Friday, March 14, 2014

Perverted Realities

Lately, I’ve been pondering what kind of world I will be raising my daughter in and how difficult it will be to raise her right. Everywhere you turn, it seems reality is being perverted, and all that is naturally moral is being painted in the worst of lights.

With each passing day, parents are competing for their children’s attention, and it’s a losing battle. The other side is good at getting attention, keeping attention, and fabricating a narrative that suits them out of thin air. When you call them on it, when you’ve finally had enough and call attention the undeniably damaging filth they keep trying to spoon feed your children, they just shrug their shoulders, roll their eyes, and insist you’ve misunderstood, or that you’re overreacting. When that doesn’t assuage you, they brand you an intolerant, bigoted fundamentalist, and keep churning out their depravity without missing a beat.

If one were to draw conclusions regarding reality based on what they saw on television nowadays, it would likely shock them each time they encountered a Christian with a High School diploma, never mind a College one. We are painted with the broadest of brushes, and undeniably made to look like the brightest among us is still using flint stone to spark a fire in the community cave every night.

Reality has so been distorted, that those of perverted mind are always portrayed as savvy sophisticates who enjoy the finer things in life, critiquing art in their free time, while those who believe in God are knuckle dragging Neanderthals who can barely string together a coherent sentence when their life depended on it but not before.

Sin, depravity, lasciviousness, and immorality are always presented in the best possible light, smiling faces and screaming adolescents happy to be alive and free in the midst of flashing lights and alcohol induced debauchery. Rarely does anyone show the aftereffects and consequences of some of these nights, the vomiting, the passing out in an alley somewhere, the police reports, the rape kits, the aids tests, the bruises, and the emotional scars these all leave behind.

Those who choose to embrace the notion of a monogamous, loving relationship, replete with marriage, children, and an attempt at normalcy are looked upon as prudish and off kilter, stuck in the distant past of their parents and grandparents.

Something has awakened in me, and it will not return to slumber. I plan on keeping my daughter free of the influence of the world for as long as I can with the ferocity of a wounded lion. She’s not even here yet, yet for the life of me I cannot entertain the thought of allowing her to wade through the muck of this world at will because I may find myself busy with other things, or am just too tired after a day at work to try and teach her well.

As long as we allow others to establish the narrative, as long as we allow them to sow into the lives our children and teach them their version of right and wrong instead of taking the time to teach them the truth, the world’s perverted notion of reality will continue superimpose itself on their countenance, and rather than rejoice in the offspring God has given us in our olden days, we will mourn.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,

Heard you tonight on Daniel Holding's show. Thank you so very much for your time and for bringing forth the truth of the Lord God Almighty. You are indeed a precious stone in this rocky world we find ourselves in. I thank the Good Lord for your birth as you are a blessing to Him and me. Happy Birthday!

Know that you and your family are in my prayers, always!

In Christ Jesus,
Ohatchee, AL

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I am a mother of three. I often times find myself on my knees praying and battling for my children. The outside influence is so strong and satan's desire to destroy is so great. We are raising children who were chosen by God to live in a very special time. To most other parents, even Christians our methods seem extreme. We have to be the odd ones that dont allow our children to watch cable TV, or have constant access to the internet. We homeschool because the idea of my kindergartner taking a sexual education class at 5 discusts me and the idea of 5 year-olds learning that homosexuality is normal and should be encouraged breaks my heart. We are the weird parents that sit down with our children's friend's parents to discuss whether or not our child will be able to spend the night at their house based on where the family computer is in the house and how accessible it is to the children. God had been so faithful. Our kids are learning that Jesus is the answer. They want Him and He has made himself real to them. I have watched as my 3 year-old has wept over the fact that Christ died for him. I have seen my children share their faith with their friends and family. I have watched as my 4 year-old stood against the enemy in Jesus name when she woke from a nightmare. I watch them grow knowing that the verses they are memorizing now may be the verses they share with others when bibles become illegal. I see their boldness and know that those they are reaching may not have even heard of Jesus before. (Many children in the US dont even know his name unless its used as a curse word at home). Although our right to homeschool probably won't last forever, I am so thankful for the time we do have. Its time I can show them how to wake up in the morning and spend time with the Lord before we do anything else. Its time that they can learn about how God created the world rather than being taught that man came from monkeys. Its just giving them time. The time we desperately need to show them who Christ is and why we serve Him. Its time for God to prepare them for the struggles they will face. Although we are labelled as extreme, intolerant, or over protective, I know that God is doing miracles in our kid's lives. He is blessing our efforts and despite our failures our kids are coming to know Him. God bless you.

MarsHill said...

This is one of the many reasons why we home school. Also, we didn't feel strong enough as parents to overcome the relentless brainwashing that children have to endure in the public schools. And not just the curriculum, but the peer pressure from other children to conform. Hats off to those wonderful parents that have the energy to do that on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

As a woman raised in moral relativism and without any guidance or genuine love from my parents, PLEASE do whatever it takes to protect your daughter and show her what real love is.

Anonymous said...

In the late 80's I homeschooled my daughter. She now has two Masters degrees and is a counselor in public high school in an economically challeged area. When parents are obedient to raise their children God's way, He is faithful to shoot them as arrows back into this corrupt world to have an impact on their generation.
The things my daughter has had to deal with in these broken young people is just heart breaking and each year it intensifies.
Homeschool your children but more important teach them spiritual warfare prayer. I'm praying for all of you raising children today.
I Corinthians 2:2 & Colossians 1:18
In Him,


Anonymous said...

Michael, those are excellent thoughts, and I wish I had been so wise before my two children were born. Unfortunately, I wasn't a Christian then. Yes, the current moral climate is disturbing, but the Lord has allowed you to conceive your child at this time, so He will surely assist you and your wife in bringing her up to be godly. Parenting is an awesome responsibility, and you are right to take it so seriously. Your concern will be added to my prayer list.
In Christ,