in indifference thinking ourselves spiritually superior for even contemplating the notion of God.

The half measure gospel has become the doctrine of the land, and the high priests of this gospel are reaping their rewards both in possessions, positions, and accolades from the world.

Just as not every citizen of a country is necessarily a soldier of the selfsame, sadly, not every Christian is a soldier in the army of God, but make no mistake, there are still soldiers about.

Just as nations have traitors, so does the household of faith, but the difference between the nations and the church is that the nations prosecute their traitors while the church gives theirs a pass, siting the benefit of the doubt, because they just don’t want the hassle, or Lord forbid to be thought of as intolerant or legalistic.

We are in the mess we are in because we looked the other way while sin ran amok, justified spiritually withered and dried individuals just because they looked good on camera, and came to believe that we could widen the path all on our own without any consequence or negative aftereffect.

As far as being a soldier in the army of God is concerned, just as going to the army surplus store and buying a uniform and some medals doesn’t make someone a true soldier, neither does attending a two day workshop make one a spiritual warrior.

The sad reality is that many individuals attempt to enlist in the army of God for the benefits, but very few want to put in the time and energy to go through the requisite training and learn what it really means to be a warrior for Christ, one whom the enemy identifies as a real and present threat, rather than some caricatures kicking a dummy around the altar talking about how they have the devil under their feet.

The enemy is more than happy to leave ignorant believers to their ignorance, because as long as he can keep them lethargic and sleeping, as long as he can distract them and keep them focused on other things, they will not be of any threat to him or his plans.

I already know I’m going to get hate mail for this series, I already know I’m going to be called unloving, uncaring, unsympathetic, insensitive, intolerant, and a dozen other different names simply because I’m pointing to the elephant in the room that everyone else is seeing but no one is willing to acknowledge.

We can’t blame it all on the devil. The devil did what the devil does. He saw an opportunity, saw a chink in the armor, and saw a means by which to accelerate and achieve his plans and he took it.

It is the watchman that stopped watching, the preacher that stopped preaching, the evangelist that stopped evangelizing, because, like little children they got distracted by the baubles and the shiny things, or concluded that they loved the world more than the truth so why not pursue it with abandon.

Thankfully, I don’t have a reputation to protect, or a following to impress, or a demographic to win over to my side, so I can still tell you the truth whether it hurts or soothes. That is what soldiers do. They do the work, they run into the battle, they put on their armor, and they stand for what they know they ought to stand for, sometimes knowing full well that it’s only a matter of time before they are either injured or killed.

In order to be willing to lay your life down, in order to consciously make the choice to forfeit your dreams, aspirations, and expectations, you must know and vividly so, the driving force or motivation behind this decision.

We are either involved or committed. We are either aware of the reality that once we’ve enlisted in God’s army we are no longer our own and as such must obey Him without equivocation, or we pretend at soldiering until that fateful day when the enemy stands before us grinning and merciless, and we with no defense to speak of, staring at an end that was a foregone conclusion the instant we decided to treat the things of God lightly.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


j said...

No hate mail from me Mike. Keep preaching the uncompromised word of God.

Anonymous said...


Whatever comes, know I will be standing with you, in Christ Jesus Holy Name. We may be few and spread out across the globe, but we are together in spirit through the Power of the Holy Ghost, forever. Amen. Be strong, and of good courage, my brother.

Ohatchee, AL

Barbara said...

You are supposed to rejoice when you are criticised and called names for Christ's sake. That means you are rubbing salt in the wounds of the enemy. They hate truth and righteousness; they just like to wear the appearance of it as a cloak to hide their transgressions. There is no love in them for their fellow man, the fruit of their spirit is worms and rot.

If everyone thinks you are so great, you had better look out. Not everyone thought Christ was so great. Warriors step into the fray and don't care what is fired at them. They have courage. They don't conduct their battles from an ivory tower.

You might as well learn how to like to fight, cause that is about all you are going to do if you follow Christ. He laid down like a lamb, but his followers have to help him conquer the world. This is preparation for his return.

Christians think all they have to do is lie down and die or sit tight and protect their interests. No. These are the false ones. If you are for real, you realize that you are in a war condition. He who hesitates there is lost.

Friendship with the world is enmity with God. You had better decide who you want to be friends with more before you stumble and fall.

Sharon, The Thrifty Entreprenuer said...

Amen dear brother in Christ!!! It is about high time someone stood up and told it like it is and if the weak don't like it...well they had better eat some meat or move on. Demons are having a hayday because we have been sleeping at our post. Christians who call themselves such yet can't miss their episode of Twilight and call it intolerant to say homosexuality is a sin are wolves in sheep's clothing whether they know it or not.God bless you for speaking the truth!

Anonymous said...

Amen, Brother Michael,
You are so right in this series loved all of it. The Lord know just what i need and when i need it, I praise Him for using you to be the vessel He uses..
Sis debbi rennier