Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Random Thoughts

Recently, the loss of a basketball game in Tucson was enough to compel fans to rampage, and start a riot. Police in riot gear were called out, and they disbanded the crowd who had by then started to hurl beer cans and other things at the line of police.

Keep in mind this was over a basketball game.

We think ourselves a civilized lot. We think ourselves sophisticated and evolved enough to deal with any issue through diplomacy and conversation, never resorting to violence, and rarely if ever allowing our tempers to get the better of us. What we think of ourselves is a lie, and the high and lofty stature we see ourselves in is an illusion.

Some of you may think I’m blowing this out of proportion, or wondering what if anything this has to do with anything, but to better contextualize my random thoughts I would pose the following question: If seemingly intelligent individuals would do this over a basketball game, what would they do to survive?

I keep getting e-mails on how I think people should prepare for the eventual, inevitable turmoil on the horizon. I am asked, repeatedly, whether I think it’s a good idea to stock up on food, on water, on guns, on ammunition, and a dozen other things.

My answer is always the same, because I can give no other answer. If God tells you to stock up on food, on water, or on anything else, then do what God tells you to do. If you proceed to do these things thinking that they will somehow save you, spare you, or be an acceptable replacement for the protection of God, taking it upon yourself to do proceed without His specific instruction, then you are of all men most pitiable.

There will be angry, terrified, desperate people in the streets when those days come, and they won’t be angry over a basketball game, but rather starving and with nothing left to lose. There will be no police in riot gear, there will be no tear gas and rubber bullets, there will only be chaos, wherein every man will fend for himself, and the strong will do their utmost to take from the weak if they are able.

Every safety net we've come to rely on, every government agency sworn to protect the average citizen, all of it, in an instant will be nonexistent, and the vile among us will have free reign doing in full view what they now do in the shadows.

One need only think on the reverberations the total collapse of societal etiquette will have for an instant, to realize that save a supernatural protection, save being safe under the shadow of His almighty hand, all we do to spare ourselves, to save ourselves, or insulate ourselves is woefully insufficient.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of the reality of human nature absent the light of God’s grace illuminating it, and it isn't shiny, happy people chasing butterflies and playing harps… it is hooligans doing their utmost to destroy anything and anyone in their path just because they can. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 


Anonymous said...

We have been blessed with 6,000 lbs. of potatoes to the Mission to feed the people.

I was on my way back to the Mission after picking up another load of potatoes, when I decided to stop at my cousin's first.

While driving there, I was just talking to my Lord as I do sometimes about anything, everything, and nothing. I wasn’t praying, just talking to Him.

While passing a large farm that milks approximately 1,500 to 2,000 cattle, I was looking at the large-long barns when I started talking about the cattle that would die from the famine. Not just a small amount of cattle, but massive amounts.

After I realized what I was saying, I questioned where that had come from, as I had not heard any prophecies stating as such, so I asked the Lord about it.

He answered and said, “A famine shall come over the land and many cattle, livestock and other animals shall die. You will know of, but not see the devastations around you; earthquakes, explosions, flooding and think that you will be spared, but judgment will be upon all the land of your nation.”

“You do not even realize that when the rains were held from you this past summer and your corn and beans did not grow, that this was a taste of things to come. But look to Me now and draw close to Me, so that when this day comes, I will supply all you need.”

“There shall also be a famine of My Word in this nation of iniquity and it has already begun, but you have not recognized it for what it is. My Word is not spoken in the congregation among the people. It is twisted and turned to justify their own purposes, thus do not be surprised when My Word is removed completely from among you. It shall be considered obsolete, not necessary any longer and in time be considered heresy to possess or speak My Word. Do not be dismayed when this happens, but rather remember that I have sent you a Comforter who shall bring all things to remembrance.” 12/16/07

Ricky X (RickyX29) said...

We need to be reminded that our only protection is though the Lord Jesus only... We can make all the provisions in the world, but really what does any of us control... Things that we are forewarned are to come in the Word of God need not frighten us... God is able to provide a way... The question is do you have the faith in God and the relationship with Jesus to trust Him in the hour of need... I am reminded of Peter walking on the water to Jesus... He was doing fine til he lost faith and started to sink... Now is the time that we build our faith in the only true God, the Lord Jesus... Pray and ask Him to build up your faith in Him... Jesus is always there, just waiting for us to ask... He loves you and wants the best for you. And He alone can keep you out of or get you through what ever will come our way... Don't be afraid, just believe in Jesus...

Anonymous said...

Brother Michael, your words are very sobering and very true. They remind me of an exhortation that came through your grandfather in 1991 (I just looked it up to find the date), as follows:

"What I ask of my people is to keep peace in their hearts. I do allow trials to come over them. This is to keep them humble. For hard days are at hand when a powerful darkness will set over this country. Wickedness and sin have reached their end, and the Almighty and Righteous One will take revenge on the sin. Be holy and draw near the Lord with your life and a clean heart - with fasting and praying - so I can spare you in the days of trouble...."

Dear Michael, no doubt you are feeling especially protective and concerned at this time as you and your wife are expecting the imminent birth of your child. You all have a special place on my daily prayer list. If we keep our minds stayed on God rather than the troubles around us, surely He will grant us peace and courage. As always, thank you for the unvarnished spiritual truth I always find in your writings and videos.

Anonymous said...

It concerns me to see so many expecting faith to keep them FROM severe distress, rather than praying for faith and courage to get THROUGH severe distress without denying God or faltering in their faith. I recommend all Christians read These Are The Generations, about North Korean Christians, and Tortured for Christ, about Richard Wurmbrand, a friend of Duduman. Both are available from Voice of the Martyrs, often for free. Duduman also endured terrible persecution in Romania, and the Tribulation hasn't even started!!! The outpouring of the wrath and judgment of God hasn't even started, not the main event anyway. Read these books and consider what other Christians are already enduring, and remember that we are no better than they, the Lord does not love us more than them, such things very likely may come to our homeland. We need to pray daily not only for supernatural faith, strength, courage and endurance to the end, but for nerves of steel.