Friday, December 27, 2013


Although you hate to do it, sometimes you have to admire the enemy’s battle tactics. It’s hard to do when you’re engaged in warfare with him, and you see that his plans are bearing fruit, but if you can muster the wherewithal to take a step back and objectively assess the situation from afar, you come to realize that the enemy’s long term strategy has worked brilliantly.

I’ve been mulling over the situation I addressed in my previous post for the past few days, looking at it from different angles, and wondering, sometimes out loud, why so many pastors are still silent on this matter, and why the supposed spiritual leaders of our day are pretending as though this is a nonissue, and not deserving of their time.

I did not come to the following conclusion lightly, I did not come upon it haphazardly, but the only thing that makes sense, the only answer to the question of why are the leaders silent, is because they themselves are compromised.

In light of recent events certain truths have become undeniable. Among them, the undeniable truth that Paul wasn’t just nitpicking when he said a bishop must be blameless, the husband of one wife, temperate, sober minded, of good behavior, hospitable, able to teach, not given to wine, not violent, not greedy for money, not quarrelsome, not covetous, and the list goes on.

Paul didn’t just pull some virtues out of a hat with which he decided to burden the leadership of the congregation, he itemized the virtues a leader ought to have in order to be above reproach and have the ability to speak truth with authority.

The reason all these things are prerequisite for someone to be a bishop, or a leader in God’s house, is because if he is these things, then he is in no way compromised, and when he speaks against sin, it will not be from a position of hypocrisy, or ineffectualness because he is guilty of the selfsame things, but a position of authority and conviction.

The enemy’s master stroke was to convince the leaders of God’s house that we need to become like the world in order to attract the world, and once we became like the world, we lost our flavor, we became compromised, and the enemy had something he could always point to if ever we thought it necessary to speak against sin.

The mammoths, the gargantuan, the spiritual giants of our day, are pretty much all compromised in one way or another, some in more extreme ways than others, but all because they did not meet the requirements set forth by the Gospel, and also because when they did not meet these most basic of requirements the congregation just winked and shrugged their shoulders.

Now, because these men have so many skeletons in their closets that the doorframe is threatening to buckle, they are silent for fear of someone turning the door handle and peeking in.

Having studied up on this man from Louisiana a bit more, I believe the fact that he is the husband of one wife – his sweetheart from his early youth –  because he is a temperate  man, not given to wine, not greedy for money, and not covetous, the enemy had nothing on him, and nothing he could be shamed with.

Why the deafening silence? Because unqualified men have hijacked the positions of power in God’s house, and the sheep are so distracted and indifferent, that as long as there’s no video of the guy doing something tawdry, they’ll go along to get along, and sweep it all under the rug.

Sin has neutered the leaders of God’s house, and now they are as silent as church mice, because they would rather the spotlight be on anyone but themselves.

I don’t have to go through the list. You know the list already. You know the prominent names, you know the sins they fell into, you know they never stepped down, or removed themselves from ministry, and in knowing this, you likewise know why they are silent, and why they will continue to remain silent no matter how brutal the onslaught of the enemy, or how violent the campaign against the saints.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


A Sister in Washington said...

One characteristic you left off from Paul's list in Titus is "not over-bearing." I left my previous church because the pastors (on the surface anyway) appeared to meet most of the other requirements, but they were becoming increasingly over-bearing, domineering, and controlling. They preached "love", but demanded obedience and if you weren't willing to submit to their petty dictatorship -- well, there's the door! Yes, I believe they are compromised and that many of the people that have chosen to stay in that church just "wink" at their "minor character flaws." And since it isn't drunkedness or sexual sin -- well, we all have feet of clay, right? I would not at all be surprised if this kind of disqualification for eldership isn't as common or even more common than lust, greed, and substance addiction.

Thanks for preaching the Word. I was pleased to see at least the pastor in Louisiana where this family attends made very clear statements that he supports this man and his views. He could have distanced himself, but instead he got right into the fray and stood up for what is right.

bobjones68 said...

You nailed it quite accurately brother Michael. The silence from the pulpits on the matter of sin is deafening, and the silence in defense of those who speak out against sin is likewise deafening. As you so accurately and succinctly put it, it must be due to the compromised nature of the Church today - it is NOT spotless and ready for the wedding by any means.

Brother Bob

Barbara said...

If you are talking about Phil Robertson, he got his girlfriend at age 15 and married her but he slept around into his twenties. I don't think of him as much of a saint, he is more like someone who quoted the Bible, in an extremely crude way, and got attacked for the Bible part.

When you look at pastors today, they don't have the temperment Paul describes at all. They in fact have the opposite. That makes me want to run right out the door while they keep insisting on the privilege of their authority.

They sure aren't temperment or sober minded. The only way some of them speak is in constant shouting and histrionics. Then able to teach, all they say is ask God for youself, look it up yourself, or even say you must be lost if you don't agree. As far as hospitable, forget it It is always their way or the highway.

These people are charlatans in a money making business called selling God. They collect the tithes and offer standing in the community and a feel good support group in return. These are not real Christians, they are posers. If you want to join that group, you might as well be as worldly in every other way as well. I would rather just go to a nightclub where you can sit in a corner and not have someone judge you when you don't want to dance and leap around.

Helen Bowser said...

Thank you for speaking truth into a world of lies and denial. Sadly, much of that is within the Church! There is some comfort to my husband and me that we are not alone-it is as though you have been in our home and heard our conversations and prayers. We needed this encouragement to keep us emboldened.

Many thanks.
In His Great Love,